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Donna.IT (HQ12X02745): A Master/Judge a) puts legal grounds in writing by email to the Claimant that will be put before ECHR and ECJ, for not stamping my High Court Order or b) the Defendant pays 36 million euros in compensation to Claimant now (28.05.2018)



There's nothing procedural or substantive that explains the High Court 'delaying' stamping my High Court Order other than an intention on the part of the UK to continue causing harm. 







I have seen and heard nothing but lies and excuses since 26 March 2006.


The High Court has no lawful authority to effectively act on behalf of 'Lord' Blair too.


The court has failed to 'progress' the 'case management' towards the promised civil jury in a timely manner during the past six years !!


It is indicative of the same problems people who are affected by the referendum will face from the government too, because politicians falsely claim they can just ignore anyone's rights to do whatever they want. 


The government think absolutely nothing about using torture against a female peacenik, while doing everything they can to hide it from a civil jury in a lawsuit because there is no denying I have long complained about the use of torture. A lot of people made themselves very, very rich out of illegally using torture etc against me.






"The Claimant reminds the High Court has no legal grounds to not sign/stamp the Claimant’s uncontested High Court Order that the Defendant pay the Claimant the sum of 36 million euros by cheque, paying any and all court costs. 


The legal reality is the Defendant is still continuing to try and cause the Claimant the most serious harm possible.


Of course it is noted the UK do not even take the very serious issue of their using torture against a female peacenik at all seriously. 


The Claimant reminds it is unlawful for the High Court to act on behalf of the Defendant who has always had the benefit of highly paid lawyers in the City of London along with an entourage of 33,000 fellow ‘police’ officers. 


The Defendant ‘Lord’ Blair has always known the incontrovertible evidence is he has always been trying to cover up he personally as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police ordered my unlawful ‘arrest’ on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006.


He did not want this starting point before any High civil court jury, which is why there were a further 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ in the cover up that has followed and continues


He knew a civil court jury in early 2006 would have stopped him violently attacking us, so he has illegally spent vast sums of public money doing everything he and his fellow police officers et al could do, to try and stop that unlawful ‘arrest’ that personally involved him, being heard before a civil jury. 


The Defendant had the motive and opportunity and chose to break the law to cause the Claimant as much serious harm as he possibly could that ultimately forced the Claimant out of the UK into exile in the EU.


The Defendant and the BBC knowingly lied about absolutely everything on 26 March 2006 which is why there was no right of reply for me, because I was released without charge with the only complaint remaining that was formally made, being against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police himself.


It is a matter of fact the actions of the Commissioner of the MET Police and the BBC were obviously unlawful and (for example) breached the DPA


There has obviously been a massive ‘data breach’ that the ICO is legally obliged to remedy with the MPS et al and confirm to the court and myself they have remedied too.


Everything flows from 26 March 2006, which is why the Commissioner has also always maliciously targeted Steve who is a witness too.


It was obvious it was a legal impossibility for the Defendant to deny he knew my details etc and there were no legal grounds to use any force against the Claimant.  


This very serious lawsuit is the example of how the most senior public official in a government agency just recklessly repeatedly bullied and abused a defenceless civilian pipsqueak for no other reason than to try and keep making money for himself. 


The Defendant belatedly maliciously sought to turn my civil jury lawsuit over 26 March 2006 against him into a malicious prosecution against me on 14 September 2006 which was found to be “void ab initio” but not before he had tortured me on 5 August 2006 which he tried to cover up on 4 September 2006 with a further unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution and so on and so forth as the conspiracy exponentially grew. 


The state lies that were told and the state violence that was used to try and invent ever more convoluted unlawful ‘arrests’ and malicious prosecutions have been incredible. 


On 16 January 2012 ‘Lord’ Blair legislated to have my shelter stolen before everyone was trying to again belatedly (and retrospectively I might add) bring a malicious prosecution against me in April 2012 to try and stop my counter-lawsuit on 17 August 2011 in HQ11X00563 too over an undercover operation.


It was on 17 August 2007 that Commissioner Blair and Livingstone et al had run another undercover operation that saw an assailant violently punch me in the head who they then disappeared before belatedly having Acting Inspector Cole unlawfully ‘arrest’ me because I made a formal complaint. 


I won the malicious prosecution brought against Brian and myself in the High Court on 26 May 2010 in the Court of Appeal in July 2010 because on 21st June 2010 I had blown the whistle on the undercover operation being run against Brian and myself that Westminster Council (ie.: Ingledew & Co) incredibly then tried to use … again in another malicious prosecution they brought in HQ11X00563.


The evidence is that on 25 May 2010 Acting Inspector Cole (again) and the BBC (again) illegally edited and published audio to hide the complainant in my unlawful arrest was an undercover agent in their ‘Democracy Village’ who everyone always refused to identify and never appeared in court. The real headline was the government using an undercover agent in governments ‘Democracy Village’ to unlawfully arrest peacenik. 


The minutes of a meeting at New Scotland Yard on 19 May 2006 show the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police had Superintendent Dean Ingledew helping him cover up including when he moved to Westminster Council in HQ11X00563 etc to try and continue the cover up for him there too. 


When the senior police officers at Charing Cross police station were forced to disband after I won in Southwark Crown court on 13 December 2007, in practice they just spread out and continued. 


There has never been such a massive abuse of all due process over so many years, against a defenceless woman in the UK. 


The reckless ‘dynamics’ of the mob mentality of government officials and agencies in Westminster is writ large. 


A Master in the High Court is legally obliged to give reasons in writing for the legal grounds why my High Court Order for 36 million euros in an uncontested civil jury lawsuit over 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ etc has not been stamped by the High Court, with any and all costs awarded against the Defendant.


The High Court obviously has no lawful authority to effectively act on behalf of the Defendant by delaying the lawful settlement of my lawsuit. 


The Defendant has compounded the very serious harm by making the Claimant take him to court, which was of itself an abuse of due process because the Defendant knew he had no recognised defence in law to torture etc to even put before the civil jury it was agreed on 6 December 2012 would take place. 


The Defendant has never ever followed any ‘pre-action protocols’ because he never had any defence to put through any process. 


The Defendant denied the simple fact and has continued to deny the simple fact the Claimant won in Southwark Crown Court over all the lies on 13 December 2007, even after the Claimant produced the court record.  


So there was no pre-action protocol because the Defendant just denied the basic fact I won in court on 13 December 2007 to make me take him to court to try and buy more time to abuse me. 


The Defendant (and the High Court) know they were never going to get far trying to deny the fact I won in court on 13 December 2007, before a civil jury along with trying to explain why torture that was first formally complained about on 6 August 2006 was never even investigated. 


I have managed to do quite well subsisting on the grand total of 750 euros during the past year, which I would not have thought was possible and of course I should never have had to do, so that the 'Lord’ Blair (former) Commissioner of the MET Police and his whole army et al can collect their brown envelopes and pensions covering up what he and they are doing. 


I currently spend 3 euros a week on food (the cost of one weeks rice is 1 euro and 3 tins of tinned tomatoes costs 1 euro 40 with a baguette half a euro) so that I can have a bowl of rice with a couple of tinned tomatoes every day along with a baguette on one day of the week.


I will be possibly be able to last around I month without any food so there is urgency in taking this uncontested lawsuit to the ECHR & ECJ because it is not for the court to contest it etc.


The Defendant has suffered no hardships of any kind but has instead financially benefited from his very considerable and indeed continuing long term deceit. 


The legal reality is the Defendant who belongs to the seriously selfish old males club, is still continuing to try and cause the Claimant the most serious harm possible.  


Donna (aka Babs) Tucker




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!