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Donna: The entire British establishment of all political hues unilaterally decided our lawsuits against the politicians et al with our right to a civil jury that includes civilians who are independent of government were''inconvenient' for them (15.02.2019)


The British politicians enacted overtly political legislation (ss 132-139 SOCPA 2005 now repealed) that combined with the creation of the London Mayoralty meant among much, politicians owned the MET Boss/top cop and Police Federation. This resulted in politicians using police to stop ordinary people standing in politics (with what was anti-competition legislation) and meant the police then had a vested and serious conflict of interest in who was elected Mayor of London too, which very publicly played out among the top brass at New Scotland Yard grandstanding for the 24/7 media cycle.


The entire British establishment of all political hues unilaterally decided our lawsuits against the politicians et al with our right to a civil jury that includes civilians who are independent of government was''inconvenient' for them.


A reasonable person would know the ECHR could not say the UK could 'misrepresent' people's right to a civil jury in lawsuits, simply because it was 'inconvenient' for the British establishment.


The British Establishment complained that "a 'protester' could get elected as Mayor of London, when Brian won 54% of the public vote as the most inspiring political person in 2007, and used the police who were only too willing to try and stop that, because of course Brian was the real deal, an intellectual 'working class' hero, who was originally a Londoner from Essex !


After Livingstone's cover up over the violent attack on me by politicians 'unknown' assailant, it was a matter of fact that the Tories staged their own 'come-back' such as it is, via the London Mayoralty, using and becoming part of the political cover up themselves.


There were many rogues and scoundrels horse- trading off the British Establishment not wanting the 'inconvenience' of a jury in our civil lawsuits that were centred around Mother's Day 26 March 2006 because I had 'notified' the government that I had no intention of breaking any laws, so they knew they could not impose any conditions. 


When they unlawfully arrested me on 26 March 2006 and then Brian because he stood up for me, we had the perfect civil jury lawsuit. 


The government paid off people like the comedian Mark Thomas with a not very funny routine in Leicester Square, to try and spin the top cops delegated authority spiel that was another excuse invented after 26 March 2006, while the con-artist Mark Wallinger diid his State Britain rip-off that the government, including the British Council paying him in excess of £100k to do... because they did not want the 'inconvenience' of a High Court civil jury lawsuit that became a 'class action'.


Lord Paddick, a former 'Asst Commissioner' had a nerve standing as a Mayoral candidate in 2008 too, and of course Baroness Jones from the Green party who was on the police 'authority' got her gong over the cover-up. Chief Supt Ingeldew who was always involved got a cushy number at Westminster Council that gave him the opportunity to keep attacking us over many years, from 'behind the scenes'. 


In 2011, Murdoch complained about me in the Times, when I had no legal representation, while all the politicians et al were linded up with lawyers from the City of London that there was a legal cat and mouse which there wasn't. 


The case files show Brian correctly observed that the government illegally used S17(1) e of the PACE Act 1984 in pre-planned operations against us that really were about trying to destroy our legally privileged material in our lawsuits against the government. 


The government could not explain why they falsely imprisoned Brian on the ground for 40 minutes on 18 November 2009 because the government were trashing legally privileged material, which they then went on to do to me when I was unlawfully arrested because I complained about what they were doing. 


I was unlawfully arrested on 25 May 2010 because the government knew they could not publish a 'press release' while I was standing in Parliament Square, publicly waving around perjured witness statements from 18 November 2009, that everyone knew in real terms were really directly linked to the violent attack against me on 17 August 2007.  No reasonable or responsible adult would keep sending the same Acting Inspector Cole to harass me, time and again, because he was Livingstone's gofer 'following orders' from Livingstone on the phone to unlawfully arrest me in 2007 after I made a formal signed witness statement at CX about the attack. 


Corbyn's sidekcik 'Sir' Kier Starmer was the Chief Prosecutor as the Director of Public Prosecutions, maliciously prosecuting us too, in what were the ongest political trial of two innocent civilians in English history. Starmer was another opportunist like so many Blair et al luvvies who falsely portrayed themselves as 'human rights' lawyers when the phoney left were really apologists, for either colonialism or Hitler, with Mansfield's Tooks saying it was a 'political' act to challenge legislation itself, which if true would mean no civilian population anywhere had any rights at all. Of course Mansfield did the usual finger pointing elsewhere at the ICTY while Vera Baird from Tooks was made Solicitor General during the Brown regime. 


George Orwell would indeed have been arrested and convicted for publicly displaying his quote in Central London in 2006, because that is what happened to Steve. Gandhi would probably have been okay because he spun the old British canard of 'civil disobedience' because he was all into the 'class/caste' system himself. Gandhi was rather like Greenpeace who spend thousands in fines pleading guilty to 'civil disobedience' for 'publicity' making it impossible to understand why they don't just pay for a full page ad in a newspaper instead ! Of course the terrorist Nelson Mandela did cosy up with Livingstone and Brown in Parliament Square in 2007, with all three trying very hard to pretend that we real peaceniks did not exist. 


It is strange but true that there literally was 'a cast of many thousands' in Central government involved in the longest purely political trial of two innocent civilians, in English history. 


Brian did shame the entire phoney left over the years, who were often more Tory than the Tories. 


(I think I would probably give an 'amnesty' of sorts to the politicians involved in the cover-up over 17 August 2007, because it doesn't change I would win all the civil lawsuits anyway, and I personally prefer to be free of the 'politics' of that violent attack that so many others personally financially profited from) 


The real 'frontier' is clean renewable energy that will benefit everyone because it will make everyone healthy and wealthy and is something that everyone can contribute to in so many ways because there is no single solution, but rather so many, that unite people from all walks of life.  









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!