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Donna: I am ‘forgotten’ female Catalan Mediterranean ‘converso’ from oil economy ‘Franco era’ now first in queue for EU (Golan) passport that establishes ‘right of return’ safe havens in European and Arab world (20.10.2018)


I would like to ‘convert’ my High Court Order from 16 April 2008 (the ‘historic habeas corpus international ‘custody’ dispute) into peace for everyone.



... the family... the sisters and the brothers and the daughters and the sons and the mothers and the fathers...


Sent by email on 20 October 2018 @15:57:14 CEST:


Pope Ratzinger and Cardinal Pell et al ‘forgot’ to declare their ‘conflict of interest’ when my Mother of all civil jury lawsuits landed on their desk on Mothers Day 26 March 2006 (the Pope and Nazis Ardentines) when I was 44 years old.


(refer for example email 29 October 2011 15:34:04 +1100)


God made a beautiful naturally autonomous world, with an abundance of spaces and resources for everyone


The Popes, who don’t do civilian courts, which is why I have never had an entourage of lawyers, since I was a child, plead ’no contest’ because a reasonable person knows no adult has superior ‘rights’ over and above any defenceless child.


The Catalonia Mediterranean Pyrenees is my own Jerusalem because Catalan Cathar Sephardi Catholic ‘converso’ reformist women living autonomously within the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is the natural human state, rose up and said no to the Popes and their ’Simon (de Montfort) says’ Albigensian Crusade and the Caliphates spinning all sorts of legislative ‘Enabling Acts’/‘immunities’ for themselves.


The independent women of the Pyrenees, who have equal rights with men.


The Pope and Co’s ‘populism’ has spent many centuries ‘persecuting’ Sephardi women in particular and all women in general, while building their empires for their own personal financial interests. The Albigensian ‘Crusade’ led to the War of the Sicilian Vespers, expulsions, inquisitions, culminating in the Holocaust during the ‘Franco era’ (before, during and after WW2) so governments have always known what was going on.


The Popes Franco conducted a military coup on 17 July 1936 to launch his war against Catalans on 19 July 1936, which was when World War Two really began. The British later withdrew from Dunkirk themselves !! (everyone knew Hitler didn’t have an invasion force) while stopping Jews evacuating to Palestine, and everyone ‘appeased’ Franco (ie: the Pope) before, during and after WW2 (the Soviets just took money etc from Catalans who weren’t ‘communist’) When Churchill then refused to liberate Catalans at the end of WW2 and instead ‘declared’ the ‘Cold War’ so the Popes praetorian (President) ‘Truman show’ could grandstand with the Soviets over Nato, to ‘contain’ the Eastern European ‘diaspora’ everyone still ignored what Franco was doing in Europe. The British Germanic Ashkenazis were handed the keys to Jerusalem presumably on the understanding they maintained the ‘immaculate concept’ of excluding Sephardi women from ‘influence’ in public life. There had noticeably never officially been a female Sephardi Queen, President, PM, Mayor of London or top cop etc anywhere. And no-one questioned what the colonial half-way house of Australia was doing. There is not really much ‘difference’ between most Italians and Sephardi Jews.


I am the female Catalan ‘converso’ who was ‘grabbed’ as a child and always held prisoner by the highest echelons of the Popes ‘conclave’ of British and Australian etc intelligence services ‘five eyes’ who completely changed my identity and denied me any legal representation to try and make it impossible for me to ever find my own family and way home etc etc.


There may be some differences between intelligence services, but most governments were part of the ‘Franco era’.


The original ‘switch’ saw me trafficked between the Catholic and Anglican churches so there was no trace of Catalan, Italian, Sephardi or Catholic culture in my life at all, which then included Limonchik and Czechpoint Charlie living next door.


I was so traumatised by everything that happened to me as a small child when there was no ‘Summer of Love’ in 1967-68 when a lot did happen, with the Vietnam War in the background, that the first words I ever really spoke of my own when I was ten years old were “I want to go home”.


There was no legal reason/impediment to stop my going home to my family at any time, because the intelligence services had only always lied about absolutely everything, which continued during the ‘class of 75’ and a different Marshall plan (Mildura, Mt Isa and all that)


Melbourne was a horror movie that then exiled me to avoid me becoming an independent female teenage ‘property developer’ with the money from the property at Yeramba and substantial surrounding landholdings, that all belonged to me really. The property and money was ‘siphoned’ off by the government to the intelligence services instead. I had always refused to join the intelligence services, which was only an extremely underhand way of adults trying to get a ‘waiver’ over not respecting my rights as a child !! or treating me as an equal when I was an adult.


I had not been interested in going into property development for someone else, like John from the Maltese Mt. Macedon Alfred Brookes job lot or Kim the twin with inner city regeneration which was very close to members of my own family.


No-one wanted me to be an independent woman who was equal to the adults, including men around me. So the Fremantles then pressured me to join Thatchers Falklands War, which I wasn’t having either.


They obviously all knew no-one ever had any ‘immunity’ among so many layers of serious undeclared ‘conflicts (of their own financial self) interest as adults who took advantage of a child who they did not ever want to be independent from them, and who they did not in any way respect as an adult, because they maintained the lies.


