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Donna.IT: We proved CPS were running vendetta that was “void ab initio” before their “Special Crime Division” were forced to remove libellous hit-piece maliciously published on CPS website smearing my name, that breached the Data Protection Act etc etc (29.05.2018)



The Crown Persecution Service were downright criminal because they always knew the Commissioner was trying to cover up 26 March 2006 with the endless distraction of malicious prosecutions. 


The CPS were caught publishing libellous material on their official CPS website they were forced to remove in what was a serious 'data breach' and then some by them.



... the cps vendetta... page one of a two page hit piece the cps published on their cps website about me they were forced to remove because it was seriously libellous... 



The CPS 'Special Crime' Division baulked at my suggestion of a civil jury lawsuit in the High Court over their libel. 


The incredibly unprofessional CPS tried to turn my very serious formal complaint that included the government using torture into a nasty hit piece against me on their official website which was as unprofessional as it gets because of course they had not investigated and formally responded to a formal complaint.   


Brian and myself later had the unpleasant experience of finding ourselves at what we didn't realise was a government run 'Muslim News Awards' in 2008 at Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane where we weren't even "allowed" to sit together. I found myself in the middle of the room surrounded by tables of revolting senior police officers and CPS prosecutors like the Chief Executive of the CPS and Kauser along with former Asst. Commissioner 'Lord' Paddick who is a very serious crook who bought his way into the House of Lords covering up what was done to me. Ghaffur and Desai who were there and knew what had happened were no better. When you look at their own internecine warfare it gives an inkling of just how much... worse it was for Brian and myself who as defenceless civilians had the whole rotten job lot united against us.





Brian who was luckily seated closer to the exit managed to give a marvellous impromptu speech their security could not shut down because it was impossible for the senior police officers and CPS to be seen arresting us there. It was such a shameful event that was basically an apologia for the Iraq War !! It was disgracefully headlined by Milliband who was Foreign Secretary and had to make a hasty exit before Brian shamed Hazel Blears who had been 'policing Minister' and couldn't scuttle away fast enough. 




The CPS really did conduct a vendetta against us. 


In 2007 we were Number 1 and Number 2 in the costs spent maliciously prosecuting us in Westminster.


The bullying etc by so many public officials was shocking.





Two former CPS lawyers came forward as my witnesses in the 5 August 2006 torture case. It was very well known in Westminster what was going on. They then witnessed my being unlawfully arrested when I left the court on 9 July 2007 after winning that malicious prosecution, only to be tortured all over again. The government did not hide the intimidation etc going on where 9 July 2007 was seriously OTT with the road closed off by police while they just started violently attacking us all while people hung out of the court windows watching. It was really, really horrific what happened which was of course shortly after Blair was forced to resign.   



... milliband...


... blears...



And politicians wonder why they don't have any credibility.




Donna.IT (HQ12X02745): Blair Iraq War Bush Letters 1 April 2006: “Iraq pulls us down”, 22 May 2006 “get the job done” & 20 Dec 2006 “take militias on” chronicle year of his own undoing over unlawful 'arrests' of… peaceniks in UK which forced him to resign (29.05.2018)


Donna.IT: Two Blairs tried to stop Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit to keep… 30,000 violent ‘police’ thugs attacking us incl. malicious ‘Contempt of Court’ prosecution against Brian and myself 26 March 2007 which led to ‘historic’ High Court ‘jurisdiction’ ruling, before I proved 21 June 2010 that legislation was “void ab initio” too !! in Court of Appeal victory (29.05.2018)


Donna.IT: Commissioner MET Police paid Chief Supt Dean Ingledew who was involved 26 March 2006 cover up on 19 May 2006 to go and work at Westminster Council to run massive operation against me from there too that involved incredible abuses of all due process incl. to then try and stop my counter-lawsuit in HQ11X00563 against WCC malicious prosecution 2011 (29.05.2018)



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!