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Donna.IT: Commissioner of Met Police publicly breached EU data protection Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 then tried to cover up with 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ while High Court are breaching EU data protection etc ‘delaying’ my High Court Order to settle lawsuit (31.05.2018) 



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"There is a self evident massive problem with data protection in the UK (and Australia).


It is a proven matter of fact, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police publicly breached data protection on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 by ordering my unlawful arrest so he could publicly lie about me on the BBC because he knew it was a matter of fact the only complaint was actually against him. 


In historical terms it was an extraordinarily calculated racist and sexist attack on the cultural heritage of a female friendly Mediterranean matriarchy.


He seriously abused public office to persist with his lie that was proven to be malicious (“void ab initio”) time and again when he lost in court including at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007. 


It is a legal impossibility to change the fact he originally lied on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 and intended to compound the harm by… continuing to lie. 


My 48 unlawful arrests constitute an example of the biggest single EU data breach in the UK in the most massive abuse of all due process that literally involved thousands of people compounding the harm of the original lie, which they all did for their own financial reasons. 


The government have never made any attempt to right the massive wrong.


I have nevertheless won the civil jury lawsuit which the Commissioner does not contest so the High Court are only continuing to breach EU data protection by delaying signing my High Court Order for 39 million euros compensation which also requires all records to be corrected to properly reflect it is the Commissioner ‘Lord’ Blair who lied.  


The government’s original lie was that all people had to do was give them your personal details and they would have to authorise you peacefully campaigning, when in fact the complete opposite proved to be true.


The government only stole personal information for the sole purpose of trying to cause as much serious harm as possible to defenceless civilians.


The British government’s lie was sadly compounded by the Australian government’s own historical lie about my true identity.


The court records from when I was around 1 years old which do not bear any legal scrutiny either show that the government changed my identity when I was an infant to hide my cultural heritage. I have never had the opportunity to right that wrong because my sister who was coming to live with me in the UK died before we could do that together. The court records show I was lied to my whole life. My name Donna is obviously very important to me because that explains who I am and where I came from which is part of my mixed cultural converso heritage. 


The British and Australian governments have both lied with very, very serious consequences for a defenceless civilian. 


I was first terrorised by men with guns when I was only a young girl of five years old so I was powerless to do anything about that. I was so traumatised I could not speak and was too frightened to even go to school etc etc. Later my nephew was executed by a shooter with the gun lobby falsely claiming it was an accident despite the jury convicting the shooter. 


I opposed the lies about the Iraq War like most people did, so it is hardly surprising that when terror came to the UK I walked as a woman and mother into and towards danger in Parliament Square in Central London to try and save defenceless civilian lives for the benefit of everyone.


This did not and does not mean I am a doormat for the patriarchy of politicians et al which is how they have always treated me.


I have always opposed both politicians and terrorists attacking defenceless civilians.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London because I stood up to politicians doing what the discredited intelligence services should have done.


My only experience of politicians is that they treat defenceless civilians ‘citizenship’ as ownership to falsely claim they can do whatever they like, instead of responsibly trying to serve and protect the public. 


It is a deliberate failure of not one but two governments that I have not had legal representation while being violently attacked by the most senior government ‘officials' for being a peacenik for goodness sakes !! 


That failure of legal representation is not good enough because it has compounded and continues to compound the harm that is still being caused. 


The failure of the government to stamp my High Court Order for compensation in the UK obviously compounds the EU data breaches of both the British and Australian governments, which in turn delays my ability to safely move forward and obtain other citizenships which I am lawfully entitled to do. 


In practical terms I am reasonably divorcing myself from British and Australian politicians who have physically and emotionally abused me. I obviously want to safely move on with my life in peace within the legal jurisdiction of the ECHR and ECJ in the European Union, which they are illegally preventing me from doing.


The EU legal system while still only too slowly emerging is more female friendly than the faux ‘populist’ mob mentality of the patriarchal selfish old males club bullying etc primarily women and children who are defenceless civilians.      


It is only possible to build a decent and civilised society where there is the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law. 


Brian was a courageous and honest evangelical Christian very much like Cathars who don’t do the whole churchianity gig either.


The fact I was publicly labelled “Satan’s Jew” by the UK government in October 2011 only highlights I was never welcome in the far from Commonwealth anyway because of my mixed Mediterranean Catalan Cathar and Sephardi converso heritage. In fact my ancestors have lived all around the Mediterranean and through to the Central Asian steppes.


It is straightforward that the High Court do not have any legal grounds to not sign my High Court Order because there has never been anything I have been legally obliged to do other than tell the truth which I have done. It is not lawful for the government to put any obstacles financial or otherwise in the way of my doing that and being compensated.  


It is unlawful to punish and penalise me in any way for the lie the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police publicly told on 26 March 2006 that has caused me very serious harm for twelve years now. 


It is not complicated that the British government have a legal obligation to correct their false information and compensate me according to my High Court Order in HQ12X02745. 


Donna (aka Babs) Tucker"



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!