I have never had so many of the choices and opportunities like Article 8 Right to a Private family life that most people take for granted.


In New Zealand, the Russian ‘re-location service’ was dispatched with a Russian former ‘Cold War’ ambassador getting himself an invite to my home, by extension in a different Central Asian steppes oil ‘saga’ that was nothing to do with me, but saw me return by extension to the UK. A lawyer in NZ who had approached me and merely mentioned in passing if I ever heeded help I should ask was scapegoated in the centre of a contrived ’scandal’. Then there was the terror of the R v Osip ‘era’.


The colonial Fremantle intelligence services in Australia who were obviously central to so much, went to the UK after I met my little sister, to stash the silver kettle they never offered me, in Kent.


My little sister who (I was raised separately from) who was born on 4 September Vespers, sadly died when she was 36 years and six days old, because we never had a safe haven. 


It really wasn’t at all surprising that I did genuinely stand in Parliament Square, Central London to try and stop terror.


I had always lived on the front line of a very dirty war over the ‘Franco era’ that might have officially ended in 1975, but hadn’t really.


It was a strange ‘juxtaposition’ in Parliament Square, Central London, what with the Papal Knight Murdoch having built his own global media empire out of being the Pope’s ‘reputational manager’ since 1975, while the former Director General of ASIO Barnett who posed as my godfather had ‘leaked’ his own identity in the 1980’s to collect the brown envelope by refusing to give me back my identity, which would have helped release me so many years ago. There were so many opportunities for the adults to do the right thing. It was unconscionable what went on. The adults all horse-traded to further their own careers, rather than protect children.


In the UK, the entire British Establishment then spun the CX 674 “unlimited budget” (19 July 2007, 19 July 2009 and 19 July 2011) to try and stop my Mother of all civil jury lawsuits from Mother’s day 26 March 2006 (the Pope and Nazis Ardentines). This was after their original malicious White Rose prosecution on 22 February 2006 and before Easter Sunday 16 April 2006 and my ‘Easter Uprising’ with Peace, Love and Justice For All. and so on and so forth. Westminster invented everything as they went along incl. 23 May 2006 (the Popes Ancona) when they tried to claim they used ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) along with S (3) 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 that had never been used in such a manner before, incl. on Mothers Day 26 March 2006, when they did not even mention it, before ‘Lord’ Blair the top cop ‘leaked’ my name (I have never been a ‘public figure’) to collect his brown envelope etc etc etc.


I conclusively proved the entire British Establishment a) could and did repeatedly torture etc me in the UK, within the EU and b) use ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ assailants to attack me, whose identities the government would by contrast, refuse to disclose on 17 August 2007 (and 17 August 2011 etc) in legal proceedings, while I was repeatedly illegally denied legal representation (which involved the Vitol ‘switch’ in April 2008 which was done without my consent) because of course there was never any due process. Everyone was horse-treding to further their own ‘careers’ in the most perverse manner, because they were covering up a real lawsuit. I do know chapter and verse about illegal ‘sanctions’ on children and I do of course know all about how children feel. I did not become Schrodingers Cat by ‘happenstance’.


Any apology which would be insincere anyway, would be utterly meaningless, after everything that has happened, that no amount of money could compensate, after the genuine sorrow and pain of so many years, I have personally suffered.


So the best I can do is:


a) the EU passport b) Golan safe haven c) while quietly doing a global aid program for all the world’s children.


I would sign a conditional waiver over what has happened to me, after the following was agreed:


(I mention what those involved could afford and should donate, rather than what they might)


1 EU passport.


The EU have the legal duty to provide myself and my family with free EU passports, and to pay any and all of my living expenses I request.


This will help to begin to release me from the revolving doors of Popes, monarchies, republics and politics etc.


The EU cannot deny they do have the ability to ‘reclaim’ any money from the UK through for example Thatcher’s ‘rebate’ to the City of London (which has given them an unfair advantage anyway) which is £8 billion p/a, which I do claim a ‘lien’ over (up to the sum of £50 billion)


I would like a ’Special Edition’ pink EU passport that has the photograph of myself and Brian from April 2008, which is valid for ever. The EU have all the necessary details.


2. Murdoch & Co. Golan


Murdoch and Co can donate their Genie Israel land in the Golan Heights (that I could exchange for other land) and Central Asian steppes, along with the share-holdings in the company to me.


I would then claim this land in the ungoverned space in the Golan Heights with my EU passport, as within the facade of ECJ jurisdiction, (legally it would be no different from Catalonia and Llivia)


I would oversee in an advisory capacity a 100% socially responsible sustainable autonomous safe haven/community. which had it’s own functioning legal system as it’s ‘gold standard’ with all legal proceedings conducted by juries, with free legal representation and published contemporaneous records.


Any and all property I own would then have the 100% autonomous safe haven as my registered address. This would also give me ‘diplomatic’ immunity (to avoid others ‘blushes’) and a ‘humanitarian corridor’ so I could safely travel, wherever I chose.


