Donna (“l’Orange”): I am “the switch” who can peacefully “depose”/ask EU President (Juncker) to resign so my nomination can a) be interim EU President to b) legally agree my “new deal” to keep UK in EU by c) holding first pan-EU public elections for EU Presidency in 2020 along with d) pan-EU referendum to build/agree EU Constitution (05.04.2019)




I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion ‘converso’ pipsqueak peacenik (and my surname is obviously not l’Orange) who at 57 years young and 5 foot 5 and a half inches tall, and seven and a half stone (45 kgs) is an authentic civilian voice of peace who can do international law.


The current EU President from Luxembourg does not offer any visible or meaningful change that identifiably benefits the public across twenty seven countries in the European Union. Politicians continue the fundamental groundhog 'Treaty of Utrecht' day, that can most simply be peacefully changed, with a publicly elected EU Presidency and EU Constitution. 


The original Benelux countries who became the EEC (before the EU) comprised a mix of monarchies and republics, with no single fixed-term Presidency or Constitution, so in practise countries regressed to accepting an unelected Head of State and no Constitution (let alone that has been agreed by the public) etc etc, so there isn’t even any basic health and welfare package which could not be considered a cultural option, for civilians across the European Union.


This is directly attributable to the British orchestrated Treaty of Utrecht over Gibraltar leading to Franco’s unelected military dictatorship, starting World War Two against the Catalans on 19 July 1936 to avoid any ‘inconvenient’ peace settlement with Catalans, that has now also resulted in Article 50.


Politicians may have some disagreements from time to time, among themselves, but whoever they are, they remain united by the Treaty of Utrecht that has historically always avoided any peace settlement with Catalan Italians. 


The politicians sole purpose in Article 50 is to continue avoiding their legal obligations to exiles from within the EU.


The facts are Article 50 which was introduced by politicians, for politicians, to try and continue to be able to exile civilians to for example a) avoid paying ‘inconvenient’ civil lawsuits and failing that and despite taxes having been paid, to b) also deny legal representation, benefits and medical treatment, in the country of origin and/or elsewhere.


Exile is not a “choice” someone makes and it doesn’t just happen.


In my own ‘case’ the governments knew I had a) paid all the necessary taxes to receive legal representation, benefits and medical treatment and b) a civil jury would (for example) know the evidence is the highest echelons of the Fremantle (of all people) intelligence services in Australia and the UK grabbed me as a child during the Franco era, and completely changed my identity including nationality, specifically because I am a Catalan Italian ‘converso’ and governments always try and avoid the possibility of any legal challenges over Gibraltar.


The escalating ’controversy’ in the UK that led to my exile on 13 April 2013 was actually over my DNA, which meant I was continually also denied proper medical treatment in the UK.


Catalans from the same families in the divided Pyrenees found themselves in either Franco’s Spain or Hitler’s Occupied France. Churchill cheered on the Nazi General in Northern Italy who executed the Italian partisans Margherita and Pietro from the same family on 7 October 1944 & 12 December 1944. In 2011, General Petraeus’ New York Times journalist did know my identity.


The UN offered two independent states to Jewish and Palestinian people, but not Catalans who still lived under an unelected military dictatorship.


Politicians are really resisting bringing the necessary democratic changes before the public, in the form of a publicly elected EU Presidency and a publicly agreed EU Constitution, which would legally have to prioritise a central health and welfare package.


The central health and welfare package across the European Union would a) help stop exile and b) failing that at least provide people with the opportunity to try and start anew, because exile is not a choice, but the result of very serious and deliberate failures in politics.


The primary legal issues politicians are trying to ‘circumvent’ incl. a) legal jurisdiction and the fact there are no statute of limitations on torture etc, which is why politicians try and force the victim out of a single or multiple legal jurisdictions.


The legal reality being initially sidestepped is access to medical treatment.




I can personally do “the transcendentalism” of no electricity outside the UK in the EU (which I have done since 11 June 2018) and could live on what I would consider the luxury of €60 euros per week, in my modest cottage because I would spend €30 euros per week on comprehensive medical and insurance cover and €30 euros per week on food and water.


I certainly wouldn't mind some fresh oranges, that's for sure :)


I would personally quite like to host an ‘Annual Transcendentalism Peace Festival’ on my own small property, hosting 52 people who paid €60 euros for the week of self-catering socialising without power, in what really is a nature lovers paradise, which would then fund me for an entire year. There is so much for people to explore and enjoy locally too. There is enough room for some people to be able to stay in my cottage, or in tents or beach umbrellas or whatever they like to share ideas and so on, and I could guide people on treks all over the place etc, but most of all people would be able to relax and enjoy so much peace among the birdsong and wildlife. People could cook barbecues and so on (because there is no power) and there is a local hall nearby if extra space was needed, and so on.



My peaceful ‘switch’ simply involves the current EU President resigning and my lawfully appointing a new interim EU President, who along with politicians agrees to hold the first public election for the EU Presidency in 2020 along with the pan-EU referendum on building/agreeing a public EU Constitution.


A court would obviously uphold my legal challenge to peacefully ’depose’ the current EU Presidency by asking him to resign and then nominating someone else (because I have always been an ordinary member of the public, who prefers to maintain my own privacy, rather than be a ‘public figure’). I wouldn’t stand for the EU Presidency later, because I would have done everything I could/the best I could do, etc etc, to bring more democracy to the European Union, and by extension elsewhere. I have already spent a very long and difficult seven plus years on a real front-line in the disputed ‘British Mandate’/Golan of Parliament Square, Central London. 


A third mutually agreed independent party would need to oversee the agreement.


So I am basically asking the current EU President to resign so the European Union can make the necessary real change that will benefit all the public.


My preferred -choice- is an improved political system that benefits everyone.


The public election of an EU President (I wouldn’t stand in because I have done my best to bring more democracy to the European Union and by extension elsewhere) and a long overdue Constitution agreed to by the public remains the paramount real change that is really needed.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)