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Donna.IT: Blair, Murdoch & Ratzinger’s terror years “void ab initio” s132-138 SOCPA 2005 ‘lists’ a reminder Lateran Council IV 1215 led to the Holocaust (25.05.2018)




... the witness...




... 'the lists'...



"I very much love hearing the chorus of all the birds in the morning and the roses with their scents are all just soooo gorgeous. 


I read the very ’peculiar’ truncated response from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) sent to you about their DPA (Data Protection ‘Act’) which I guess along with so much of the Blair, Murdoch and Ratzinger terror years ‘legislation’ is like we proved with ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 incompatible with the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


I am quite certain it is not at all “likely” the Information Commissioner would try and deny he had legal obligations with regard to the DPA on a witness stand before a High Court jury in a civil lawsuit. 


Indeed as you properly point out public officials are legally obliged to uphold the rule of law, rather than try and subvert it with opportunistic and malicious “Simon (de Montfort) says” Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 calumny etc.




"The niggly bits" (the rule of law):



... the "niggly bits"... westminster publicly denounce the rule of law now, which in real terms they have always ignored anyway...


... it really is absolutely shameful what has been going on in the uk...


... steve was unlawfully arrested sooooo many times too... it was all just sooooo violent....





It is so shameful what the UK has done.


There are too many who hide behind ‘versions’ of the misogynist Lateran Council IV 14 December 1215 to falsely claim they too can have immunity for anything and everything. 


The Popes and royals genocidal Albigensian crusade against Cathars along with ’canon 69’ declaring Sephardi are banned from public office and the Fournier ‘files’ kind of says it all really because that century of unparalleled horror between 1209 and 1318 led to the Holocaust.


They kept ‘the lists’. 


The ICO know the obvious fact ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was repealed because we proved it was most certainly not lawfully collecting ‘personal information’.


There is a proven “pattern” of illegal behaviour from the (former) Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police ‘Lord' Blair himself downwards.  


For the avoidance of doubt, my personal details were illegally taken from me by the government (indeed when I was an infant and sadly my name was changed to hide my cultural heritage) so they have sufficient details for the compensation in my civil jury lawsuit to be sent by cheque to the address outside the UK I had no choice but to give the High Court. 




The ICO know the (former) Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police ‘Lord’ Blair is most certainly in a lot of legal trouble, which is why he has been lurking in the House of Lords trying to ‘legislate’ his own shameful cover up.


(I am just trying to get my civil jury lawsuit lawfully settled so I am safely divorced from the bullying job lot because there is obviously no refoulement over torture etc)


We did conclusively prove when we both won in Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 that both Blairs had been ‘breaching’ rather a lot of ‘DP’ etc etc since the unlawful arrest of Brian and myself on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 that you witnessed in their ‘extraordinary’ efforts to try and illegally avoid a civil jury lawsuit.


It wasn’t a co-incidence that Blair went running to Ratzinger & Co on 22 December 2007.


The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and for example BBC did knowingly lie in an article published on 26 March 2006, much like they did again on 25 May 2010.


(On 25 May 2010 the MET Commissioner & BBC et al illegally edited and published audio to hide that they both knew an undercover agent they refused to identify from their so called Democracy Village who never appeared in court, was really the complainant in my unlawful arrest. It is a matter of fact the government and press were trying to hide Democracy Village was being illegally used to unlawfully arrest and maliciously prosecute Brian and myself because they didn’t publish the true headline that Democracy Village was the complainant in my unlawful arrest because then everyone would have known what they were doing and continued doing for two years during which Brian died !!


The real headline of "a member of Democracy Village whose identity is being hidden by the government is complainant in arrest of peacenik at State Opening" doesn’t have quite the same ring as the headline politicians et al illegally used instead)


It is a matter of fact (in HQ12X02745 that) on 26 March 2006 Brian and I were unlawfully arrested and released without charge and not on any police bail.  


The only remaining ‘complaint’ on 26 March 2006 was against the errr… Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. That is why the BBC spin which errr… publicly named me on 26 March 2006 quotes Scotland Yard and not Charing Cross Police without including any comment from Brian and myself because the two Blairs knew they were lying and the BBC knew they were lying too.


As indeed was the case on 26 March 2007 !! when they needed the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith’s permission to maliciously prosecute Brian and myself for an alleged Contempt of Court because we went to court on Friday 23 March 2007, to get summons against both Blairs. 


The court issued the malicious summons against you and I, to use against us on 26 March 2007 (that were then placed sine die in my case) after Brian and I had been to court about both Blairs on 23 March 2007. It was still all about trying to stop the civil jury lawsuit over 26 March 2006 and everything that happened and has continued to happen because of that. 


When we walked out of the police station… on 26 March 2006 we had the civil jury lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police himself because everything had been recorded on video and on a tape recorder. 


That is why when I was unlawfully arrested again on Easter Sunday 16 April 2006 and then 23 May 2006 the police could not charge me with anything because Brian and I… already had the civil jury lawsuit over 26 March 2006.