The EU would trade with me because I am no different to anyone else and they trade with the Popes and their trinkets and Vatican treasure chest.


I would also have established a real ‘right of return’ for Catalans and Jews from the ‘Franco era’ in both the European and Arab world. around the Mediterranean, that was sustainable and gave people real choices.


The 100% autonomous safe haven would contribute a proportionate sum to the EU for the EU Golan passports, the facade of ECJ juriisdiction, and trade deals.


The 100% autonomous safe haven would operate the Plato (Apple and Potato story) so any companies operating within the safe haven (except for the global aid program for all the world’s children) would agree to donate a percentage of their profits to help build free infrastructure within the safe haven that would benefit everyone, because infrastructure is a key lever in lessening inequality. (Profitable companies who didn’t donate a percentage of their profits could always be replaced).


The autonomous safe haven would initially have it’s own governance consisting of a small decision making committee of people randomly chosen from people aged between 25-55 years old who publicly met once a month and delegated decisions to paid administrators (so people had the opportunity to share and learn incl. with other autonomous regions) etc etc because all communities have their own focus and interests.


3. Vitol


Vitol (£270 billion annual ‘turnover’) donate €50 billion euros and 100 profits from oil deals with Libya for the next ten years, to me, via payments in the EU.


This sum would be used to establish:


a) ‘community wealth fund’ for the 100% autonomous community (incl. to guarantee meaningful employment for anyone not employed by another company in the safe haven).


The ideal for the safe haven, which is family focused is that no-one should need paid employment for more than 3 1/2 days per week unless they want and people would choose how much of their own time/money they donate to the global aid program for all the world’s children.


The aid program would have an emphasis on linking Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean again because it was offloaded by the Russia as cheap labour for the EU.


It is self-evident improving children’s lives in Eastern Europe helps improve children’s lives in the rest of the EU, China, and elsewhere too.


b) donate a proportion to help establish the global aid program for all the world’s children the public and governments would also be invited to donate to.


I would sign the initial contracts to build the necessary infrastructure for the safe haven that would be the HQ for the global aid program. This would include housing, solar energy, transport, and telecoms, along with the delivery of food and materials for food production, and free clean water. (It is incomprehensible when governments do not collect enough money from global corporations to as a starting point provide reasonable access to free water for everyone)


4. The Catholic and Anglican churches donate sufficient funds to me for my 100% autonomous safe haven so I can build and staff:


a) a hospital (with alternative medical facilities like medicinal marijuana) so everyone in the 100% autonomous safe haven has comprehensive free medical cover


b) a nursery, primary and secondary schools along with university that is free for all community members to use.


The churches would be welcomed so community members could share informtion and knowledge etc. All religions would be welcomed.


5. UK Media donate €40 million euros to me over ‘leaking’ my name over 26 March 2006, 19 July 2009, 25 May 2010, 16 & 17 January 2012 without my consent.


I was never a ‘public figure’ and I have always had the Article 8 Right to a Private family life since I was a small child.


6. Met Police donate €1 million euros to me over ‘leaking’ my name without my consent etc etc etc


7. Westminster City Council donate €1 million euros to me over ‘leaking’ my name without my consent etc etc etc


8. London City Hall donate €1 million euros to me over ‘leaking’ my name without my consent etc etc etc.


9. HMP Holloway Prison donate €1 million euros to me over illegally imprisoning me twice without any legal representation, without my consent.


10. The ‘Russian re-location service’ transfer ownership of property on what is really the Catalan Rivera to me, along with €4million euros.


(The property helps link all the waiver’s together legally)


11. I will keep my private residence I currently have outside the UK, in an autonomous region in the EU, that will be registered in the EU Golan, when that is my registered address.


(Any trade deals with the autonomous region would have to be done via the Golan autonomous region)


12. The Australian government are legally obliged to financially maintain and develop my current private residence outside Australia and the UK, in an autonomous region in the EU, in agreement with me.


The Australian government can start doing some of what they should have been doing all along which is responsibly helping a woman they failed to help even when I was a small defenceless child all the adults exploited in any end every way possible. When I was in the UK the Australian government covered up so much, for no legal reason.


I am in a very many ways happy where I live, although it is not my own culture, which I do need the opportunity to safely explore, because I have always been denied my own culture, which has always been very difficult. I would obviously like to contribute to the autonomous region where I currently live.


I will make a small plaque for the remaining ’parkland’ in Australia that will say:  “the family: the sisters and the brothers and the daughters and the sons and the mothers and the fathers”


13. U.S companies donate €4 million euros that I would use to possibly establish aid offices in Catalonia, Sicily, Jerusalem and Tripoli (alternatetively money could be used from the Genie Israel donation)


14. Nato would be responsible for cleaning munitions from the Golan and no-one would use D.U.M in the Golan or use the airspace over the 100% autonomous safe haven without my permission.





Neil and Steve could deliver the necessary agreements to me with the accompanying cheques or alternatively the EU could send everything to me by registered post by yesterday (they have the necessary details and there are no excuses) with any relevant contact details, after which I can be trusted to arrange and sign the conditional waiver. 



This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)






































27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!