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Donna.IT: The royal, religious and political ‘leaders’ always opposed Catalan Crown of Aragon Cathar & Sephardi conversos natural human evolution into peaceful federation of Mediterranean states, so they stole Gibraltar etc to continue 'nationalist' colonial wars, while falsely claiming they are above rule of law (18.05.2018)



The brutality of the male dominated Popes and royals genocidal Albigensian ‘crusade’ that was supposedly against ‘heretical’ Cathars (and Sephardi) but massacred everyone including Catholics at Beziers on 22 July 1209 was a pivotal point in history along with the War of the Sicilian Vespers, ultimately culminating in the Holocaust.




... the catalans... it is more than deeply offensive to label cathar and sephardi conversos 'heretics'/'satan jews'... 



It explains the male dominated world we live in today that continually attempts to ‘normalise’ state brutality against defenceless civilians for profit.   


The royal and religious leaders waged their genocidal Albigensian crusade against the Catalan Crown of Aragon Cathars and Sephardi in Agen, Languedoc and Lago di Garda because they naturally lived in peace and harmony which wasn’t at all profitable for the Popes and other royal rip-offs.


Most of the nobility in Languedoc were Cathars or sympathetic to Cathars were all nominally under the protection of the Catalan Crown of Aragon who basically left the nobility to administer very limited governance while everyone lived in peace and harmony. 


The Catalan Crown of Aragon was a maritime based thassalocracy of sorts that had states all around the Mediterranean representing 'a balance of power' in natural human evolution that was viciously undermined by all the other royal and religious leaders who have always all claimed they are above the rule of law while waging colonial wars etc.


The Pope et al (Jerusalem) and the Umayyads (Damascus) all saw the Mediterranean Catalan Crown of Aragon as a challenge to them at various times. 


The vicious persecution of Cathars and Sephardi continued for many... centuries !! 


The 'English' Act of Settlement in 1701 that imported the German Hanoverians that was followed by the War of the 'Spanish' Succession that installed French Bourbons in Madrid continued centuries of trying to oust and destroy any remnants of the Catalan Crown of Aragon because their origins are Cathar and Sephardi.


The Mediterranean remains divided between European and Arab ‘nationalists’ (which is quite incredible when you consider the for example far from ‘Commonwealth’ half-way houses) instead of being what it could always have naturally been which is a united federation of states within the jurisdiction of one legal system.


The Golan Heights does represent an opportunity to reverse the cycle of war around the Mediterranean by making it a neutral multi-cultural state within the jurisdiction of the ECJ because it is the peace and harmony of the real democracy of the rule of law, not passing 'populist' royals, religious, or political ‘leaders’ that needs strengthening.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!