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Donna: I am Catalan Italian from ‘the Byzantine line’/age (so I can’t possibly recognise the Australian and Spanish Constitutions, but) I can campaign in Catalonia for EU people’s Constitution and pan European political parties of MP’s because that benefits everyone (21.02.2019)


A roadside Cafe/Catalonia is my home.




My name is Donna and I am Catalan Italian, British Australian, from the minority ‘Byzantine line’/age who have always lived ‘between’ the European, Arab and Asian empires, so I obviously can’t recognise the British Governor General/Raj/Viceroy in Australia or the Australian and Spanish Constitutions, which I guess wouldn’t really pass the sniff test at the ICJ anyway.


I am going home to Catalonia (whether by way of the UK or elsewhere).


I was grabbed by the British and Australian intelligence services when I was a child, because of my father’s Catalan Italian surname, and I am my father’s eldest child and daughter. My surname is not identifiably Italian, French or Spanish precisely because it is Catalan. (A famous Italian family have made an Italian version of my surname but I prefer to keep it simple)


My identity (name, religion and nationality) was completely changed in Australia, so however you look at it, I was really held prisoner as a child, because the vested financial interests of others didn’t want me to ever find my way home. I should always have had an Italian passport, so that I can enjoy and celebrate being Italian, because that is part of who I am too. I am a minority who most closely identifies with Italians, because of course Italy is a federation of minorities. Of course, the Kingdom of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition also included parts of southern Italy, in what have been changing borders over so many centuries. 


The Catalans stood alone in Europe when Franco began World War Two on 19 July 1936 in his war against Catalans, before Churchill later refused to liberate Catalans in Europe, when he also offloaded Eastern Europe to the Soviets, while I was a ‘mixed race’ Catalan Italian child prisoner in Australia.


I am excluded from Australian politics because of my Catalan Italian identity and while a Catalan born in Barcelona like Manuel Valls could stand in French politics as Prime Minister, a Catalan from Italy and France or indeed a Catalan Italian in France could not stand in the Catalan government, because we could not possibly recognise the Spanish Constitution imposed after Franco. 


The Catalan government have nevertheless done very well in the politics of tourism, and Catalonia could be anywhere, but not all Catalans are able to live in Catalonia, and the Spanish government’s  recent ‘right of return’ was only another political obstacle course of pure sophistry.


The British Establishment most profited from the Treaty of Utrecht colonialism and their constantly changing borders during Two World Wars, that also saw them install their monarchies in the Middle East etc etc with the endless ‘Simon (de Montfort) says’ of the Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 that like many legislative acts, constitutions and treaties spun by rich people, are all too often trying to retrospectively justify the unjustifiable.


In the UK, I walked the talk to repeal ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation when there was no separation of powers between politicians and the top brass at NSY and the Police Federation who very publicly bickered among themselves while trying to stop ordinary members of the public standing in for example the London Mayoralty.


I am the pipsqueak peacenik who has the High Court Order from 16 April 2008, that is a ‘sanction’ against Vitol et al (who are the largest global corporation in the world with an annual ‘turnover’ of €270 billion) over the political cover-up in Westminster of the extremely violent attack on me by politicians ‘unknown’ assailant on 17 August 2007.  Murdoch ‘mobilised’ all political ‘sides’ when he openly declared war on Brian and myself on 19 July 2009. Of course Murdoch has a direct link to me/vested financial interest, because he worked with the equally opportunist Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett who posed as my godfather.


The most sensible way I can free myself from the political cover-up revolving around 17 August 2007 is to offer an amnesty of sorts, because a jury would obviously agree that I should have all the profits Vitol made after 17 August 2007. However, I don’t want to go into the oil business and I don’t want dirty money, so it could legally be best if Vitol extended me an agreed line of credit that I never managed to repay, along with possibly an agreement, they don’t operate a commercial business in Catalonia.


It is legal for me to go home to Catalonia and campaign for a European Union Constitution to benefit everyone in the EU community, despite the fact I cannot personally recognise the Spanish Constitution, and I do also support the idea of pan European wide political parties of MP’s.


There will always be a space for famous cities like London. Paris, Rome and Madrid, but equally there could for example, be an alternative financial exchange in Barcelona that trades in socially responsible sustainable development, to help bring eco villages and eco cities into the mainstream. Terra Vivante in the Rhone Alps in France is a good bio reference point.


The real question a justiciable Constitution must answer is what should politics look like, if all things being equal, because there is unlimited potential in clean renewable energy in the cycle of food, medicine, housing and transport, that lessens inequality, helping make everyone healthy and wealthy.


Of course any decent and civilised society must have the gold standard of a functioning legal system with checks and balances. If technology makes it possible for governments to manage all financial transactions via mobile phones, it must also be possible for ordinary people to submit details in the form of a witness statement via accessible technology, to for example the ECHR.


A European Constitution, which I do personally believe is necessary for the EU can only be successful if it really does include and consult the public, which is an ambitious project.


I would if it is possible, most probably prefer to walk to Catalonia if I am able to do so, when I recover from scurvy, which does cause considerable pain in my legs and shoulder bones, because I obviously need to build up muscle weight that has been lost too, so my immediate priority at this moment in time, is obviously to look after my health and welfare.


I don’t really want to sell my beautiful cottage that is rare because it is a snug of sorts built into the granite hillside that is a nature lovers paradise, with all sorts of butterflies and birdlife, like blue-tits, robins, swallows and barn owls, and even has its own bat colony and a family of bambi who live in adjacent woodland. 


The most socially, ecologically, and financially responsible idea for me would be to make better use of existing space by converting the interior of my cottage into a three-bedroom, two bathroom cottage with a separate WC, etc, which is a straightforward matter, that does not require any extensions, while installing solar energy, before selling off time-share weeks, so other people could also enjoy what I love, that includes long and very beautiful country walks and of course, the coast, which is not so far away. I am currently unable to do all that because the British government have found it so ‘inconvenient’ to settle my lawsuits, so if I have to sell my modest cottage, in the meantime, then I shall.


The only thing really stopping me selling my cottage at the moment is ironically legislation that says I should update my property in some way, which I haven’t been able to do, because it has been ‘inconvenient’ for the British Establishment to settle my lawsuits over their legislation !  The government here say I owe local taxes from the past year, which I have obviously disputed because it is not possible, given I have had no income and am not in receipt of any benefits or pensions. In fact the true legal position will be the government where I currently live, owe me a modest refund, because I paid local taxes in previous years, that I did not really owe. I only owe a relatively small amount to the same government over electricity and water so it should be possible to amicably resolve perhaps in a meeting between myself and a government finance manager and a representative from your embassy.


In any event I am going to Catalonia, which is my home, and is where I would like to buy some flat land, that I can have a modest building on, with the land otherwise used to grow as much fruit and vegetables, as possible, alongside flowers, for my veggie roadside cafe. I would also have daisy the dairy cow and maybe a donkey, along with some goats and chickens so people can see how and where the produce is made. I would maybe also have some electro-cycles and another small cottage eco industry.


I calculate that given I am around 7 stone/ 45 kgs and 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall and 57 years young, and I can walk around 15 kms in 4-5 hours, depending on the weather and so on, with a small back pack, that while I could not always do that every day, for all sorts of reasons, I could possibly walk 15 kms for five out of seven days, on my journey home to Catalonia.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!