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The EEA: The Popes and royals (with legal woo of Lateran Council IV & myths of Magna Carta) continue to be malign influence undermining real democracy of peace and harmony of the rule of law in EU, with false claims of immunity (24.05.2018)



The Popes and royals continue to falsely claim immunity from prosecution by claiming they are above the rule of law, which only undermines any and all real democracy.




... pope benedict XII and the vatican fournier (spy) files...  the catalan 'cathar crosses' of marmande agenais 1219 and montalliou 1318... some of the families were related...



The Genocidal Lateran Council IV which sought to retrospectively justify and continue the Albigensian ‘crusade’ & the mythical Magna Carta in 1215 which never went beyond words that people find useful to quote are examples of big talk that is more than legally meaningless.


The Popes and royals still claim immunity for themselves to this day while surrounded by their apologists who use any and every excuse.


There is no democracy without the peace and harmony of the rule of law and there cannot be the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law when some claim they have immunity because they are Popes or royals.


It is self evident, a responsible royal or religious leader would not claim immunity from the rule of law themselves.


The not so United Kingdom has such a gaping democratic deficit it really lives by the retrospective legal woo of the Popes Lateran Council IV which is why they have extraordinarily never even codified or publicly voted in any referendum on their own constitution in the UK.


The centuries of juvenile public discourse from media barons in the UK either fawns all over or are apologists for the anachronistic monarchy who only undermine the rule of law with legal woo about ‘sovereignty’ by which they mean some like the royals are above the rule of law.


The royals in the UK and Spain who also belatedly joined the EU are both an enemy within who oppose defenceless civilians freedoms.


It was always peculiar to see so called 'activists' in the UK profess to complain about visits of foreign monarchies while never doing anything in the UK to oppose their own lawless job lot who installed and endorse the others.


Westminster has never undergone a 'reformation' so to speak. 


The UK would most probably be better off out of the EU in the EEA because that would keep all ’sides’ happy. The EU would be rid of a lawless monarchy and House of Lords stuffed full of cronies having input into ‘shaping’ laws in the EU there is no pretence those involved will ever abide by, while the borders will remain open for civilians freedom of movement. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!