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Donna: Ambassador, I am converting my 16 April 2008 Court Order into clean ECJ spring ‘water’ case that cherrypicks best pan-EU health and welfare package for everyone as cenre-piece/foundation for EU constitution (with global corporations paying ‘the costs’) 25.02.2019




My name is Donna and I am Catalan Italian, British Australian, and I guess I was born a true child of someone’s ‘revolution’ because my parents challenged various social and cultural ‘norms’ in the early 1960’s.


My own parents genealogy is closer than it might first appear, so I am also a connection between the Phoenician and 'Byzantine line'/age between, for example the Pyrenees and Persia and Sirmione and Sicily etc.


The sealed court records in Melbourne, from 1963 (over a year after I was born) show the British and Australian Fremantle intelligence services who failed to declare their substantial (financial) conflict of interest while posing as my parents and god-parents (it is silly to pretend the Fremantle’s from the Battle of Trafalgar, China and Western Australia etc did not have a personal financial interest) did know the true identity of my real parents.


In April 2008, there was an echo down the decades when a prison officer in Holloway in the UK, said when I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial on a non-imprisonable ‘offence’ that “someone paid big money to illegally imprison you”.


There were no Italians, except pour moi, in the ‘social circle’ of the intelligence services who ‘raised’ me, so I was completely isolated from the Italian community and all Italian culture. When I was a small child, I always used to stop on my way home from school, by the one Italian house that I remember was painted white, to watch the grandma in their vegetable garden. I didn’t know I was Italian then, but somehow I knew. I was distressed to discover years later that my family had lived just around the corner from the market we sometimes visited, that was in Prahran which was the centre of the Italian community in Melbourne. It turned out I shared some unique idiosyncrasies with my sister (beyond the biological) that were not learned in either of the different social environments we lived in, but could only be explained by the fact my sister did know with certainty that I existed. I guess it is not just that humans are intuitive but that we also have sonar similar in some respects to dolphins.


It is unfortunate, for all sorts of reasons, I have been forced to live the life of a converso myself, with numerous forced conversions, relating to my name, religion and nationality.


I was the young Catalan Italian, the eldest child and daughter of my mother and father, in the “class of 75” who saw the British monarchy, Fremantles, (the Papal Knight) Murdoch, and (now Cardinal) Pell, none of whom are Italian, keep spinning the contrived Whitlam ‘controversy’ from the end of the Franco era and Vietnam War onwards.


I don’t personally see there is any ‘difference’ between Italians and Jewish people myself, for the obvious reasons.


My family have been Cathars, who I personally think were most probably Catholic Jewish conversos, along with being Jewish and Catholic, throughout a very many centuries.


So, while I cannot personally agree/recognise the British Commonwealth Australian Constitution or Spanish Constitution after Franco, (the Kingdom of Spain for example, included parts of southern Italy during the Spanish Inquisition) we should all agree an EU Constitution.


I don’t personally care myself whatever is ‘officially’ called Catalonia.


My father’s family surname has always been a ‘minority’ between the European, Arab and Asian Empires, because we have always lived in the ever changing ‘borders’ in for example, the Pyrenees between the Mediterranean and Lourdes (ie. Toulouse and Agen etc) in Catalan, Ariegois, Andorran, Occitan areas, and the Alpes-Maritimes, Monaco and Italy (which used to be part of Italy) and Provence, Paris, Lyon, Turin, Sirmione, Verona, Sicily, Calabria, del Fruilli, before and after Caparetto was called Kobarid in Slovenia etc etc. I remember arriving and being briefly stranded in Belgrade (which is now Serbia) when the former Yugoslavia was disintegrating, before leaving from Sarajevo (which is now called Bosnia). 


I am the pipsqueak peacenik who won an unprecedented ‘test case’ incl. the biggest global corporation Vitol (annual ‘turnover’ €270 billion) et al could not simply buy/leverage legislation in the UK, to get all manner of taxpayer funded ‘subsidies’ and ‘contracts’ etc etc.


My perfect High Court civil jury lawsuit from Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 (which also highlighted the government could not invent a case stated on a point of law over 22 February 2006, which was appealed on 15 March 2006, which was after I ‘notified’ the government on 3 March 2006 I did not intend to commit any criminal acts so they could not impose ‘conditions’ on me) proved the government a) could not get a malicious ‘void ab initio’ prosecution off the ground b) had ‘no recognised defence in law’ to put before a civil jury, which was similar to the later case I was also involved in that saw the government grandstanding at half-time over Brian’s ‘no case to answer’.


What was at that time still the Bow Street Magistrates (who later became Horseferry and then Marylebone, Westminster) knew they did not have a ‘point of law’ on 22 February 2006, to argue in the High Court, because they were at best ‘expounding’ the Edicts of Expulsion from 1290 when Cathar and Sephardi who went to London and Oxford were expelled.


