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Donna: I faced different difficulties repealing overtly political legislation and the political cover up over the violent attack on me by politicians 'unknown' assailant on 17 August 2007  (08.02.2019)




I faced a profoundly different difficulties between being an ordinary person on the one hand repealing overtly political anti-competition legislation in the UK without any legal training etc and the political cover up over the extraordinarily violent attack on me on 17 August 2007 by politicians known ‘unknown’ assailant.


The British politicians enacted overtly political legislation (ss 132-139 SOCPA 2005 now repealed) that combined with the creation of the London Mayoralty meant among much, politicians owned the MET Boss/top cop and Police Federation. This resulted in politicians using police to stop ordinary people standing in politics (with what was anti-competition legislation) and meant the police then had a vested and serious conflict of interest in who was elected Mayor of London too, which very publicly played out among the top brass at New Scotland Yard grandstanding for the 24/7 media cycle.


(In practise the only way politicians et al were able to subject Brian Haw and myself to what was then really the longest political trial in English history (7+ years in my case) of two entirely innocent civilians was by a) having no tamper proof tape recording machines in the Magistrates Courts b) stopping my original Mothers Day 26 March 2006 High Court civil jury lawsuit (because a jury would obviously include people not working for central government


I would never do what politicians do to me because there are common-sense policies like clean renewable energy that can benefit everyone, but will most likely only be progressed by businesses outside government) 


When a family member in Australia originally complained on 13 October 2006 about what was going on in the UK, after the seriously malicious prosecution brought against me by Lord Blair the top cop over 26 March 2006 was inevitably found to be ‘void ab initio’ on 14 September 2006, the family member in Australia was fobbed off by the Australian government (who incorrectly claimed I was only British which is not a true representation of the facts or the kangaroo on the passport !


In August 2011 when I asked two members of staff from the Australian embassy how many citizens around the world they had in my situation, they said I was the only one)


If my original High Court civil jury lawsuit had gone ahead in a timely manner… in 2006, it is more likely than not that Brian would have become Mayor of London, but it is a certainty the extraordinarily violent attack on me on 17 August 2007 by politicians known ‘unknown’ assailant and the subsequent political cover-up could never have taken place.


In early 2007 politicians and media had lamented that “a protester” could get elected after Brian won the most inspiring political person of the year, with 54% of the public vote, but I was never a public figure myself and it is well known I found the ghoulish ’news’ media very distressing etc.


The wide scale political cover up, over the violent attack on me on 17 August 2007, happened because it could not simply be dismissed as part of/connected to the political legislation, but did directly involve politicians et al. It was Livingstone who was on the phone speaking to one of the top cop’s gofers an Acting Inspector Cole (which was the first time I had come across Cole) who ordered him to unlawfully arrest me because and after I had gone to CX police station where I had given a witness statement over the attack which was very widely witnessed. (I wasn’t in Parliament Square, but nearby when the violent attack happened)


Livingstone must have known he could not continue as Mayor of London by 25 October 2007 and there is no way Acting Inspector Cole should ever have been allowed anywhere near me after that.


It is well known that everything that happened after 17 August 2007 (like 18 November 2009 and 25 May 2010 etc that involved AI Cole) can all be traced back to the political cover up over the violent attack on me on 17 August 2007.


Of course it is a matter of fact, the Tory party with the help of Lynton Crosby et al built their own political ’come-back’ via the London Mayoralty using the political cover up over the violent attack on me on 17 August 2007.


It was obviously very difficult for me in so many ways, because so many politicians and the most senior police officers et al were involved in the political cover up over the violent attack on me on 17 August 2007.


I was unlawfully imprisoned during the Mayoral elections in April 2008  (over which I have a High Court Order dated 16 April 2008 against those involved that does relate to 17 August 2007) and again in August 2011 in the UK because of the political cover up over 17 August 2007. The political cover-up saw politicians et al endlessly ‘demanding’ I leave the country, so I was obviously very seriously ‘persecuted’ because I was not only the victim of an extraordinarily violent attack on 17 August 2007, but also the subsequent political cover up.


(I am more ambivalent about the legislation that was later made and used against me on 16 January 2012, because that could never have happened either without Livingstone and Corbyn et al doing what they did… in 2006)


It is not disputed that when I blew the whistle in the High Court on 21 June 2010 over what was going on, I was denied legal representation from 23 June 2010 thereafter, making it difficult for me to progress my own civil lawsuits.


It is obviously more than unfair that politicians et al hired City of London lawyers et al for themselves !! while I am the pipsqueak who was both the victim of the violent attack on 17 August 2007 and the subsequent political cover up, and yet I have no legal representation at all.


(The politicians and police et al had of course always known that their operations against us had no insurance cover because what they did was so obviously purely political, which was especially true of Livingstone’s unlawful actions against us in 2007, which were supported by Corbyn et al. An email from 8 March 2007 etc shows that when Brian got a summons against the top  cop, Livingstone then relied on using private security. Case files show Special Branch etc were always involved)


I have written to the ECHR with my suggestions for settling my lawsuits, in the form of a Draft Court Order. My lawsuits represent the most reasonable use of force in self defence possible. 


(Of course in all the circumstances where I have no legal representation or mediator the Australian embassy do have the means and ability to fax the ECHR urgently on my behalf too)


When I left Parliament Square all I understandably really wanted to do was go home to my own family because I am the mum who made cheese and vegemite toasties, but the politicians made that impossible primarily because of the political cover up over the violent attack on 17 August 2007....

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!