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Donna.IT:  Westminster ‘spy cops’… inquiry with entourage of lawyers for the cameras is obviously a complete whitewash because legal impossibility to explain why exiled peacenik with… civil jury lawsuit has no legal representation etc etc (04.06.2018)




The MET Commissioner started with a lie that just grew and grew into a massive spy-cops and MI5 undercover operation where the bullying is still continuing, because they refuse to lawfully settle a very serious real civil jury lawsuit.




... this is when the police chief should have stopped lying (and was found out lying)... before literally... thousands of bullying police covered up for him violently attacking defenceless peaceniks...



What happened in the UK was only able to happen because the UK ignore EU law when it comes to defenceless... civilians whistle-blowing.


The ‘ruling class’ in Westminster have an indefensible attitude towards defenceless civilians.


They completely ignore EU law on whistle-blowing from defenceless... civilians.


There were no safeguards in place to protect me from the inequality of arms that exists when you are being bullied etc by the most senior police officer in the UK.


There is not just one but two governments trying to illegally stop a civil jury lawsuit that started with the coppers lie.


There were more than just undercover cops.


The spin for the cameras is just politicians and police selling their propaganda rather than the real civil jury lawsuit they are trying to illegally stop from someone really affected:



... javid and khan covering up the likes of livingstone, who was running a seriously violent undercover operation now dishonestly portray themselves as victims of spycops...



Politicians obviously always try to narrowly define what they would like campaigning to be to suit themselves. 


There's nothing remotely professional about Javid whose sole interest is getting elected, not upholding the rule of law.


It is absolutely unlawful that the government try and hijack and destroy your life with undercovers.


The 'inquiry' is all about continuing the cover up by providing cover for undercovers and politicians like Livingstone who have been doing the spying, posing as the ones who have been spied on, because what they do has not changed or stopped. 


Many people know the British police are institutionally corrupt:



... the nca... another one who got her promotion by covering up for 'lord' blair... if they were remotely professional, which they are not, they wouldn't just be "following orders" from politicians to attack peaceniks...



In the real world they run seriously violent undercover operations against... peaceniks, for the sole purpose of trying to avoid a civil jury lawsuit.


The 'police' are people who steal your campaign property and stash it in the Museum of London to stop you using it while they re-write history !!


The con-artist Wallinger made his name and vast sums of money out of spreading disinformation to try and hide Mothers Day 26 March 2006.


It was Murdoch's lot at the Sun who had come sniffing around to find out if we could identify (which we did) an undercover from the NCA who was busted attacking us, just days before the massive 'Democracy Village' undercover operation began on 1 May 2010 under the cover of an election. The NCA guy was clearly wired, so 'police' suddenly turned up and pretended to arrest him for 'impersonating a police officer' (when he was a police officer) rather than arresting him for attacking us.


Most people know the media and undercovers work hand in glove:



... the police liars didn't like us being really open about what was going on that included the police and bbc illegally editing and publishing audio on 25 may 2010 to hide the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest was an undercover agent they refused to identify before i was illegally stopped from giving evidence in the high court on 21 june 2010...



It's not a co-incidence that the very same entourage of lawyers in the staged spy-cops inquiry like Bindmans and Birnberg Pierce are exactly the same corrupt lawyers who were falling all over themselves trying to stop me giving evidence on 21 June 2010 in the High Court. It was Doughty and Birnberg Pierce who refused to represent me... because I blew the whistle on undercovers in the High Court on 21 June 2010, when they knew even police video showed my unlawful arrest involving an undercover agent on 25 May 2010.  They were absolutely complicit in what happened. 


It would be self evident to anyone that no-one could pretend anyone 'reasonably believed' they were acting in the execution of any duty here that could only be called "institutionally corrupt":




... this beggared belief: ... the politicians and police are so arrogant they don't want to explain how mothers day 26 march 2006 grew to become this... in broad daylight in the uk on 10 april 2013...



The arrogance is so widespread, the cover up continues.


The person impersonating a police officer who politicians and police refuse to identify is what Referendum Britain is today which points the finger at anyone and anywhere else but Westminster.


The Police Federation are horrendously corrupt because they are a union who were like all the other unions made exempt from what I proved was the fraudulent legislation violently used against us that 'Lord' Blair lied about from 26 March 2006... onwards:



... the chair of the police federation is knowingly lying... because the police federation did know what was going on and covered up too (the undercover operations... did not end in 2008)...



The person impersonating a police officer wearing the fake numbers 666 was "in uniform" but could be anyone.



... the cops who are institutionally corrupt never liked free speech... they illegally stashed their 2011 etc theft (an intention to permanently deprive) in the 'museum of london' so we can't use it while the liars try and 're-write' history...



The hypocrisy of the Police Federation (who did have big demonstrations themselves) is and was staggering because they were exempted from the legislation I forced the repeal of, police very violently used against us because the legislation was all about the censorship of defenceless civilians.


There are a very many 'police' who have personally profited covering up for 'Lord' Blair.


There's a connection between being illegally denied... legal representation and being forced into... exile.


The truth of what really happened in the dirty war in Parliament Square, Central London is a massive scandal.


There’s no such thing as 'free speech' for defenceless civilians in the UK, that’s for sure because the 'official' narrative is a closed shop/echo chamber devoted to maintaining their lucrative status quo for the selfish old males club.


The British government really are just the most horrendous bullies etc and the police are just a force not a service, with them all still trying to cause the most serious harm. 



... gary asked the original question back in 2007...





Donna.IT (HQ12X02745): I am a whistleblower within EU law against ‘Lord’ Blair (fmr Commissioner of MET Police) and am legally entitled to a ‘case management hearing’ in my errr… own civil jury lawsuit along with legal representation (04.06.2018)


Donna.IT (HQ12X02745): Remember Brian: PM Blair resigned & ‘Lord’ Blair legally obliged to resign from public office in House of Lords over ’conflict of interest’ in torture lawsuit (02.06.2018)








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!