Donna.IT: Palestinian people could build state from West Bank and Gaza like Catalonia, which has enclave (Llivia) in France; priority is to peacefully unite Mediterranean (03.06.2018)



The Palestinian people desperately need a leadership that can make a peace deal because the example of Catalonia which is mostly in what is now called Spain but still has a small enclave called Llivia in what is now called France proves some kind of peace deal is achievable.




...the pope and his royal disciples of all religions around the mediterranean in europe and the middle east have caused a lot of problems worshipping their false idol called immunity for themselves...



What is more important is to unite all of the Middle East for all civilians because a union like the European Union for civilians is possible.


The most important administrative part of the European Union is the legal system which needs strengthening which is the same for the Middle East.


It isn’t the case that religions are an excuse to not work towards one universal legal system because it is obviously unacceptable that any Popes or his royal disciples of various religions in Europe or the Arab world around the Mediterranean have immunity themselves because that just undermines the rule of law for defenceless civilians.


It is possible to peacefully unite the European and Arab Mediterranean.