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The repeated torture of a female peacenik in the UK is the preserve of politicians who have no defence to what they are doing.


The legal reality is I am living in exile now and moving on with my life which necessitates the Defendant facing up to their legal responsibilities regarding compensation.





The government knew when they forced me into exile from the UK into the European Union they would have continuing legal financial responsibilities because I am not a refugee from outside the European Union and there is no refoulement to the UK or Australia.  


They only ever had the option of a civil jury which was still possible after I was forced into exile because it has always been possible to use video link.


The British government obviously really need to have an effective legal mechanism to investigate torture... in the UK, which in the absence of having encourages the... repeated use of torture... in the UK.





The government had an extraordinary propensity to be sexist and racist while lying and engineering abuses of process.


Their original malicious prosecution against me on 22 February 2006 was an extraordinary show trial where the Judge ruled the police officer who unlawfully arrested me was not required to appear at Bow Street Magistrates to give evidence or be cross examined because the Judge had already been handed the script that said Article 11 Freedom of Assembly did not exist.


The Judge unlawfully claimed it was for the 'Judge' to decide who was 'allowed' to campaign with Brian and the 'Judge' decided that although Brian gave evidence I was lawfully campaigning with him, the Judge refused to 'allow' me to lawfully campaign with Brian which was up there with sexist racism etc etc.


It wasn't a ruling that was going to fly for long because anyone could see it was absent all due process because a reasonable person would know it was none of any courts business who people peacefully chose to campaign with !!


Anyone could nevertheless see it was an incredible abuse of process to start with that did involve a massive number of brown envelopes over the years until we forced the repeal of the legislation that was so obviously incompatible with the rule of law.


Anyway things only went downhill for me from that dreadful starting point on 22 February 2006 with an... 'array' of very nasty sexist and racist judges that does make the UK a very unattractive place for decent and civilised people. 


When I was unlawfully arrested on 26 March 2006, along with the Brian (the BBC report is an inaccurate police version) we were released without charge so that was a civil jury case, and the same thing happened to me on 23 May 2006 which was also another civil jury case.


In a massive abuse of process, the Defendant however sought to hide !! I had been released without charge in both cases, to try and 'delay' the civil jury lawsuits in response.


They brought a malicious prosecution against me over 26 March 2006 after 23 May 2006, despite my having been unlawfully arrested and released without charge !! that could only and did fail on 14 September 2006.


They also brought a malicious prosecution against Brian on 13 December 2006 over 23 May 2006 that could only and did fail too on 22 January 2007, because they could not put... me on the witness stand because it was already a civil jury case too. 


They were incredible abuses of all due process on 26 March 2006 and 23 May 2006 because both cases were so obviously really civil jury lawsuits against the Defendant !!


There was something very, very wrong with the government trying to re-invent civil jury lawsuits as malicious prosecutions against us !!


It would be a serious understatement to say it was all bullying, because there was just no legitimate explanation for anything that was going on.


By 5th August 2006 when I was tortured the government was really making it up as they went along trying to cover up what were quite a number of civil jury lawsuits by then. 



The problem is politicians actively encourage torture in the UK to force exile.




The government tortured me on 5 August 2006 (because they knew they had massive legal problems over 26 March 2006 & 23 May 2006) then tried to cover the torture up by making up another false allegation when I was answering bail on 4 September 2006 before reversing the order the 5 August 2006 & 4 September 2006 cases were heard to try and cover up they had illegally had me at the police station on 4 September 2006, to:


a) not only try and cover up torture


b) but to also try and cover up the abuse of process in bringing legal proceedings against us from 26 March 2006 and 23 May 2006 that were really already civil jury lawsuits against the government that could not be turned back into malicious prosecutions against us.


When Tony Murphy from Bindmans lawyers could no longer find any excuses why he hadn't filed the growing number of civil jury lawsuits at the end of ... 2006, he jumped ship exchanging places with a Chez Cotton who illegally then just refused point blank to deal with my civil jury lawsuits.


It was a very, very dirty war that went on in Parliament Square, Central London where the government's racism towards me was integral to the abuses of process, because I was obviously more vulnerable. 


There was the most appalling cover-up going on all through 2007 with endless unlawful arrests that were appalling abuses of process trying to cover up appalling abuses of process.


The torture inevitably continued and escalated because the politicians refused to investigate torture...  in the UK.


My legal victory on 13 December 2007 was decisive because the malicious prosecution on 4 September 2006 was the pivot upon which all the government lies depended/flowed through, that then collapsed and destroyed any shred of any credibility the Defendant could ever have in anything they did to me because what they had done to me in and around that time was just soooooo appalling. 





The Defendant always knew they didn't have a chance of being able to explain away what they had been doing to any civil jury in a lawsuit against them, because their abuses of all due process were too obvious.


There was always something obvious the Defendant was trying to 'achieve'/cover up with each abuse of process. 


Murdoch's multi-billion dollar 'yachting club' :



Torture was always used to threaten and intimidate me in court because after the original show trial on 22 February 2006, which couldn't stand any real test of time being laundered through their system, I was always winning in court, turning malicious prosecutions into civil jury lawsuits they didn't want to have. 



The most sensible restorative justice there could be, is for the government to know you are going to enjoy your life they have unlawfully spent sooooo much money and time trying to destroy just because you are a... errr... peacenik !!






There's only something wrong with a government when it is a female peacenik forced into exile.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!