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The Catalan ‘Question’: Pope (not so) Innocent III (who rejected Magna Carta) Lateran Council IV on 11 Nov & Papal ‘Bull’ 14 Dec 1215 rubber-stamped by English and French royal disciples 10 April 1216 retrospectively ‘authorised’ Genocidal Albigensian crusade against legitimate Cathar ‘dissent’ while Canon 69 banned Sephardi from public office (20.05.2018)



The Catalan Catholic Crown of Aragon, Knights Templar and nobility in the Languedoc, Agenais and Lago di Garda all supported the legitimate ‘dissent’ of Cathars who were most certainly the administrative reform Popes and royals who considered themselves above all others, didn’t want.




... the witness...



The Pope and his royal disciples only ever consolidated power centrally to generate income for themselves, opposing anyone living in autonomous peace and harmony, which remains all too true these days. 


The manner in which the Pope held the Lateran Council IV (Magna Carta & Lateran Council p 101 etc) along with how a large number of male 'historians' (incl. 'Lord' Sumption a 'Judge' in the UK Supreme Court) have always reported what was so clearly genocide at that time, just beggars belief.



... Agenais... the pope and royals knew they had no lawful authority to use force against the legitimate cathar led 'dissent'...



It seems to be that when the autonomous Cathars appeared beyond Languedoc, which was within the patronage of the Catalan Crown of Aragon, into Agenais which was nominally English, and then Oxford (which led to the Magna Carta in 1215) that the Pope and his royal disciples moved violently against Cathar and Sephardi.






The Pope knew he had no authority over Cathars because it made no difference to Cathars being ex-communicated by the Pope.


The Cathars had proved to be so successful because the way they were living could be naturally embraced by all strata of society in an area outside the control of the Pope and English and French royals. 





The Pope however completely controlled King John in 1209 at the same time the Albigensian Crusade against Cathars and Sephardi started. The Pope made King John sign a 'creatively' worded Papal bull on 21 April 1213 along with fourteen cardinals (that the English parliament later rejected on the grounds bishops hadn’t agreed) to hand over England and Ireland to Rome. 



... pic de bugatet, pyrenees...



It is impossible to claim the Pope not all ‘Innocent’ III clearly knew he was acting illegally arbitrarily imposing a far from legal system of Genocide !! with the Albigensian crusade that he incredibly sought to retrospectively justify and continue !! via the religious Lateran Council IV in 2015.


The magnitude of the deceit exercised by Pope Innocent III at the Lateran Council IV that had such immediate, continuing and far reaching consequences is truly shocking. 


The Pope's Canon 69 makes it clear the Catholic church are targeting Sephardi too because it specifically places a ban on Sephardi holding... public office. This was followed by the British Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 and in France 1306 and Spain in 1492 and so on (There have never been any Sephardi PM's in the UK, the far from Commonwealth or indeed the British colony of Israel)


The massacre of every man, woman and child at Beziers on 22 July 1209 and then Marmande in 1219 proved that the Popes and English and French royals were really opposing any legitimate dissent in the most violent manner possible.


The behaviour of the Pope and English and French royals during the genocidal Albigensian crusade is inexcusable.


The Lateran Council IV sought to 'normalise' Genocide !!


The Pope was responsible for Peter II of Aragon who was leading the Reconquista against the Umayyad Caliphate from Damascus being murdered at the Cathar Battle of Muret on 12 September 1213, before of course the Pope opposed Peter of Aragon III when he won the infamous War of the Sicilian Vespers over the abuse of women.


In fact, the families in the Agenais, Languedoc and Lago di Garda were from close knit clans who were Catholics, Cathars and Sephardi as indeed was the case with my own ancestors. 


Rome knew there was going to be a massive problem trying to hold the Lateran Council IV bull together. So the Papacy moved to Avignon, and the Pope's family just happened to marry into a family based in the Agenais because Agenais was technically speaking the Pope's biggest problem because that had nominally been English. That gave the French King the necessary 'impetus' to then move against the Languedoc.  



... the agenais...



There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever the Genocidal Albigensian crusade which was an all time low by the Pope & Co ultimately led to the Holocaust.


There was an endless sequence of wars in the Catalan region because the Pope & Co always opposed the Catalan Crown of Aragon being a Mediterranean maritime based thassalocracy of federal states trying to unite the Mediterranean. The English very much stole Catalan Gibraltar they had no claim to.


The Pope and his male dominated papacy still claims he is above the rule of law in his enclave, which is why he sells knighthoods to the highest bidder like Murdoch who has the likes of Asnar on his board of directors at News Corporation.



... maître alpais... circa 1200...



The anomalous Llivia.


There is the curious Spanish Catalan enclave in France called Llivia, in amongst what was the Catalan region of France, where Llivia (who overwhelmingly voted for independence in the Catalan referendum) like the rest of Spanish Catalonia have considerable autonomy compared to Catalans in France who except for the Spanish Catalan enclave in Llivia in France, have no autonomy.



 ... it remains of the most serious concern the male dominated vatican is not within the jurisdiction of the echr & ecj...which just encourages other despots...


What has caused so many problems over so many years is Popes and royals et al saying they are above the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law while arguing over wherever it may happen to suit them to impose their borders... on others, at any given time. 


It remains a very serious concern the male dominated Vatican is not within the jurisdiction of the ECHR and ECJ in Europe because such inexplicable 'immunity'  just encourages other despots too.





... aragon and toulouse were united against the pope's genocidal albigensian crusade ...



It is strongly arguable the Golan Heights is an opportunity to reverse the European and Arabic ‘nationalists’ cycle of war around the Mediterranean with a neutral multi-cultural state within the jurisdiction of the ECJ because it really is a legal system that needs strengthening, not the passing populists in politics etc.



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There isn't even anything approaching 'free' speech yet.



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27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!