sent by email 27.11.2018:


Monsieur Michel Hameury,


Thank-you for your letter dated 15 November 2018 (copy attached) sent by you on behalf of your Director of Public Finances of an EU member state, requesting my response by 28 November 2018.  


It has always been possible for your Director of Public Finances to make an appointment. 


I am a 56 year old female political exile from the UK, who is 5 ft 5 and a half inches and 50 kg, who has no income and is in receipt of no benefits of any kind (because of the collective failure of EU member states to put basic protections in place for political exiles from within the EU) so I obviously dispute I could possibly meet any threshold for local taxes, while my civil jury lawsuits remain outstanding. 


The letter from Intrum dated 14 November 2018 (see attached) who are a corporation also acting on behalf of your same EU member state regarding utilities, obviously lacks any legitimate legal basis or legal authority, let alone case law, to dispute the British Commonwealth are legally liable for my electricity bills and the reality my electricity has been illegally disconnected without my consent for the past six months. The British Commonwealth do not even dispute they are legally liable etc !


A reasonable and rational responsible adult would know the British Commonwealth a) forcibly exiled me intending to b) circumvent their own civil procedure that entitles me to a civil jury, while c) intending to meanwhile subject me to other member states civil procedures etc, d) while exploiting the collective failure of EU member states to have basic protections. 


Therefore this serves as my Application to the ECJ, your Director of Public Finances and the EU President is served with which is uncontested so technically is a formality.


A eeasonable and rational responsible adult would agree, my Application to the ECJ to collect Thatcher’s rebate, is the only peaceful way I can reasonably claim the money owed to me by the British Commonwealth, including since Mother’s Day 26 March 2006. 


I obviously do not personally need ‘Thatcher’s rebate’ but nor did the City of London bankers, but I am sure I can do far more good with the money than they have. 


Therefore, the first instalment of €8 billion euros is payable to me by cheque, and when it has been paid by cheque so that I can open a bank account, then your Director of Public Finances is welcome to advise me on tax matters.  


The sooner the better the first instalment is paid to me, given that I have been slowly starving for a year now, and am now obviously freezing. 


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




1. The British and Australian intelligence services completely changed my identity as a child including my nationality (Italian) in a ‘process’  of racial and religious ‘purification’ in ‘Whites only’ Australia, for their own financial Treaty of Utrecht (colonial) and Catalan Gibraltar etc ‘reasons’. 


It took until 29 October 2011 for the British Commonwealth to even admit the strangers who raised me, during the ‘Franco era’ who were not my parents worked for the (highest echelons of) British and Australian intelligence services, who have always illegally sought to stop me having and using my real identity etc etc. They illegally sought to recruit me, which I refused, because they obviously only wanted a ‘waiver’ over what they have done. 


My real name is Donna.  


‘Franco’ Cameron (a former British PM) publicly stated on 19 July 2009 that he would illegally ‘remove’ us without any caveats on how that was done, so there is no possible dispute I am a political exile or that politicians themselves illegally ‘banned’ me from even standing as a politician, while they illegally refused to lawfully settle civil jury lawsuits. 


(Franco who was not neutral, began the Holocaust and WW2 when he started his war against the Catalan civilian population on 19 July 1936, and 30,000 Catalan children no-one ever speaks about went ‘missing’, before all the other leaders copied what he did, by targeting civilian populations)  


The only way Catalans can possibly preserve our own identity among the more recent nation states of all sorts, is with our own passports and nationality, which is different from claiming ‘independence’ (whatever that means). The colonial half-way house called Australia are not in any way ‘independent’ of the British monarchy or Commonwealth, yet issue their own passports with nationality, before the revolving doors of politicians disown you anyway, while illegally denying you legal representation. 


2, If my original High Court civil jury lawsuit from Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 had been heard in 2006, in a timely manner (before the torture etc began) 


a) the discriminatory politically motivated s132-138 SOCPA 2005 that gave superior rights to (for example) the former Mayor of London Livingstone and the current leader of the Opposition Corbyn and their union leader cronies including from the Police Federation, would have been repealed then and they along with the top cop would have had to resign 


They have always illegally concealed the original material disclosure including at their meeting at 8am on 8 December 2006 (their ‘Feast’ of the Immaculate Conception) after I had won void ab initio on 14 September 2006, of my formal complaint to Inspector Lyons on 26 March 2006.


b) there would have been a Mayoral election in… 2006, that would more likely than not have propelled Brian into the London Mayoralty where he would have had a role in peace efforts 


(instead of Lynton Crosby and Vitol’s multi-million dollar switch between Labour and Tory in 2008 which was invalid (covering up 9 July 2007, 19 July 2007, 7 August 2007 and 17 August 2007 etc)


c) I would have made case law in the High Court that all proceedings in the Magistrates Court had to be tape recorded to avoid what was the cynical abuse of any and all due process by the state apparatus in the Magistrates Court. 


If the government and their Magistrates Courts refuse to tape record proceedings they are not in any legal position to dispute anything, and nor should people be expected to attend what are really ‘black sites’ etc.  


CO 5019 2007 (26 March 200…7, sought to stop a rehearing in the High Court over CO 4002 2006 (the original malicious White Rose prosecution on 22 February 2006) 


The case files in CO 5019 2007 quote me on page 29 saying 26 March 2007 is a cover up over 26 March 2006 and my being tortured while already having 15 civil jury lawsuits, while Brian confirms in the case files, the Magistrates Courts in a country who is arguably the biggest surveillance state, need CCTV in their own Magistrates courts so there is a real record of what happens. 


CO 5019 2007 was for example missing the key ingredients of a copy of the alleged summons illegally issued against me on 23 March 2007 to appear on 26 March 2007, which was obviously illegal, or any witness statement from the same Judge who had illegally issued the summons (who hadn’t by that time managed to file a case stated in CO 4002 2006) citing either Brian or myself for Contempt on 26 March 2007, because he never did.   


In fact, all the malicious prosecutions against me in 2007 were in Contempt of a Southwark Crown Court Order made on 8 March 2007 by HH judge Wadsworth, that stated Parliament Square was my address (to stop all the unlawful arrests trying to circumvent ss 132- 138 SOCPA 2005, now repealed with specious bail conditions etc)


On 12 December 2007 the top cop gave his Goebbels Wansee speech dishonestly claiming he could use S 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 without any case law, which was another excuse he invented after 26 March 2006


On 13 December 2007 I conclusively proved at Southwark Crown Court when I won everything, I had always used S 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 with the case law (Wilmott v Atack)


Brian and myself filed CO 11393/2007 on the top cop on 19 December 2007, because I had already won everything between 26 March 2006 and 13 December 2007. 


And so on. 


d) I would have been given a record payout of basic, aggravated and exemplary damages over the discriminatory politically motivated legislation passed what is really one tribe of politicians. 


I could have bought a property in Westminster to use as a campaign headquarters/community and civil centre so Brian could have built a new political party with ordinary members of the public, like ourselves, who want to stand as politicians. 


Brian could have done the same with later civil jury payouts, so it is very, very serious what happened. 


The tribe of politicians in Westminster were violently attacking any member of the public, to try and stop any competition, even from anyone, should they even want to stand as a politician !!


I properly sued for peace because that was the most sensible choice.