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The 'Corfu Yachting Club': Britain stuck in dark ages with illegitimate german royal bullies and their bankers who don't set an example that encourages democracy in Middle East or anywhere with House of Lords cronies bigger than EU Parliament (12.05.2018) 



The illegitimate german royals obviously don't set any kind of example that encourages democracy anywhere, including in the Middle East: 



... there's no cathars or sephardi in this ghoulish illegitimate royal job lot of bullies still living in the dark ages, claiming they are above the rule of law ... themselves...



It was only recently the King-in-waiting got his mummy to endorse continuing their royal fraud across the still far from Commonwealth along with updating royal 'succession' in 2015 which was really a Henry VIII make-over excluding Sephardi.


The British 'nationalist' media's constant fawning over the royal pretenders is just increasingly incongruous and bizarre in this day and age, but does explain why very real problems exist in the UK.  


They are all pretty much the same 'Corfu Yachting club' (Murdoch, Glencore Rothschild, Deripaska et al who own Putin with Caymans oil deal etc in November 2016) where Phil the Greek (Mon Repos) was sent into exile from. 


The royal bullies were absolutely horrid to Brian and myself because of course they were involved in the massive undercover operation in 2010 that was based on their bizarre attempt that they had started... behind our backs way back in 2008, to try and grab public land in Parliament Square for... themselves.


(Of course Murdoch's referendum position is inconsistent with the law because he and his not at all alternative media in the UK, US & Russia is openly hostile to err... civilians freedoms in the EU while wanting to expand his global media empire in the EU to profit from himself)


Their unelected House of Lords is stuffed full of sooooo many of their cronies it is actually bigger than the elected EU Parliament !!:



... the despotic cronyism is 'hidden' in full view...


There's not many Sephardi anywhere in the far from Commonwealth because of course the royals et al still are overtly hostile with their Royal Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 against Sephardi that have never been repealed. 


The royals are not any part of any democracy in any way: 



... the hanoverian house of 'windsor' and saud are obviously both opposed to democracy (and sephardi who are banned from saudi arabia like many other places in the middle east)...



The British airbrush over Sephardi were already living in what the British called Mandatory Palestine, because of course the British royals like so many Popes had expelled Sephardi too along with many expulsions and inquisitions around the Mediterranean.  


The origins of the Holocaust are the Popes and royals genocidal Albigensian crusade (Murdoch is a 'Papal Knight' like Jimmy Savill) against Catalan Cathars and Sephardi in the Languedoc and Agenais in what is now called France and Lago do Garda in Italy.





The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is always preferable.


In France, protest is considered an entirely normal part of life because everyone understands there is not really much/any difference between politicians. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!