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The Article 50 Enabling Act: British ’Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ state of denial ignores royal, religious & political ‘leaders’ claim Lateran Council IV 1215 ‘immunity’ and canon 69 banning Mediterranean Sephardi from public office; never been a Sephardi PM in UK Commonwealth or Israel (26.05.2018)



The Popes and royals Genocidal Albigensian crusade against Mediterranean Cathars along with Sephardi was because they lived peacefully together in the Languedoc in a more female friendly society with Catholics outside the male dominated excesses of the surrounding Vatican and Caliphate.



... 'the lists'... the british and australian 'intelligence services' were obviously racist in changing my identity as an infant to try and hide my Catalan 'converso' cultural heritage... from me...



I was certainly a 'vision' the warlords in Westminster didn't want to see.



... something of an understatement which has very, very serious consequences... 



I was labelled Satan's Jew by... Westminster's government provocateurs (which I was told was being said online too) while they were really trying to harass me to stop me campaigning against... war:



... when i was labelled satan's jew by westminster provocateurs... because i am obviously a little too mediterranean for their liking (of course sephardi who lived in the middle east were originally called palestinian too)...



The problem in 1215 that continues now, which led to the Holocaust, is those who claim… immunity for themselves, from the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The Papal Knight Murdoch's EU referendum bandwagon is a classic example because it pointedly ignores that all politicians are falling all over each other to falsely claim they own civilians and people only have the rights politicians say they can, while they do claim a very large number... 1 million British nationals in the EU suddenly have no rights at all, regardless of their politics or religion.


The EU referendum which is supported by all politicians seeks to arbitrarily dispossess 1 million British nationals in the EU of any of their previous rights.


Most people know racism etc has always... originated in the 'highest echelons' of the UK 'establishment' in Westminster.


Murdoch & Co's referendum bandwagon which he is using to try and expand his global media empire:



... the papal knight murdoch's referendum bandwagon 'ignores' all politicians falsely claiming 1 million british nationals living in the eu suddenly have no rights at all regardless of their religion... 



The CAA are incredibly cheerleaders for the ruthless Theresa May Murdoch who infamously reprised Stalin et al's "rootless cosmopolitanism" with her "citizens of no-where" as though the British Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 that have never been repealed and the Holocaust never happened !!



... the far from 'commonwealth' has only ever been all about pseudo 'nationalism' ... 



The err... same Theresa May who was at the Home Office on 30 October 2011 with her government provocateurs labelling me Satan's Jew.


Blair's original malicious prosecution against me (under the repealed ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) before he went running to Ratzinger on 22 December 2007 was on 22 February 2006 which was the same date the White Rose peaceniks were executed by Nazi Germany in Munich on 22 February 1943. 


Mr Bernard Henri-Levy's phoney 'philosophy' on the referendum with a patronising manner reminiscent of Tony Benn naturally 'forgets' that any such thing as Catalonia ever existed in France, despite the 'Spanish' enclave of Llivia still being in what is really a wider Catalan area in France. 



... grist on the murdoch wheel... where both sold the whole spin about belhaj "the protester"...



The 'official' narrative is still narrowly defined by 'European' and 'Arabic' discourse ignoring people who are... Mediterranean. 


The federal thalassocracy of Catalan lands around the Mediterranean no longer 'officially' exists, but was in many ways a precursor to and ahead of the EU in genuinely trying to unite, rather than divide people around the ... Mediterranean. 


In practice, any sentient adult can see politicians are at the forefront of and centre stage in very publicly inciting and condoning any and all racial and religious discrimination with their Article 50 Enabling Act which is only trying to punish innocent defenceless civilians for the sins of politicians and their propagandists. 


The 'referendum' is only all about politicians bullying defenceless civilians.


Did politicians really have nothing better to do than spread racial and religious hatred with their arbitrary 'referendum' ?


The problem in 1215 as now which led to the Holocaust is royals and politicians et al who claim… immunity for themselves, from the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The so called 'Campaign Against Anti-Semitism' very seriously misrepresent they either speak for all Jewish people or are the only Jewish voice that matters, while  ridiculously pandering to 'patrons' like the recently ennobled 'Lord' Pickles, in the unelected House of Lords !!



...ummm... ??



Of course anyone who is serious about the rule of law doesn't support or encourage a wholly unelected House of Lords, stuffed full of nothing but the worst cronies of all sorts.  It is self-evident an unelected House of Lords that has more members than the elected European Parliament with members from all the countries in the EU, is an affront to any concept of democracy.


