The Torture Tapes 4 Sept 2009 & Intelligence Services email 29 October 2011: Rupert Murdoch lawyered up to buy time in civil jury lawsuit, with perjured witness statement 12 April 2012 and lying under oath 25 & 26 April 2012 in their own Leveson 'Inquiry' (04.05.2018) 





... murdoch lawyering up on 12 august 2011 while I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial AGAIN !! while murdoch was trying to distract from sky and the iraq war, with news of the world...



It was always about their trying to illegally stop the Mothers Day 26 March 2006 civil jury lawsuit because they didn't want people to ... see what they were really doing in the UK that included they also didn't want to end the Iraq War for their own personal commercial financial reasons.




The mob dynamics of their bullying spiralled completely out of control on 4 September 2009, after Murdoch illegally published the threat on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' me without any caveats, which was a reference to a case related to the Mother's Day 2006 civil jury lawsuit when I was literally kidnapped from court during live proceedings on 19 July 2007, to stop me giving evidence against Blair et al (Sky were for example involved in an unlawful 'arrest' on 31 January 2007 too)


On 4 September 2009 which was a... repeat of the cover up on 4 September 2006 (which Blair was forced to resign over) over the Mothers Day 2006 civil jury lawsuit, there is no doubt whatsoever I was tortured in Belgravia Police Station in Central London when they attempted to murder me and I only survived when Brian became a witness because he heard me scream. 


The Murdochs met in New York on 4 September 2009 with Jeremy Hunt and on 10 September 2009 in London with Cameron.







The reason everyone originally tried to illegally delay the Mothers Day 2006 civil jury lawsuit was because it is more likely than not, it would have contributed to really ending the Iraq War while also serving to protect defenceless civilians in the UK from what was seriously violent 'legislative' censorship.


Murdoch's fatuous theatrical witness statement and downright lies under oath at Leveson in April 2012 !! where he was obviously treated with deferential kid gloves, while I had no shelter !! wouldn't bear any legal scrutiny at all before a civil jury in my real lawsuit HQ12X02745.


They shifted the focus to 'hacking' because they couldn't be seen to publicly be trying to 'fudge' everything with another Iraq War 'Inquiry' which was what was really going on.




... leveson was a very clumsy attempt by politicians and media barons to try and keep a legal lid on what they were doing in westminster...





Murdoch's weasel words hide he would never go to war himself and isn't sending his own sons to war in Afghanistan or Iraq while being FAR more than hostile towards and resenting peaceniks and defenceless civilians freedom of expression because he does act purely out of commercial self interest.



... Murdoch... "watching carefully to see Cameron kept his promises" !!...



Murdoch just lies here because he knew it was illegal to publicly demand we be 'removed' without any caveats on how that was done which as was proved, brought every dog running to collect in what was Cameron's first election 'promise':



... 'negative stories'.... to demand law abiding defenceless civilians are 'removed' is not only a 'negative story' but ILLEGAL....



He knew what he published on 19 July 2009 was seriously illegal, which I did consistently complain about.  On 19 July 2009, Murdoch took on legal responsibility for too unlawful actions of Labour and Tory towards me.





The "sequence of events" co-incide with the massive cover up going on in Parliament Square, Central London.




Murdoch had the nerve to complain about the millions it was costing him trying to cover up what he had been doing.





On 30 September 2009 Murdoch and Brown were arguing over the fact I had survived 4 September 2009.




Murdoch comments on Mr Brown's 'state of mind' on 30 September 2009.


mr murdoch's... labour and tory rent boys were all in it together...



A "continuum and spectrum"... "ethical misbehaviour, civil wrong and criminal wrong" and Murdoch's yes... but...


... and it has only ever been the peaceniks they all try to violently censor...



There was another incident involving Murdoch and the Sun 'journalists' (the Crime editor et al) and the National Crime Agency !! trying to cover up their threatening me while trying to smash down our campaign at the end of April 2010 just before the politicians and media barons massive undercover operation called 'Democracy Village' started. This was before all their brazen lies on 16 January 2012.



Murdoch and the politicians all knew they were lying through their teeth at their... own Leveson 'Inquiry' because they all knew the truth of this unsolicited email lawfully sent to me on 29 October 2011.



... this email is a legal impossibility for murdoch & co to deny they always knew...



In any legal sense, the Leveson Inquiry was of itself completely illegal because they all knew that I had another ongoing (counter) lawsuit in HQ11X00563 at the same time, where the High Court had confirmed on 7 October 2011 that even if Westminster Council had to withdraw their malicious prosecution which they did have to do on 4 May 2012, my counter lawsuit would remain. 


I never saw any due process at all in Parliament Square, Central London. 


Murdoch would know he has to a) settle a lawsuit and b) sell up out of Sky because he is obviously no longer legally operating in Europe.