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Donna’s ‘Breton-Woods Cottage Consultancy’: A socially responsible EU Constitution with new frontier of clean renewable energy, to create sustainable jobs and pan-EU health and welfare package is global peace plan (08.03.2019)




I am a female Catalan Italian British Australian pipsqueak peacenik, considered a minority ‘mixed’ race/religion/nationality ‘converso’ in my own lifetime.


The reason socially constructed 'nationality' has not been peacefully settled in a world where 'nation states' are still relatively new and change, is because there are are numerous outstanding constitutional issues, between for example Australia, Britain and Spain.


So while politicians and paperwork publicly say there is dual nationality, and freedom of movement, etc etc etc, in practice there is a no-man’s land, which has meant I have (for example) been illegally denied much, for a very long time now, including the most basic medical cover.


The fault lies entirely with politicians and not civilians, so the legal position is the embassy are legally obliged to provide me with the protection I have repeatedly requested.


Archimedes, Sicily and 500,000 years old Etna.


The Bretton-Woods financial settlement failed because the military dictator Franco who started World War Two with his war against Catalans on 19 July 1936 remained in power until 1975 so there was never any consultation with people anywhere over a post war peace settlement, which has created all sorts of anomalies.


The most socially, ecologically and financially responsible change I can contribute to is to trade/exchange my lawsuits for a consultancy fee from the EU, to do what I can to help peacefully organise a pan-EU referendum on a people’s EU Constitution, which fits the criteria of being for the benefit of everyone.


A strong EU Constitution which the public should have been consulted over decades ago, can help to ring-fence civilians rights and freedoms across the EU Community, to protect people from the revolving door excesses of politicians and global corporations, to make everyone healthy and wealthy.


The old world ’politics’ of global corporations et al is war, oil, nuclear and mercenaries.


The public want to diversify into an exciting new frontier that includes the unlimited potential of clean renewable energy, which will for example see more people able to start all sorts of cottage industries in their own homes, which can flourish alongside traditional farming.


I guess I am a true ‘converso’ in the sense I know the natural human state is for people to live autonomously united in peace, regardless of all sorts of forced conversions.


All the great civilisations have passed through Sicily over so many centuries, while Etna reminds us we are all human.




The U.S which has more states than the EU but is comparable in size and population to the EU arguably has some public consensus over a justiciable Constitution.


The colonial half way house called Australia meanwhile is over-governed by an archaic Constitution imposed by a British ‘Establishment’ that has no Constitution itself ! that has a monarch and GG viceroy oversee federal and state governments in Australia, which is a comparable size to the EU and US but with a considerable smaller population.


So, there are all sorts of anomalies in various Constitutions, that affect the public. 




Schrodinger’s Cat: The former British PM Brown ordered cowardly violent attack against me on 17 August 2007, before he illegally signed Article 50 on 13 December 2007, and pilfered £1.6 trillion from the public purse in September 2008.


It is conceded I have ‘won’ the case against Brown (et al) who ordered the cowardly and extraordinarily violent attack against me on 17 August 2007, that nobody made him do, it is a legal impossibility to ‘excuse’ or ‘explain’ away.  Before he illegally signed Article 50 on 13 December 2007, which he was late doing because he was advised he had a serious and growing personal financial conflict of interest  including my decisive legal victory in court on that same 13 December 2007 (before he then pilfered £1.6 trillion from the public purse in September 2008 that nobody made him do either).


The former PM Brown and the quisling Livingstone never had any ‘reasonable excuse’ for their failure to resign over 17 August 2007, on 25 October 2007, simply because it was too ’inconvenient’ for them to have lawsuits and a Mayoral and General election at that time.


The facts are the government ignored my Crown Court Order from 8 March 2007, while using escalating violence that saw me violently attacked when I left court after a massive legal victory on 9 July 2007, before I was literally kidnapped from inside a court during live legal proceedings on 19 July 2007, to stop me giving evidence, incl. that the government were in contempt of my Crown Court Order, so there was a dramatically escalating situation before 17 August 2007. The government ignoring my Crown Court Order from 8 March 2007, led to my High Court Order from 16 April 2008, that the government continued to ignore, while it is well documented I repeatedly asked for help from the embassy. And so on and so forth.


It is also well documented that Murdoch had moved into New(s) Scotland Yard with the top brass. 


