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Donna: I am ‘forgotten’ Catalan ‘converso’ from ‘Franco era’ now first in ‘queue’ for ‘transferable rights’ of a) EU passport b) Thatcher’s ‘rebate’ for my global aid program and c) 100% autonomous Golan safe haven (26.10.2018)


The true Catalan story of myself and by extension my little sister, because I was ‘grabbed’ by the intelligence services as a child, originates with Cathar Sephardi Catholic ‘conversos’ living autonomously within the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is the natural human state, and the Popes and vassal Plantagenet et al’s ‘immaculate concept’ of building a ‘succession’ of empires for themselves.





In Parliament Square, Central London, I started as a responsible adult woman by literally suing for peace, with my unprecedented mother of all civil jury lawsuits about the empires of ‘excuses’.


The only reason the UK et al would not lawfully settle with me is because I am a female Catalan ‘converso’.


Date: 26 October 2018 12:50:59 CEST

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

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I would like to ‘convert’ my High Court Order from 16 April 2008 into a sustainable peace dividend that benefits everyone.


1. I collect ‘the Popes’ (free) EU passport for me (with it’s ‘waiver’/‘diplomatic’ immunity to avoid others ‘blushes’ .


All the EU/ECHR ‘member states’ are legally liable for the ‘transferable right’ of a civil jury (which couldn’t be changed through exile etc) and providing me with food, water, electricity, medical cover, transport and so on, wherever I choose to live. 


This also helps establish a real ‘right of return’/choices for all Mediterranean Catalans and Jews in the EU and Arab world from the ‘Franco era’ (before, during and after WW2) thus peacefully bringing to a safe conclusion, the ‘Franco era’ of so many centuries really.


N.B The ‘Zimmer frame’ 16 January 2012.


I conclusively proved the entire British ‘Establishment’/Zimmermans and then some were not suing for peace on 16 January 2012 when they acted without my consent and without any due process.


On 2 April 2012, I proved it was and had always been against me personally, because I peacefully lawfully used the government’s own property instead in what became another !! unlawful malicious prosecution against me that inevitably failed. I am the one who was always really being targeted because I am a female Catalan ‘converso’ who has always been illegally denied any and all legal representation, since I was a small child, which a reasonable person would know has always significantly handicapped me.


2. The Catalan Italian peacenik’s ‘bank job’.


I collect Thatcher’s £8 billion p/a ‘rebate’ for the City of London (up to £50 billion) for my White Rose Global Aid fund for All the World’s Children.


This benefits everyone in the EU because the City of London ‘exceptionalism’ has always had an ‘unfair advantage’ that handicaps everyone else everywhere.


The EU et al could not deny/dispute they do have the ability and legal duty to to reclaim the money for me to give to me to lawfully settle my undisputed lawsuit/s.


N.B: Vitol’s £270 billion annual ’turnover’ for example, which they did not ‘need’ and nor did they ‘need’ to intentionally cause me harm, was made entirely by ‘insider trading’/‘sidestepping’ my High Court Order from 16 April 2008 etc etc etc.


I would collaborate with governments (who are not my most favourite people) over my global aid program because the more money I can raise for all the world’s children the more genuine aid work that can be done.


3. I have my 100% autonomous private residence in an autonomous region outside the UK in the EU, which could be registered in the ‘ungoverned’ Golan, and my 100% autonomous safe haven in the Golan (EU too) which is the headquarters for my public global aid program for all the world’s children, along with it’s accompanying sustainable autonomous community founded on the ‘gold standard’ of a functioning legal system (within the facade of the ECJ and ECHR) This would deliver a real peace dividend for everyone, including to attract substantial financial investment (incl. from people in the City of London) that helps all Jewish people in Israel too.




In the EU:


I can help establish ‘transferable rights’ in EU so friends and families within the EU can stay in contact and not be separated, while maintaining their own independence and according to their different needs.


I would (for example) renovate my own private residence with mobility/disabled access for myself (in the future) and anyone else, by converting my current kitchen and bathroom facilities into an area that could be separated if/as necessary that I would call ‘The Laundrette’ (replacing a fridge and freezer with washing machine and drier with a small fridge in cupboard space above) and adding a bedroom/TV room (I really don’t like TV) attached to the bathroom facilities, with decking outside.


I could then rent out ’The Laundrette’ for a peppercorn rent so I also had help if/when I needed and vice-versa, but everyone would maintain their own independence and extend existing rights (incl. from other countries within the EU)


I would add a new room for a kitchen (and WC) on flat ground too, at the other end of my cottage, along with further along, drive-in garaging (with space for electro-cycles which are good for extending mobility too) and a multi-purpose room, all on flat ground too. I would also widen inside stairs and an inside doorway for disabled use and ensuite facilities could be added upstairs too.


I would build the garaging and multi-purpose room first so I could camp out in the multi-purpose room as necessary while renovations were being done. Some people prefer to rent and some people prefer to buy properties for all sorts of reasons, which shouldn’t mean they are separated. There’s also new local flats for rent with disabled access too.


The renovations would maintain the character of my cottage and the surrounding area that I like (people from other EU countries move here because it is autonomous and people also like different levels of autonomy too) so I didn’t need to move as I got older, but could still visit and travel elsewhere to enjoy my own culture too.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!