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Donna.IT: Pope's Papal Knight Murdoch et al install PM Conte in Italy in bid to realize 'ambition' of global 'media' empire encompassing European Union (24.05.2018)




The PM Guiseppe Conte, the Pope and Murdoch (the Papal Knight) et al have installed in Italy is obviously a big Pope fan who is also on the board of Trustees of the New Jersey American university in Rome.



... the avignon papacy... pope benedict XII and the vatican fournier (spy) files...  the catalan 'cathar crosses' of marmande agenais 1219 and montalliou 1318... some of the families were related through the female side...



The big sales pitch in the 2018 election in Italy was the claim politicians would repeal unfair legislation essentially imposed by Murdoch through Gordon Brown's manufactured financial crisis in 2008.


Of course in the UK we proved you don’t have to be a Pope, royal, politician, media baron, academic or lawyer to repeal corporate multi-billion dollar legislation.


The currently American Murdoch has never defended civilians freedoms anywhere, and in fact has done the opposite while trying to expand his business 'empire' in the European Union. 


It was Murdoch demanding on 19 July 2009 that I was 'removed' that led to my being forced into exile out of the UK into the EU through the sheer level of state violence being relentlessly used without any due process. 


Murdoch is a selfish old man who is not really in the 'news' business illegally demanding a female peacenik was "removed" in the UK, before later selling Belhaj as a "protester" in Libya !!


(Murdoch is the common denominator on 19 July 2007 when during years of witness 'intimidation' etc, I was literally kidnapped from inside a courtroom by 'police' during live proceedings to stop me giving evidence & 19 July 2009 because he was always trying to stop civil jury lawsuit HQ12X002745 over Mother's Day 26 March 2006)


Murdoch's own referendum spin has only been all about a superficial and selfish old man trying to realise his ambition to be a 'global' media empire. His 'politics' have only ever equated with bullying etc.




... a new jersey flavour...

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!