What the two Blairs et al did to us is monstrous and was only possible because of the state’s mob mentality of bullying which includes the likes of the ICO just going along with whatever pretending they do not know what is happening when they know exactly what is going on.  




It doesn’t get more illegal than the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police then disgracefully trying to belatedly invent a malicious prosecution over 26 March 2006 which was found “void ab initio” on 14 September 2006… but not before he ordered me tortured etc when we were both unlawfully arrested on 5 August 2006 before our unlawful arrests on 4 September 2006 etc etc.




The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Lord Blair illegally tried to turn a civil jury lawsuit against him from a defenceless civilian woman into another malicious prosecution and criminal conviction against the Claimant !!



When you look at what ‘Lord’ Blair did between Mother’s Day 26 March 2007 and 13 December 2007 (and then April 2008) it really does just beggar belief. 


The evidence is the reason the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police belatedly tried to retrospectively pass responsibility to other senior police officers like Asst. Commissioner Allison who changed his perjured witness statement on 12 December 2012 and Terry the Tosser et al who perjured witness statements sometime after 7 July 2006 was because there is no doubt that however you look at it, Blair was legally responsible for my unlawful arrest on 26 March 2006. 


It is a legal impossibility to explain how on earth I came to be unlawfully arrested on Mother’s Day 26 March 2006. 


Everything that happened after 26 March 2006 was to try and illegally stop a civil jury lawsuit over Mother’s Day 26 March 2006 which involved Lord Blair himself.


It is a matter of fact the Blairs had me unlawfully arrested on 26 March 2006 so that Inspector Lyons could threaten me over my filing the appeal over 22 February 2006 on 15 April 2006. 


When they were all caught out lying on 26 March 2006 they all knew a civil jury lawsuit was going to overturn the judiciary on 22 February 2006 and stop everything that then happened.


Steve was with me when I was threatened by armed police (who said they worked for Stephenson) while were were… in the MPA building speaking to staff !!. Stephenson became the next Commissioner because he was involved in threatening me while I was speaking to staff at the MPA. It is recorded the Head of the IPCC Nick Hardwick illegally failed to keep minutes of his meeting at 8am on 8 December 2006 with the MPA and Police Dept of ‘Professional Standards’ because they all knew they were covering up for the Blairs over… 26 March 2006.


The unlawful purpose of the fraudulent legislation we forced the repeal of was to try and force peaceniks to agree under ‘duress’ that included the use of torture, to unlawful state ’surveillance’ and so on and so forth. 


The legislation was really the state using witness ‘intimidation’ that for example saw me tortured on 5 August 2006 and then again on 9 July 2007 when I walked out of court after winning over the malicious prosecution trying to cover up torture.


It was only several weeks later on 19 July 2007 that I was incredibly kidnapped by ‘police’ from inside court… during legal proceedings, to stop me giving evidence. 


On 19 July 2009 the Papal Knight Murdoch & Co publicly threatened to illegally ‘remove’ me without any caveats and so on and so forth.


The BBC are the common denominator on 26 March 2006 & 26 March 2007 and Murdoch is the common denominator on (for example) 19 July 2007 and 19 July 2009.


These are all very, very serious unlawful arrests within the civil jury lawsuit in HQ12X02745 in what is a ‘witch-hunt’ because we have obviously always been innocent. 


The Information Commissioner could not (for example) reasonably claim a person impersonating a police officer wearing the fake numbers 666 was otherwise acting in the lawful execution of any duty on 10 April 2013 when the Commissioner et al and including Mr Forshaw, continued to cause me harassment, alarm and distress and then some !!… because I went to court.


The hearing we went to on 6 December 2012 at the High Court was indeed very odd because while a civil jury was agreed, the court and Defendant did know the first question a civil jury was going to ask was why politicians and the judiciary had not investigated (for example) the first instance of torture on 5 August 2006. We first formally complained about torture on 6 August 2006 before it dramatically escalated.


It is self evident the Information Commissioner with their DPA are acting illegally until such time as they uphold the rule of law to protect… defenceless civilians.


The British government have illegally been trying to stop a civil jury lawsuit over their use of torture etc against me in the UK because I am a female peacenik they exiled out of the UK into the EU.


I am happy living outside the UK (and Australia) in the EU, so my lawsuit must be lawfully settled now so I can move on with my life and make the decisions I need to make now because I am not having my life ‘on hold’ to suit what are really just some incredibly selfish old men. 




The British and Australian intelligence services obviously did know that torture was used in the UK within the EU before everyone knows Johnson & Co gave an open invitation to the worlds ‘intelligence services’ !! with the Matryoshka of their Democracy Village between 2010-2012 that was used to maliciously prosecute us etc too !!


There is no doubt the use of torture etc is deliberate.


It was possibly unlikely but not inconceivable that a female descendant of Catalan conversos from Marmande in Agenais and Montaillou in the Pyrenean Ariege would appear in Parliament Square to point out the obvious about the rule of law." 


Donna (aka Babs) Tucker



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!