Donna: Phoenician 'Purple People's' Golan is 'mixed race' Mediterranean; most people will always vote for the 'win-win' of peace for everyone (22.03.2019)


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I was five years old in 1967 when a gunman terrorised myself and my dutch friend (M.V) in Australia, in the same year as the six day war in the Golan. 


I was so traumatised as a young child, I never really spoke until I was ten years old, when the first real words of my own were, I wanted to go home to my real family. I was powerless as a small child to do anything about what happened. The fact, many years later, I successfully then disarmed armed men in the Middle East, when I was a young woman who was twenty two years old, with my American friend (L.S) of Polish Jewish descent, didn't really change the way I feel about guns, because what happened should not have happened, and it didn't change there are still so many guns in the world. Too many people use guns as a means of avoiding proper discussions.   


(In fact, the shocking incident in the Middle East really highlighted that Tudor Harvey Barnett who posed as my godfather, who publicly identified himself when he was Director General of ASIO at that time, should really have given me back my own identity and my privacy, which was completely changed when I was a child, because I was not in any way connected to the intelligence services. There were any number of obvious real problems with a child being raised by adults posing as parents and god-parents who were nothing of the kind, incl. because it was not a sound basis for any child to learn trusting relationships with adults. However you look at it, the intelligence services would have always known, it was a legal impossibility to try and 'recruit' someone in and from those circumstances. I had in effect, had a ready made  'family' imposed on me.


I obviously wish I had been told the truth and had my true identity given back to me when I was a young person, so that I could have genuinely made my own choices, based on the best available information. 


It was what it all was)


My real family lived in Prahran in Melbourne, where there were Jewish and Roman Catholic and Greek people. Most of the Roman Catholic community were either Italian or Irish. What are officially called 'mixed-race' marriages were very unusual and yet people are often far closer genetically than they might realise, because empires were always re-branding themselves, including as 'nation-states' for the oil and later nuclear age.


I personally think of myself as Mediterranean (rather than European or Arabic) because Mediterranean is in so many ways, a far more accurate description. 


The Phoenician 'Purple People' thalassocracy lived around the Mediterranean and their descendants included people from the Catalan and Aragon thalassocracy too, which was also a Mediterranean community. 


It would be obvious to most people that Jewish people had a legitimate claim to a Jewish State after World War Two, that was not contingent on the Balfour Declaration or politics of any kind.


Jewish people had locus standii for a Jewish state where it now exists, incl. because there was already a Jewish community there and Jewish people were entitled to try and build a safe haven for themselves, because all the politicians etc everywhere had not protected Jewish people incl. during the Holocaust (which everyone knew had been the case for many centuries, including during the Spanish Inquisition etc etc)


(I don't know why Palestinian politicians did not declare their own independent state that was offered to them too, after WW2 (and which is more than Catalans who were still living under the brutal dictatorship of Franco at that time, have ever been offered) 


I would personally like to see the Golan become a 'mixed-race' Mediterranean safe haven.


(The British and French governments had only drawn 'lines in the sand' really regarding oil interests etc, rather than addressing security etc)


Most people will always vote for peace because it is common-sense, it is a win-win for everyone. 


This statement is true. 


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)