Donna.IT (HQ12X02745): Murdoch (aka Papal Knight) legally obliged to lawfully settle lawsuit with exiled pipsqueak peacenik, Donna (aka Babs) before any ‘Sky’ deals etc will get any approval (08.06.2018)





... the fmr Met police commissioner 'Lord' Blair' knew he was publicly lying on the BBC about my unlawful arrest, because he knew, the only complaint that remained (which was a civil jury lawsuit) was against him...



I walked towards and into danger in Parliament Square, Central London, to stop terror and save defenceless civilian lives, for the benefit of everyone.




... on 19 july 2011 the murdochs et al were trying to cover up 19 july 2007 and 19 july 2009...



The government and Murdoch et al have no plausible deniability of any kind.




On 17 August 2007 (when the government were running an undercover operation) I only had a moment to instinctively react, putting myself between a male undercover assailant whose identity the government hid, and a fellow female peace campaigner, with my unavoidably taking the full brunt of a violent and vicious attack, when I was punched in the head.


The best I could do to try and defend my fellow peace campaigner, when I realised what was starting to happen/about to happen, was to try and deflect his attack as best I could, so although I dived in front of him turning my head so he couldn't break my nose etc, I didn't have the time and wasn't strong enough to actually stop the truly violent blow to my head.  


He then ran away !! pursued by Steve and Gary, while a member of the public tried to trip him up (it was a summers evening so there were many members of the public who were witnesses) as he ran straight into the waiting arms of Palace of Westminster Police, who along with 'Lord' Blair et al tried all sorts to try and cover up everything. 









Donna.IT: Popes, Royals, Presidents and Prime Ministers can’t 'pardon' Murdoch; only pipsqueak peacenik Donna can do that. (08.06.2018)