What the ‘Judge’ on 22 February 2006 really said was “single working mothers should not be spending their money coming to London to protest” (A significant proportion of Cathars had been women, probably less for religious reasons, but rather because at that time, they lived relatively autonomous lives under the auspices of the Aragons, outside the control of the Pope and Caliphates et al.


The British public could not help but notice former PM and Chancellor Brown put his own hand in the public till, to hand over €1.6 trillion of public money to the banks for them to stash, when he knew he was on his way out the door too, over the violent attack on me on 17 August 2007.


(Of course Brown already had form working with Tories and Lib Dems trying to take money from the education budgets of primary school children)


The politicians had no point of law to argue over a violent attack on me, on 17 August 2007, that took place in public. Most people would understand I did not reasonably trust any politician or police officer after that, because the most senior politician in the UK and top cop, Lord Blair had begun the political cover up. There was no pretence there was any ‘separation of powers’.


I don’t think there has ever been a female leader of the Labour Party, although you would think Comrade Corbyn’s fellow traveller Diane Abbott MP who voted with the DUP on 7 April 2005, for the ‘void ab initio’ legislation against real peaceniks on mainland UK, would definitely be Labour PM material.


A Catalan Donna like myself, have historically been known as the ‘Black Madonnas’ including because Italians were not originally considered white including in ‘Whites only’ Australia.   


When General Franco Murdoch (and Cameron) openly declared war against Brian and myself on 19 July 2009, over what turned out to be BSkyB, (we didn’t watch TV ourselves, so it was ITV who first told us, because they were interviewing members of the public and said they couldn’t find members of the public who opposed us) Murdoch did of course have a teensy identifiable financial conflict of interest dating back to (for example) 1975 when he was working with the Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett (who had posed as my god-father)


Despite the fact a jury would hand me all the profits Vitol et al made from 17 August 2007, I don’t personally want to go into the oil/‘commodity’ business, or have their dirty money.


The most socially, ecologically and financially responsible change I can make that benefits everyone is to put my much cleaner and straightforward spring ‘water’ case before the ECJ instead, that cherry-picks the best available pan-EU health and welfare package for everyone, that becomes the foundation of a people’s EU Constitution, with global corporations effectively paying ‘the costs’. 


In practice it would mean politicians and global corporations would agree they could not siphon off public money, from an agreed pan-European health and welfare package for everyone.


I will agree to put my lawsuits and draft court order to ECHR in abeyance/‘sine die’ I think it is called, to get the best possible deal for everyone, that includes myself too, while agreeing simple facts to put forward for the spring ‘water’ case, the ECJ can rubber stamp.


Most people would agree, the public’s wages in the EU are currently unnecessarily low (with taxpayers, rather than global corporations, increasingly contributing tax ‘credits’) while fuel costs are too high, meaning people cannot be competitive with big business, which also means there is no real freedom of movement either, and so on and so forth.


The best available health and welfare package will put the public at the heart of the EU and any Constitution in a meaningful way, rather than so much public money increasingly just being siphoned off to big business, and indeed to build big businesses.


The embassy will need to send me a sum of cash so that I can open a bank account with a debit card, that will mean I can (for example) buy fresh fruit and vegetables whenever I am able to walk to the shops 4 km away or when I need to buy food online, including from somewhere like the UK.


This will obviously help me recover from scurvy etc, which interestingly has taught me, I don’t crave meat in any way, but obviously need to build up my muscles again, with fruit and vegetables and calcium, as I try and put on weight, because my bones are quite painful. I particularly love cashews, endame and chick peas with pitta bread and rye bread with chia seeds really do help. I also like spring water with electrolytes too, which would obviously be difficult for me to carry.


it is quite normal for an embassy to loan cash, when someone is in a foreign country.


The British Governor General/Raj/Viceroy of Australia I don’t personally recognize, might say he could cancel my passport he most certainly does not ‘own’ if I ‘forgot’ to repay a financial loan from the embassy, but he would most certainly in that situation, have to give me a very considerable financial ‘refund’.


When I have a bank account, which would be pretty mainstream for me !! I should be able to get a refund of the local taxes I obviously overpaid, that will in turn cover my electricity bill, while also leaving me money to pay for any future electricity (it’s all the same government) while my case is heard at the ECJ, and I decide whether or not I stay where I am or move and convert to solar energy and so on.


My priority at this point in time, obviously has to be my health and welfare, and a bank account with a debit card will also mean I can collect what will be my pension from wherever I am in the EU.


