Donna: Catalan Italian 'Declaration of Independence' (from UK) for Gibraltar, who will remain in EU, is basis of new peace agreement/'tapestry'/legal certainty with €1 offer to UK for 'lease' back of Gibraltar in perpetuity, in return for universal basic income and conversion to clean renewable energy etc for Gibraltarians (incl. myself) (03.04.2019)





The gentleman from Genoa & Gibraltar.


I am a Catalan Italian British Australian pipsqueak peacenik ‘mixed’ race and religion ‘converso’ who at 57 years young, 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45kgs) is an authentic civilian voice for peace and international law.


In the real 1984 many years ago, I was introduced to a gentleman from Genoa, and of course Catalan Italians, particularly from Genoa, and including Jews live/d on Gibraltar.


Gibraltar was ‘the switch’ used to spin colonialism all around the world.


I am a Catalan Italian so I have the necessary ‘locus standii’ to declare Gibraltar’s independence, which I do, so people do have legal certainty anyone and everyone who wants to can remain in the EU.


I will ‘lease’ Gibraltar to UK in perpetuity for €1 incl. if the UK remain in the EU -and- pay Gibraltarians (incl. myself) the costs of a basic universal income and conversion to clean renewable energy, and consult the public with referendums on Constitution/s etc.


This would all legally answer the central Catalan question peacefully because of course centuries of persecution, colonialism and the Holocaust happened because of the betrayal of Catalans and Sephardi et al.


If Gibraltar stays, it is a legal impossibility to understand how the UK can force anyone else to ‘leave (incl.) with no deal’.


There is no identifiable financial benefit in the UK leaving the EU, and people should always be able to maintain as much freedom of movement as possible. 


The majority of people in Gibraltar voted to stay in the EU because they benefit personally and economically from freedom of movement in the UK and the EU, which there is no valid reason to change, because people should always have as many choices as possible. 


The British politicians claim they are united in wanting to stay in or ‘control’ Gibraltar, which doesn’t mean Gibraltar or anyone or anywhere else should be used as pawns.


It would be polite if the British government who forced me to ‘leave (the UK) without a deal’ on 13 April 2013 paid all my expenses for the past six years.


The relatively recent Spanish citizenship ‘right of return' is just another cynical obstacle course/trap of all sorts.


Gibraltar with a population of around 30,000 is obviously a perfect location to facilitate a conversion to clean renewable energy to test and assess the variables and scaleability and so on.


Thatcher’s ‘rebate’ of €8 billion per annum to the City of London would help fund the costs of a universal basic income and the conversion to clean renewable energy for Gibraltar.


I would very happily spend part of the year where I am now and part of the year in Gibraltar working on conversions to clean renewable energy etc.


The politicians can Fed-Ex/courier me any legal documents they would like me to sign (preferably with a tracking number sent by email).


A legal certainty/reversal of ‘the switch’ should mean others can negotiate all sorts of peace agreements for others too, in a 'new tapestry'. 


It is possible Catalonia for example would then make an agreement with Madrid in Spain, that Catalonia has additional autonomy to diversify into clean renewable energy and Libya agree with Italy they will use oil revenue to fund a universal basic income in Libya, and so on and so forth.


The reality is the evolution to clean renewable energy will make everyone healthy and wealthy. This will naturally eventually bring open borders, with people making their own personal choices about where they would like to live and work, based on all sorts of political, cultural, religious and familial variables, including justiciable Constitutions the public have been consulted and agreed upon.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)