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Blair was forced to resign on 27 June 2007 over what he did to Brian and myself, when we went to court to get summons on 23 March 2007, before I won against both Blairs anyway in the decisive legal victory in court on the 13th December 2007.




... blair's matryoshka which was all about covering up what he had done, started under the labor administration on 1 may 2010 under the cover of an election ...



The quisling Livingstone (Brian always publicly called Livingstone the Quisling) had by that time come out of the closet in support of Blair & Brown and was so very recklessly violent towards us, particularly during the undercover operation on 17 August 2007, that I was forced to make a lawful citizens arrest of him on 9 April 2008 just to try and protect everyone.


My lawful citizen's arrest of Livingstone on 9 April 2008 meant it was clear it was no longer tenable for Livingstone to be Mayor of London and the Labour party's phoney 'Stop the War Coalition' were going to be exposed too, along with the Commissioner of the MET Police, who Livingstone phoned to 'rescue' him. 


There was no reason by that time, the Iraq War was continuing either. 


Brian and myself brought real legal cases... in courts against... politicians who attacked us.


Labour could not arrest me for anything, so they came back later on Thursday 10 April 2008 using a trumped up S 5 Public Order case from earlier in the year on 26 February 2008, involving Vitol Oil, that they couldn't even arrest me over, that wasn't even imprisonable, to illegally suspend Habeas Corpus to imprison me... without legal representation or... trial to 'at best' try and exile me, way back then.  




Blair 4 September 2006 & 26 February 2008 :

The reason I had been targeted and unlawfully arrested by VITOL on 26 February 2008 was because we had been in Southwark Crown Court all day in a very tedious malicious prosecution against us that had however inevitably previously collapsed for quite extraordinary reasons, all leading back to... Blair.


A Judge had been forced to admit he was also in business in a company called Control Risks with (for example) the husband of a senior police officer from Charing Cross called Inspector Helen Preese who just happened to be in court with what had long been proven were perjured witness statements, where all three (The Judge, Control Risks, and MET police) had been proven to have... previously destroyed evidence on 4 September 2006


It was quite surreal (although we did witness quite a lot that was surreal) when the Judge had been trying to explain away his 'conflict of interest' and then some, while the MET Police showed no shame at all, because of course it was all part of what should have been an investigation against them all. 


The MET Police are accomplished liars with the most astonishing capacity to lie as though lying is part of their job description, that was of course encouraged by Blair, who brought politics into such serious disrepute it also completely corrupted the MET Police too.


Blair was forced to resign over the events on and surrounding 4 September 2006 and my decisive legal victory on 13 December 2007 was over 4 September 2006, so the government didn't want more and more coming out in other malicious prosecutions, about 4 September 2006, which was pivotal to everything really.






The prison staff in 2008 admit they were paid lots of money in bribes to illegally imprison me (it was the talk of Holloway Prison) because the staff didn't have any paperwork they could imprison me over because you simply cannot be imprisoned over a S 5 Public Order, so this resulted in my getting a High Court Order on 16 April 2008 that is really another lawsuit now. 


The fact that Livingstone... failed to exile me confirmed that his position as Mayor of London was obviously no longer tenable, so Vitol (who are the renowned bagmen for paying bribes to government officials that are alternatively called 'fines' if the public officials are in the West) paid the very many large bribes to the public officials involved that amounted to £160,000. 


In real terms Blair was trying to stop the 'daylight' of my civil jury lawsuit, including to try and keep the Iraq War going, while also using the war to violently attack any defenceless civilian opposition in the UK.


The reality is Blair invented terror legislation on 7 April 2005 (that I forced the repeal of) that Stakeknife Corbyn's unions were 'exempt' from to violently attack peaceniks in the UK... before the 7/7 terror attack.


The supremacist Diane Abbott voted with the DUP to illegally remove peaceniks !!


The fact Blair was made a 'peace envoy' between 2007 -2015 after he was forced to resign inevitably just further damaged the public trust in politicians etc etc that very much led to the failed state of 'referendum' politics today.


In 2010 Blair's Labour party including Stakeknife Corbyn and et al were illegally working with Putin in the UK in a massive undercover operation that... overtly started under the Labor administration on 1 May 2010 (under the cover of an election) to illegally try and stop... the 'daylight' of my civil jury lawsuit. 


It wasn't until September 2010, which was... after I had lawfully blown the whistle on 21 June 2010 in the High Court on the undercover operation, that Johnson disclosed the email from 8 March 2007 exposing Stakeknife Corbyn working behind my back when I had won in court on 8 March 2007 too.  


The purpose of... also using Russian agents against Brian and myself in the UK was to illegally try and hide behind jurisdictional 'issues' because of course Brian and myself... never had any opportunity at all to bring a civil jury lawsuit against Russian agents operating illegally in the UK, who were also causing us both very serious harm. 


It was all so dreadfully appalling including because they did all know the real life 'horror movie' that had already happened in Australia too, when the gun 'lobby' executed my nephew etc etc.


The timeline of everything that Blair has done in the UK is so straightforward in lacking any due process it is only chapter and verse on '1001 ways' a politician tries to illegally avoid the 'daylight' of a civil jury lawsuit, involving most seriously the use of torture in the UK. 


The legal reality always was Blair did not have any immunity in the UK or European Union over anything he did in the UK.
















27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!