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Donna.IT: HQ12X02745 (Torture lawsuit): FAO Australian Ambassador and Head of ICO re email illegally sent via High Court email address by an unidentified person (01.06.2018)




The 'big tough' bullies in the British government are not at all squeamish about using torture etc on a defenceless female peacenik in the UK, but they sure are terribly precious when it comes to fronting up before a High Court... jury to explain themselves.




... the witness... there is nothing but intimidation from the government in their attempting to cover up their use of torture...



Their latest old cobblers is an.... ummm unidentified person (Mr/Ms No name) illegally used High Court email services to falsely claim I alone suddenly have to "apply" (and they are trying to make me pay money for their "application") to have a simple case management hearing, with the unidentified person taking it upon themselves to claim a failure to do that also suddenly justifies administrative court staff (not a Master or Judge) destroying all the case files in a torture lawsuit !! which would obviously be seriously illegal for anyone to do anyway. 


What is supposed to happen is a Master agrees a "case management" hearing with the Claimant and the Defendant. 


It is obviously unlawful for any public official to try and obstruct the administration of justice with any/an endless array of 'procedural' obstacles. 


I am -notifying- not "applying" to the court. 


There is no doubt whatsoever the British government intentionally use torture etc on peaceniks in the UK. It has never been disputed they were always trying to 'at best' exile me, all because the (fmr) Commissioner of the MET Police 'Lord' Blair is a liar.


The absolutely appalling attitude of disrespectful public officials makes it so clear why there is no refoulement


I did think the only case management hearing the court ever had on o6 December 2012 was very odd, because it is self evident the first thing a civil jury is going to ask is why wasn't the torture investigated because it is a matter of fact a formal complaint was immediately made to police on 6 August 2006 the first time torture was used on 5 August 2006. 


This is not a case that both the Australian and British governments have not known about for a very long time. 


All supposed 'dual nationality' has really highlighted is twice the trouble from twice as many bullying and reckless politicians, whose arbitrary whims are legally speaking irrelevant.


It is true that British MET 'police' are exceptionally corrupt, because they run 'training' courses for foreign police forces in the use of torture 


The use of torture in the UK wasn't going on without the knowledge of politicians because the likes of PM Blair have been brazenly going around touting his own 'private business' in 'reputational management' over torture. 


The lie is that the British 'police' are not central in the torture trade. 






An unidentified administrative bod who has no legal authority:


... it's obviously a load of old cobblers i need to make an application (and pay) for a... case management hearing... 


It is disgusting the excuses and 'procedural' abuses invented including by sooooo many -unidentified- people over the years:



...illegally sent by err... no name...


It would be absolutely ridiculous that... anyone could file... any High Court civil jury lawsuit and not even get one case management hearing included in the cost of filing (the one case management hearing there was on 6 December 2012 which was convened by the High Court, was to find out if I wanted a civil jury which I confirmed I did and was agreed which obviously could have all been done by email too) 


It's not news that most people know Westminster is obviously incredibly corrupt.




Donna.IT (HQ12X02745) Formal complaint to Australian Ambassador over failure to fulfil legal obligation to provide legal representation to remedy British government EU data breaches and lawfully settle lawsuit (01.06.2018)



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!