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Donna.IT (HQ12X02745) : The (fmr) Commissioner of MET Police ‘Lord’ Blair & BBC unlawful ‘data breach’ on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 solves ‘mystery’ of mob mentality of 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ etc of exiled female peacenik in multi-million euro lawsuit (27.05.2018)




The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police literally spent many millions of pounds unlawfully ‘arresting’ etc me 48 times to try and stop a civil jury lawsuit because he is himself legally responsible for my unlawful arrest on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006.





... the commissioner of the metropolitan was caught out publicly lying after sending along his 'entourage' to bully me...




No-one made him 'follow (illegal) orders' which he did for money because he was always being paid a lot of money to lie because no-one could have ever reasonably believed what he was doing was lawful.


It is a matter of fact the Commissioner of the MET Police and the BBC knew when they published their one-sided story on 26 March 2006 that they were as a public official and public broadcaster breaching DPA in any and every way, including by both lying because I was in fact (like Brian) released without charge with the only remaining complaint being against the errr… Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.


The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police was publicly smearing my name on 26 March 2006 knowing he was lying, which is why I was not given any right of reply by the BBC to what they as a state broadcaster published because it was just completely untrue. 


Of course, the article had very serious consequences because it was part of a government campaign targeting me where I was blacklisted, so I lost my job and had to sell my home and so on, all because I just told the truth and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police did not.


Donna.IT: Blair, Murdoch & Ratzinger’s terror years “void ab initio” s132-138 SOCPA 2005 ‘lists’ a reminder Lateran Council IV 1215 led to the Holocaust (25.05.2018)


The police lies were captured on our tapes and video recording.


They knew that a civil jury lawsuit over 26 March 2006 that the Commissioner was... himself legally liable over was going to stop... the entire MET Police force attacking us. 


Every single completely reckless unlawful ‘arrest’ intended to compound and kept on compounding time and time again the very serious harm being caused involving the use of torture and attempted murder as the Commissioner/s sought to illegally stop a civil jury lawsuit.


It really beggars belief the ends they went to invent unlawful ‘arrests’ and increasingly ‘convoluted’ malicious prosecutions to try and cover up the underlying reason which was the Commissioner’s unlawful arrest of me on Mother’s Day 2006 that was a civil jury lawsuit. 


All their lies fell apart on 13 December 2007 when I won the decisive legal victory in Southwark Crown Court that showed all the prosecutions were unlawful which led to Charing Cross Police Station being disbanded from the top down, which in practice meant they spread out and continued because so many police officers and so on were involved by then.


Corbyn who is just a state actor was caught out lying for the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in 2006 at the scene of one of their crimes in Parliament Square before emails on 8 March 2007 that were not disclosed until September 2010 show he was sneaking around behind my back trying to cause serious harm to me.


He was very, very dishonest because of course his union leaders were exempt from legislation we proved they maliciously used against us.


Indeed I was violently punched in the head during an illegal undercover operation on 17 August 2007 when Livingstone et al conspired with the Commissioner of the MET Police to hide the assailant.


It’s a truly shocking yet very straightforward example of how the most senior public officials in government use the ‘dynamics’ of… mob mentality against a defenceless female peacenik.


The Commissioner of the MET Police had no lawful authority to use undercover police and the 'intelligence services' to spy on me etc, because the legal reality is he was always only trying to stop that civil jury lawsuit against him.


There was a deliberate systemic ‘failure’ involving all the central government departments of incredibly selfish old men covering up for an incredibly selfish old man.


The former Commissioner could not go on a witness stand and deny anything that he was himself legally responsible for, with an extraordinary time-line showing him getting other very senior officers to try and cover up for him as the conspiracy obviously exponentially grew.


The original liar was the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who called upon an endless supply of fellow bullies willing to take the brown envelope or promotion to help him try and cover up.


Now he is lurking in the House of Lords still incredibly trying to legislate his own cover up.


We weren’t some distant strangers because of course we were in the centre of Westminster in full public view while he plotted from his ivory tower.


I remember one evening when I was walking back to Parliament Square from a break I noticed a male in a trench coat, behaving strangely, lurking in the shadows by the Abbey and realized it was ‘Lord’ Blair. I just looked him in the eye without saying a word before turning my back on him. I was just thinking what an incredibly selfish old man who really is an uncivilised savage.


His bullying and his cowardice is soooooooo illegal.


It is absolutely extraordinary what happened in Parliament Square because I am a pipsqueak who did the right thing while the most senior 'police' officer in the UK, the so called Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and his whole ‘entourage’ have only ever lined up against me to try and cover up what he did which was in all the circumstances truly appalling.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!