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The EU referendum gig is obviously really about writing a new Treaty that 'surreptitiously' includes 'chipping' away at the ‘annexation’ of the Golan Heights with a 'script' spinning true life in reverse etc.





In November 2015 a drop dead gorgeous golfing instructor who while being very much older than myself was presumably quite a ladykiller in his heyday despite being of indeterminate sexual orientation, did briefly pass through my life, in what was a strictly platonic liaison. 


(I obviously wasn’t looking for 'a relationship' in my already ‘complicated’ personal life because first I need to be independent, which means finding a way to settle serious outstanding lawsuits that do leave me particularly vulnerable as a true... exile, which happened because I have never been anyone's spy. I am like anyone else who wants to be in control of their own life which does include normal things like the ownership of my true identity and cultural heritage, which has always mattered.)


Anyway, the drop dead gorgeous golfing instructor (he really was stunningly good-looking) was in my life towards of the end of 2015, around the same time the by comparison particularly boorish former British F.O. Hammond was wittering on about moving a military base to Bahrain.





The golfing instructor was around for a few weeks then went away and came back for a few weeks, before going away again so I haven’t seen him for years now, since long before the referendum.


I only remember the timing did coincide with my complaining about the involvement of the Russian government in Parliament Square in 2010 too, which in any far from legal sense, was all about the much wider issue of witness tampering and intimidation related to the cover up over the torture tapes in 2009 in the UK, all of which I was obviously very upset about.





The EU ‘referendum’ in 2016 is very much old school Kissinger & Co with their long standing "excusive" nonsense of "nothing is settled until everything is settled" along the purple line in the Golan Heights.


I am from another generation who views the world differently, distinguishing between what is really capitalism and what is just rip off crony capitalism that refuses to compete on a level playing field with defenceless civilians.





Westminster is not a place most people would miss. 


I inevitably have particularly strong views about men using guns simply to boost their own egos, because of what happened to me when I was a very young girl when I was completely powerless, that I could only start to address in some kind of responsible way as an adult woman and peacenik. 





Anyway, a few weeks ago I dusted off some old 3D cardboard letters to paint and noticed one of the 3D letters obviously had something inside. So thinking back, I remembered the golfing instructor who was OCD had happened to be with me when I bought the 3D letters so I guessed I had better see what he had ‘mischievously’ left because he could be incomprehensibly ‘cryptic’.


The small package ‘hidden away inside’ reminded me of Murdoch & Co 'chipping' away with their ’Genie Israel’ blag over the Golan Heights.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!