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Donna.IT: Italian PM attends 2 June 1946 anniversary of Republic, while Spain installs new PM and people question whether either will challenge or repeal unfair and unnecessary ‘Lord’ Mervyn King’s Group of Thirty ECB ‘austerity policies’ (02.06.2018)



The Popes originally invented royal disciples to run vassal states for them before horrifically waging the Genocidal Albigensian crusade against a Christian region in the Languedoc because Rome did not want to reform.



.. ’gilligan’s island’ ?… the professor from board of trustees @ ‘new jersey’ american school in rome… 



The massacres at Beziers on 22 July 1209 and Marmande in 12019 were against all men, women and children including the Popes own Catholics.  The Papal genocide against defenceless civilians continued at Sirmione on Lago di Garda and Verona in Italy.


The Avignon Papacy which resulted from the genocidal Albigensian crusade led to the royal battle between France and Italy for control of the Papacy.



... it seems very odd that king and carney weren't criticised in their public roles in the eu too...



It wasn’t until 2 June 1946 after the Holocaust of WW2 that Italian people voted for a republic rather than the revolving doors of the Papal royal vassal states.


Of course the misogynist Popes have obviously always found it jolly useful to blame women for the world's woes. 



... king has failed to declare his membership of the group of thirty in lords register of interests...



The 'influence' of the Papacy obviously still continues because it is very noticeable there has never been a female Sephardi PM anywhere around the Mediterranean (or in the UK or far from Commonwealth) since canon 69 against Sephardi in the infamous Lateran Council IV on 14 December 1215 that incredibly sought to retrospectively justify and continue the genocidal Albigensian crusade that was taking place then. 



... 'lord' king in the ghastly house of lords... 



Many Ashkenazi politicians these days seem to have far more in common with 'conservative' Catholics than Mediterranean Sephardi who can be more Cathar reformist inclined.  


The recently contrived WTO trade war between the US and EU highlights the importance of the Maastricht Treaty for the return of greater freedoms to defenceless civilians, beyond the posturing of transnational corporations. 






The privately run Washington based Group of Thirty raise a lot of questions about their purpose in this day and age because obviously no credible institution would invite the disgraced ’Lord’ Mervyn King, who was with the US, one of the engineers of the financial crash, to be a member.




He has oddly failed to declare his by invitation only membership of the Group of Thirty (which is a controversial group, because it does not explain the process by which people in public roles become members) in his register of members interests in the House of Lords. (There is arguably a proven conflict of interest when a public official refuses to explain who appointed them a member of a private club because of their public role)





It is commonly accepted now that the ECB and government’s ‘austerity policies’ were unnecessarily severe, actually making unemployment worse.



... the financial crises without exception always prove that economists are not the experts they claim to be, or at least not when it comes to safeguarding public money...



The sudden enlargement of the EU during the Blair years was obviously part of trying to force wages down that continued under Brown et al with the financial crisis, which was just another opportunity for the British 'ruling classes' to abuse people.


Did the Westminster 'ruling class' really have nothing better to do than call a referendum pretending the same old colonial politicians who wage war and engineer financial crises, are suddenly 'populists' who care what some English people  (ie: not those living outside the UK in the EU) might want ? It's obviously only the mob rule of politicians not any kind of democracy that claims people have to endlessly vote in the revolving door of politics to keep their freedoms and rights.



The Westminster 'ruling class' are not at all 'populist' but just plain selfish and rotten to the core:



... from the failed Chairman of the BOE who engineered the financial crisis in the UK... typical of the responsibility free selfish old males club in westminster who have no interest in defenceless civilians... freedoms and rights... 



The appointment of some of the Ministers in the Italian government are not 'populists' with the Foreign Minister 

Enzo Moavero Milanesi being an old time European Union apparatchik. 




Would politicians in Italy and Spain (for example) cut back on their contributions to NATO to help fund and reverse their austerity policies like the Fornero law in Italy and consider real federalism in Spain or will politicians just keep putting whatever the never changing Westminster et al wants first instead ?




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!