(I proved that unlike Thatcher and Soros who grandstanded over an £8 billion annual rebate to the City of London, politicians and global corporations could not rely on always ’leveraging’ (anti-competition) legislation for their own personal financial profit)


In Parliament Square, Brian and myself were a bridge between the public and the government because the government knew most people knew most people from all walks of life agreed with us, so we represented the mainstream view.


Many British politicians are from PR, media or banking backgrounds so they do not want to consult with the public in a meaningful or professional manner, because they, like the state broadcaster, obviously only represent the personal opinions of rich newspaper proprietors and global corporations.


In all the true circumstances, the facts are the British referendum is invalid, and so on and so forth. 






I would have to remain neutral on political issues during my consultancy on an EU referendum over an EU Constitution, which could involve my meeting and visiting people and places and also designing and building a modest eco village which was a safe public space for people to collect and share information about a pan-EU referendum on a people’s EU Constitution.


There are all sorts of options such as a single modest eco village in one country that collects and shares all the information or a number of sites across different countries in the EU. 


It is self evident politicians and the EU Commission etc could not be considered independent or impartial observers etc themselves with regard to actually conducting a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution.


A people’s EU Constitution will also obviously help peacefully settle the so called ‘Catalan Question’/‘Byzantine Line’ because it would be a central part of a global peace plan.


The question an always justiciable EU Constitution must answer is what should responsible governance look like if all things being equal, there is clean renewable energy in the food, water, medical, housing and transport cycle that makes everyone healthy and wealthy.


There is no genuine freedom of movement within the EU community, until there is an EU Constitution that gives pan-EU access to an agreed package for everyone that is not reliant on the whims/revolving doors/excesses of politicians and global corporations.




Some ideas on a public consultation


There are three components to widely consult the public over with regard to a) holding a pan-EU referendum on b) an EU Constitution


1. Politics.


There would be public consultation on:


a) the political leadership of the EU (i.e: should the EU President etc be elected by politicians or the public and what should their responsibilities be)


b) the constituency of the EU Parliament and it’s relationship with for example national parliaments


c) the possibility of for example pan-EU political parties of MP’s etc etc


2. The people’s package


A central part of an EU Constitution must include investing in increasing the use of clean renewable energy in practise, which would also help create meaningful new sustainable jobs, that lessen inequality, because currently wages are unnecessarily low, while energy costs are certainly too high.


It is common-sense most people would want to vote for the best possible health and welfare package for everyone that was cherrypicked from the best available options across the EU.


3. Administrative processes/separation of powers.


There would be public consultation over various administrative proposals to put forward in a pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution that could include:


a) public committees of people who are neither elected politicians and who do not work for governments, appointing Judges, so that there was an identifiable separation of powers between politicians and the Judiciary


b) tamper proof tape-recording machines installed in courts to instantly provide people with a CD of an agreed contemporaneous record of legal proceedings, which would help to create a much more transparent and efficient legal system, while also stopping deliberate abuses of all due process. 


c) ‘virtual’ trials or courts in police stations are banned because i) they do not meet the basic requirements of habeas corpus etc ii) do not provide a safe/impartial space to even prepare a legal case, which is a very serious matter (that can for example involve police themselves who have been known to try to destroy or have destroyed CCTV evidence in police stations (like on 5 August 2006 and 4 September 2006, because politicians knew there was no explanation for our being ‘detained’)


d) the intelligence services should never be allowed to pose as an unrelated child/minor’s parents and/or godparents, and particularly without that child/minor having basic protections like legal representation, to stop child trafficking etc.


It could well be that it is sensible to hold a number of smaller pan-EU referendums which publish relevant information including quantitative and qualitative statistics so people can agree/reach a consensus on what should be included in the final pan-EU referendum on an EU Constitution, because it is such an important issue.





I think I am slowly making progress recovering from scurvy etc (although I still have bad days with my bones, and I have no idea why my eyes which at least feel less gritty, are still red around the rims) but would obviously benefit from being able to purchase some fresh fruit and vegetables locally.


The Ambassador should a) either send me some cash in a registered envelope so I can open a bank account with a debit card, or b) arrange with me for me to meet someone from the embassy who has some cash, who can if they wish, also help me open a bank account, so I can peacefully progress my consultancy, that includes my doing my own small cottage industry. 


This witness statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!