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Donna: I am 'notifying' I am claiming sustainable 'care package' incl. EU citizenship and 'rebate' from UK (05.09.2018)


Plato highlighted the tyranny of (state sponsored) violence by observing the richest person did not need to be more than four times wealthier than the poorest person, because the richest people who accumulate the most wealth are traditionally men using violence etc against women (i.e: the Albigensian ‘crusade’ that led to the War of the Sicilian Vespers and Spanish Inquisition and Holocaust)


It was politicians reckless use of ‘technology’ that dramatically increased civilian casualty rates in Europe from 5% in the first World War to 50% in World War Two.






5th September 2018


Dear Mr xxxk,


Article 8: Right to a (private) family life.


This is to ‘notify’ you that I am claiming my sustainable ‘care package’ incl. EU citizenship (with an EU passport in pink, please) and my ‘rebate’ from the UK.





I am putting myself and my family first with a win-win that benefits everyone, answering the Catalan ‘question’ too, because our cultural heritage is living autonomously within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


I am first and foremost a mum and I have five years of receipts from outside the UK in the EU.





People should have the choice of national and/or EU citizenship/passports because not everyone is the same. Some people like myself really don’t want to be involved in/‘caught between’ politics. bureaucracy, global corporations etc.


The ‘deal’ is ‘public figures’ don’t ‘leak’ to spin a trial by ‘news’ media about me and I won’t ‘leak’ in a court etc.


My generous ‘care package’ will need to include a mobile phone with solar charger so my family will always be able to contact me and vice-versa because I live alone etc.


My EU citizenship and EU passport will stop the UK and Australian ‘govts’ arguing over my supposed ‘dual nationality’ etc, which will become an irrelevance to me. If other governments then wished to offer me nationality etc, that is their business, but I don’t do ‘bureaucracy’ etc.


There is a mountain in the Pyrenees with our surname and and there is a rose in the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, 35 miles from someone’s ‘border’.


My family can give me any advice I need.


I would like to retain the services of G at A to provide continuity (and because I have other business I would like them to organize)


I will of course forward passport photos to your office in due course.





(No-one disputes ‘Lord’ Blair (a ‘public figure’) et all illegally ‘leaked’ my name to the BBC et al, because of course I was the only one with a formal complaint I made to an Inspector Lyons, who has never produced a signed and dated witness statement anywhere, ever. So no-one has any ‘recognised defence in law’ to anything at the ECJ etc) All they did was the diversion of a trial by ‘news’ media etc)


Therefore TM, the PM & Co need to write out a cheque for the sum of 37 million euros made out to me and put it in the post to me without further ‘excuses’.


I won’t then be signing any cheques/payments without a co-signature from a family member.


This statement is true.


Donna (aka Babs Tucker)






The fundamental problem ordinary people in the EU face (where 1 in 4 people live below the poverty line) is that ‘politics’ et al do not encourage people to be united in addressing global corporations, which are becoming another layer of ‘governance’ etc.


It is obviously global corporations who increase their profits through multiplication and division because they don’t want to leave anywhere, because they can easily be replaced by more socially responsible companies etc.


People should be able to make their own choice over European Union citizenship because that citizenship is one meaningful way of belonging to diverse cultures which can only help and encourage people to naturally invest in and care for one another, rather than global corporations, within the EU.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!