(I obviously will at least visit Catalonia which does include areas that are not necessarily ‘officially’ recognised as Catalonia, and I really would love to have a veggie roadside cafe/s that grow their own fruit and vegetables along with having some animals, each according to different areas, but with all the roadside cafes all making veggie burgers and pizzas etc)


A responsible EU Constitution that includes a health and welfare package at it’s heart, will actually benefit not just the public, but politicians and global corporations and politics all across the EU too, that includes the British Commonwealth who with countries like Malta, are not actually leaving the EU.


There is no legitimate democratic objective in politicians who just ‘outsource’ health and welfare to global corporations to in effect try and completely absolve themselves of absolutely all legal responsibilities relating to governance.


The question is what governments should really look like, if all things being equal, there is unlimited potential in clean renewable energy in the food, medicine, housing and transport cycle, to lessen inequality and make everyone healthy and wealthy.


It is important to remember if there had been an EU Constitution based on the best available health and welfare package for everyone, the Albigensian ‘Crusade’, War of the Sicilian Vespers, Edicts of Expulsion (1290) Spanish Inquisition, and Franco beginning World War Two with his war against Catalans on 19 July 1936, that included the Holocaust, could never have happened.




We know that on 4 September 2006, the government were trying to stop me getting the CCTV from Kentish Town police station on 5 August 2006 of what they did to me, while trying to work out how to destroy and edit camera and CCTV footage from Charing Cross Police Station on 4 September 2006, because I pointed out everything on both occasions was on CCTV with audio etc (which was the same situation on 4 September 2009)


On 8 March 2007, the government ordered me back to Parliament Square, Central London with their Crown Court order, to try and spin their pre-planned government operation against me on 26 March 2007, with their contrived Contempt of Court, because the government had effectively admitted on 22 December 2006, they could not invent a case stated with a point of law, over the original malicious White Rose prosecution against me on 22 February 2006.


On 29 March 2007, the government sought to clean up the worst of what happened on 26 March 2006, because it was admitted the court failed without lawful excuse to keep any reared of the proceedings on 26 March 2007, which could not be remedied by a re-hearing, in any other court.


The government obviously found themselves in further legal difficulties when Brian asked me to go to court with him on Friday 23 March 2006, regarding him wanting summons against both Blairs. Brian did get a summons that involved me too, against the remaining Lord Blair (that became CO/11393/2007)


Brian would have made the best Mayor of London, English people could possibly have ever had, because he was the intellectual ‘working class’ hero, originally from Essex who ticked all the boxes and was a real sweetie with a wry sense of humour too)


On 6 August, the Lord Chief Justice Pip of Maltravers gave us what was effectively a High Court injunction against the government over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, after I handed him what he noted was “refreshingly a skeleton argument” on the ubiquitous scrap of paper, that pointed out “nothing was prescribed by law’” (as per Archbold’s) before indicating to him when he sent me his ‘draft judgement’ that he needed to correct the ‘ambiguity’ which he did, by saying we needed to make a deal or else.


The Treasury Solicitor (and no doubt the ‘amicus curie who we did not know and did not represent us, after the Head of Garden Court Chambers Ian McDonald who grandstanded in the Magistrates Court, was no-where to be seen, in the High Court, after becoming “professionally embarrassed” ) had by contrast paid for his holiday in the Bahamas, with the pay per page, ‘bundle’ which stretched credibility when it came to trying to find any ‘point of law’ the government wanted to argue.


The quisling Livingstone et al with his polluting bendy-buses gave the truth of the High Court case, the usual mega-spin in the London Evening Standard, by portraying himself as an eco warrior at Heathrow, with paid protesters on the Vitol payroll who were also used on 26 February 2008.


On 25 October 2007, the a) British King-in-waiting was unveiling the Lloyd George statue in Parliament Square, after Brown and Livingstone had danced with Mandela (Lloyd George helped spin the ‘nationalism’ of the coffee houses in Vienna, because the colonial British Establishment obviously didn’t want any competition to their ‘nationalist’ monarchies in the Middle East) while b) Gilligan spun the usual London Evening Standard extravaganza in the cover up over 17 August 2007, which they knew was going to fail when Brian and myself returned to Charing Cross that day, while c) Brian and I were first in the High Court witnessing the Judiciary trying to contrive their ‘landmark’ case to ’sidestep’ tamper-proof tape recording machines being installed in the Magistrates Courts, which would certainly help stop political trials.


The violent attack against me on 17 August 2007 happened after a significant High Court ruling against everyone, in a situation politicians et al continually escalated, that led to Livingstone et al first trying to exile me from the UK, in April 2008, which is how I got an ever clearer High Court Order against everyone on 16 April 2008 (that also by then included my decisive legal victory on 13 December 2007 too)


(My personal experience of successive Attorney Generals in the UK, is they did not support accurate contemporaneous records of court proceedings or favour arguing points of law, in a court, in particular with the ‘inconvenience’ of a civil jury, which can include members of the public who are independent of government)





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!