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Donna: The Cathar, Sephardi, Catholic converso Dan ‘clan’ female line from the Pyrenees to Persia that was lost for so many centuries was once again found by my mother and father (14.09.2018)




... the family... the sisters and the brothers and the daughters and the sons and the mothers and the fathers..





My mother and father came from ‘opposite’ sides of the same Dan ‘clan’ that was ‘separated’ by the ‘Crusades’ etc.


(I guess many people are Dans really, even if they don’t always know it)


So the female line that was lost for so many centuries, was once again found by my mother and father.


Every woman should be able to love just being a woman and all that means.


(I don’t personally agree with men anywhere telling women what for example they should and shouldn’t wear and so on, because before you know it they will be telling women what we can and cannot say !!)


A Catalan Italian woman (Cathar, Sephardi or Catholic) would not ‘traditionally’ mix with the likes of Phil the Greek and his Duke of Edinburgh Akrotiri job lot like Murdoch, the Two Blairs, Brown, Cameron and Vitol Taylor, Duncan and Browne et al for the obvious reasons.


You only have to look at what they do in the UK !


It’s certainly not the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


It is pretty straightforward that I don’t support any EU President etc, who doesn’t lawfully settle my lawsuits. I have ‘proved’ everything I should never have needed to ‘prove’.


There is no politician, general or ‘CEO’ of any ‘global corporation’ who has publicly done what I have as a woman done, that anyone ‘could’ have done, but I did do.


I doubt there is any greater ‘punishment’ those who did what they did to me could face, than they ‘lost’ to “a girl” who didn’t even have a lawyer, but did really say no.


On a personal level there is no ‘victory’ for me per se because of everything that has happened.


It all started when the Cathars went to London and Oxford and were expelled.


I remember it was a year after Channel Four, when Brian and I walked to the Oxford Union before I walked out and did not dignify the ‘debate’ when a participant said at least there were fair trials in the UK, when what was actually going on was ’global corporations’ trying to ‘avoid’ civil jury lawsuits.


That was shortly before I got the High Court Order in April 2008 when I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial when the government were also trying to hide they had “put soldiers on the streets” on the mainland UK.


I was attacked by police on 31 January 2007 when I was leaving Parliament Square and didn’t even have any banner, before being kidnapped from court during live proceedings to stop me giving evidence, in the malicious prosecution I won.


The entire ‘Establishment’ covered up I was attacked by their “unknown” assailant on 17 August 2007 when I wasn’t even in Parliament Square and didn’t have any banner and didn’t look any different from anyone else.


It was on 11 April 2009 when I was unlawfully arrested for having a loudspeaker that I was mugged again at knifepoint right outside the police station. They weren’t co-incidences but the police and military did change numbers like 674 and 666 and so on, rather like the Supreme Court relocated and changed the street names to try and say Parliament Square was their address too.


The turning point Catalans can remember is when people in Spain stood up in their unprecedented millions in 2004 to oppose terror in all it’s forms.


I love Spanish people with all my heart because they were united in standing up to terror after Franco etc.


They made a difference.


I remember the British MP Lembit Opik was not a friend of Israel at all, but instead just another politician making money from the City of London when he had me unlawfully arrested on 14 January 2009 when “the soldiers were on the streets” like they were on 14 January 2010 too.


A socially responsible company can invest in sustainable infrastructure that is free for the public to use, because that lessens the inequality gap.


I don’t know the ‘conversion’ rate for the Euro/shekel etc, but I do know the Mediterranean can be united in peace.


I am a Golan girl.


This statement is true.


Donna (aka Babs Tucker)

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!