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Blair, Ratzinger & Papal Knight Murdoch & the Magna Carta & Lateran Council IV 1215 & Mother's Day 2006: Politicians and media barons et al always knew they had no lawful authority to use force against Catalan Cathar Sephardi converso peacenik (21.05.2018) 



When Blair was forced to resign over his 4 September 2006 War of the Sicilian Vespers using torture against us, he went running to Ratzinger in Rome on 22 December 2007 after I won the decisive legal victory in court on 13 December 2007.



... they were trying to rely on lateran council iv (ie: no due process)...



It was always common-sense that politicians always knew they never had any lawful authority to use force against legitimate dissent.


The UK was always trying to unlawfully stop the civil jury lawsuit from 26 March 2006 over legislation I ultimately forced the repeal of (because I brought a counterlawsuit in 2011 so they had to invent new... retrospective legislation) because of course the Judiciary did not for example act independently of politicians and media barons.


They were trying to spin Lateran Council IV no due process:



... i unexpectedly won the decisive legal victory that unravels all the deceit, on 13 december 2007, when they were still trying to spin the no due process of lateran council iv 14 december 1215...


Blair's sudden conversion to Catholicism in December 2007 was somewhat insincere as was Murdoch who owned Blair, paying large sums of money years earlier to become a Papal Knight himself, like Jimmy Saville.



The evidence is 'case management' incl. High Court Orders in civil jury lawsuit have been done by email:



... 14 december 2012 lateran council iv... they didn't like it when i confirmed on 6 dec 2012 i wanted a civil jury trial in my lawsuit over torture etc...



In reality anyone would know the politicians and Judiciary knew the first question a civil jury was going to ask was why politicians and the judiciary had not investigated the repeated use of escalating torture etc (which raises serious questions over the High Court hearing on 6 December 2012 etc) so what they were really doing was anything they could to illegally try and stop the civil jury.


(The politicians and Judiciary who had always been compromised by politicians did unlawfully try and claim you could only be compensated for the 'personal injury' arising from the use of... torture in the UK in the EU, by having a 'judge only' civil lawsuit. That would obviously be perverse and open to abuse when a Judiciary is not independent, which is why there are no legal grounds that stop a civil jury awarding compensation for torture etc)


The Pope (and the male dominated Papacy whose whole churchianity is based on the 'criticism' of women) still sits in his enclave in Europe claiming immunity from anything and everything, which inevitably encourages like minded despots.


The Catalan ‘Question’: Pope (not so) Innocent III (who rejected Magna Carta) Lateran Council IV on 11 Nov & Papal ‘Bull’ 14 Dec 1215 rubber-stamped by English and French royal disciples 10 April 1216 retrospectively ‘authorised’ Genocidal Albigensian crusade against legitimate Cathar ‘dissent’ while Canon 69 banned Sephardi from public office (20.05.2018)


The Pope et al had always known they never had any lawful authority to use force against the Cathar led 'dissent'.


There is still no such thing as 'free speech'. 




Blair gun 'lobby' lost global 'landmark' cases against same family: John 19:41 'at the place of crucifixion' 19 February 1999 on 13 December 2000 (Australia( & 13 December 2007 (United Kingdom) (31.03.2018) 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!