Is the 'Campaign Against Anti-Semitism' leaping to the defence of British Jewish people living outside the UK in the EU affected by the so called 'referendum' who are being told any politicians can just suddenly take away any or all of their rights, after many people were denied any right to even vote ?


Of course they are not, so let us not pretend that the 'Campaign Against Anti-Semitism' are interested in equal rights for all Jewish or indeed any civilians, anywhere. 


There is not a single British politician who is remotely 'sensitive' towards British Jewish nationals living outside the UK in the EU who are affected by their 'referendum'. 


There are not many Sephardi living in the UK or indeed anywhere in the very far from Commonwealth for the very good reason it is has always been... the ‘highest echelons’ of the British establishment who treat Sephardi as second-class citizens etc.


The British politicians are continuing to do that with their referendum.


There is much selectiveness:


Exhibit 1:



... exhibit 1:  murdoch & co's sexist and racist 'commander' terry the tosser hiding in a bunker to try and avoid civil jury lawsuit over torture and attempted murder exiled female peacenik...



The Papal and royals Lateran Council IV in 1215 incredibly sought to retrospectively justify and continue Genocide, declaring Popes and royals had immunity from the most barbaric crimes that started with the massacre of every man, woman and child including Catholics at Beziers. The encouragement of the Lateran Council IV papal bull on 14 December 1215 then led to the massacre of every man, woman and child at the strategic stronghold of Marmande in Agenais to try and cover up what was going on. The Genocide that was started in 1209 and perpetrated by Popes and royals continued for over... one hundred years until 1318 at Montaillou. 


The British Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 against Sephardi (which btw has never been repealed) was followed by another in France in 1306 which was also against the Knights Templar and so on and so forth.


The so called EU 'referendum' has inevitably generated a whole industry in 'psyops manipulators' at all levels to keep churning the propaganda out through the 'media' who are a small cabal in Westminster:



... the papal knight murdoch (genie israel, golan heights too) is one common denominator... trying to extend his global 'media' empire in... the eu...



Murdoch is one common denominator: 


... exhibit 2... shomrin living in a complete state of denial about the seriously corrupt terry the tosser...



I lawfully made a citizen’s arrest of Ken Livingstone in April 2008 when he was Mayor of London, not because he was sexist and racist which he obviously is, but because I was trying to protect everyone from the very dangerous... violence of an undercover operation he was running. His undercover operation on 17 August 2007 led to my being very violently punched in the head while he disappeared… the assailant with the help of errr... Terry the Tosser above.



... the cover up over one of too many undercover operations...



This is grandstanding by a group that includes errr...  'politicians' who they call 'patrons' who were involved !!:



... this is grandstanding over what really happened that is part of my genuine civil jury lawsuit... 



The Labour party started the undercover operations (the largest one being 'Democracy Village' that lasted for two years, starting on 1 May 201o under the cover of an election) the Tory party continued and covered up:




... most people know the currently american, murdoch owns all the politicians in the uk...



In 2007 Livingstone typically tried to cover up what he had done by belatedly unlawfully arresting Brian and myself (after I had given a formal witness statement about the assailant) falsely (and publicly I might add) accusing us of being racist towards his big tough 'private security' thugs he had sent to further harass me, which obviously failed. This was before he tried to exile me in April 2008, because I did lawfully make a citizen's arrest of him when he was Mayor of London, because what was going on was sooooo incredibly violent.


The dirty war that went on in Parliament Square, Central London, really does beggar belief. 


At the State Opening on 25 May 2010 the 'media' headlines forgot to mention it was an undercover agent from the government's 'Democracy Village' who was the complainant in my unlawful arrest who they never identified and never appeared in court. It was very well known the Matryoshka of the British governments 'Democracy Village' involved a pot-pourri of the worlds 'intelligence services' trying to illegally 'remove' Brian and myself. 


Most people know the real problem for most civilians is a global male-dominated patriarchy that claims some are above the real democracy of the rule of law. 


There has only ever been silence over the reality there has never been a Sephardi PM in the UK or indeed anywhere in the Commonwealth or even Israel, which is all still very canon 69. 


What civilian populations obviously really need is less 'nationalist' grandstanding (rich people just buy as many passports as they want for goodness sakes) and greater global unity among the world's so called royal, religious and political 'leaders' in publicly accepting... as a starting point that they are not above the rule of law themselves. 

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!