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Donna’s ‘Breton-Woods Cottage Consultancy’: A new frontier of autonomous ‘Purple People’ Golan Heights eco-village is civil society safe haven in EU Constitutional global peace plan to make everyone healthy and wealthy (11.03.2019)




I am a female Catalan Italian British Australian pipsqueak peacenik.


My ‘consultancy’ over a pan-EU referendum includes a ‘Purple People’ (reference to Phoenicians) eco village.


An EU consultancy would therefore need to include comprehensive medical and insurance cover along with food, water, planning and transport etc costs, until there is a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution.


The central issue in building a socially responsible EU Constitution, that is part of a global peace plan, is civil society successfully diversifying into clean renewable energy in the food, water, medical, housing and transport cycle.


There is no reasonable or rational explanation as to why politicians in the EU have not put in place in all these years, the best possible pan-EU health and welfare package for civilians across the EU Community. After all, the same EU politicians tell everyone they have been doing the best possible trade deals for everyone all these years, despite many people saying wages are unnecessarily low and fuel costs too high.


In particular, I find it more than peculiar that your embassy have not contacted me as requested to make an emergency payment so that I can do something as simple as open a bank account to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and buy and sell what I want, when I want, which should not be a big deal.   


The embassy should be legally liable for all my legal and comprehensive medical and insurance costs.


If the embassy do not wish to recognise me, or that I have any rights, then please put that formal refusal to help, in writing to me, as a matter of urgency. 


It is the fact there isn’t an EU Constitution and other Constitutions are ‘contradictory’/‘discriminatory’ and so on, that creates a unnecessary legal no-man’s land in the EU.




I guess I am a true ‘converso’ in the sense I know living autonomously is the natural human state and so I always want people to be united in peace.


When I was a young girl I was one of the ‘Purple People’ being an Aquarian and our birthstone is an amethyst, and so on. I remember when I was confirmed I chose the pattern and material a professional dressmaker used to make my dress which was the most beautiful soft mauve velvet.


I think the eco-village which would have a special emphasis on all sorts of cottage industry, would need to be located in the (UN) Golan Heights to achieve and maintain political neutrality in a central location that is also a link/bridge between the EU and Arab/Middle East regions.


The eco village should welcome visits from the public from all countries to share information and ideas in a UN safe space. 


The question an EU Constitution should answer is what should responsible governance look like if all things being equal there is unlimited potential in clean renewable energy to develop sustainable infrastructure and make everyone healthy and wealthy.


The world’s military could easily be guaranteed full employment in the clean renewable energy industry !


There is no real identifiable reason that if all things really can be as equal as possible, there can’t or shouldn’t be all sorts of different states, including secular or religious states for people to choose from, because just like energy, there is no single resource.   




British referendum.


British politicians, along with politicians in the EU should all support a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution with a central pan-EU package that puts all the public across the EU first, in the EU Community.


It is impossible to understand why politicians across the EU entered into an Article 50 referendum, without having many years ago taken the time to put together the best possible pan-EU package for civilians, first.


The British referendum of a typical government trial by media which is like Murdoch’s New(s) Scotland Yard, has only highlighted the need for referendum to be conducted by independent consultants, because all politicians priority is always going to be a) their own electoral cycles that b) creates all sorts of inherent conflicts of interest.


A consultancy can by contrast to politicians, independently achieve more in the same time frame, including by simply maintaining political neutrality.   


Spanish election 28 April 2019


The politicians in Catalonia and Madrid could agree to a) treat each other as equals and partners and b) agree Catalans who were born or live outside Catalonia from the Franco era etc can return to Catalonia (not everyone wants a Spanish passport) and enjoy the same albeit currently tenuous rights Catalans born in Catalonia enjoy if they wish c) Catalans could postpone their independence bid, and Madrid could withdraw the independence prosecutions while all the politicians support a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution to include a pan-EU package of rights for everyone.


(I guess politicians just used the words Capitalism and Communism as propaganda during the Cold War because both Franco who supported a monarchy and was anything but neutral, and Stalin were military dictators, who practised collective punishment on sections of their civilian populations, while Gulf State monarchies for example made vast profits from abiotic oil, that doesn’t seem to be running out anytime soon)


War and sanctions are always being used to artificially inflate the price of abiotic oil, which is all too often used by politicians to maintain ‘over-governance’. 


It may be that Catalans who (were originally Italian, Catalan and Occitan) who governed by ‘Pacts’ and arguably initiated the first real political and institutional bodies in the Mediterranean to include Europe and a thalassocracy, find an EU Constitutional process progresses issues of self-determination, in a peaceful wider re-organisation of the EU institutions of some kind over time.


After all, the US which is of a similar size and population has many more states without any problem, while anything and everything seems to be a problem for politicians in the EU. 


The rose at the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea is 35 miles from someone else’s border.


A justiciable EU Constitution would always be an ongoing process that the EU Community could regularly consult the public over by holding responsible referendums perhaps every ten years.


Australian politicians.


The Australian politicians could support a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution too, so that Australian politicians can update their own Constitution too, which is more than out of date, and hugely discriminatory. 


Italy and elsewhere.


Italian politicians could use the MEP elections to support a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution too, because it is important to properly consult the public to agree a pan-EU package for everyone.


I should be able to one day retire to a quiet village in Sicily or anywhere else I choose. 


Archimedes, 21, and all that.



This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!