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The Pope’s ‘envoy’ Blair who is banned from any public office ever again is legally obliged to without delay pay Donna (aka Babs) the sum of € 36 million by 24 March 2018, because it was Blair's failure to lawfully settle his bill on his way out the door that caused so many problems.




... the lost children who are now found...



My true identity and cultural heritage which have always mattered is central to what has happened.


It is self evident a reasonable person knows it is foreseeable I cannot possibly survive without the lawsuits being lawfully settled with me by 24 March 2018 so I can lawfully get on with my life (where to be frank first... enjoying building a rose and lavender garden is my headline)


The identities of individual intelligence agents is obviously of absolutely no interest to me, because I am only interested in having… my own true identity, because the incontrovertible evidence is I have never been a spy, but instead a hostage of ‘intelligence services’ for the past 55 years.


Blair (who like everyone else who hides behind the Pope because they don’t recognise women as human beings with equal rights) doesn’t have any immunity over what he did to me... in the UK that he was well and truly caught out over. 


I can’t bring back my sister or my brother or my nephews, but I can keep doing what I lawfully can to stop terror etc for the benefit of everyone.


I won in court against not so Mr 'Good Friday' Blair et al so the 29 October 2011 email which (was lawfully sent to me) that everyone would know gives me anything but 'joy' of any kind is nevertheless my ‘enforcement order’ over my lawsuits that will act in the best interests of everyone. The email does highlight the inherent dishonesty of the Australian 'government' abandoning me in... October 2006 when Blair was on his violent 'crusade' against errm... pink material including 4 September 2006, when he very obviously did know my true identity that he very seriously... abused. It is very shocking what I had to live through all throughout 2007. 




... 'the tip' of a very large iceberg... just before the tories began their 'crusade' against... 'protective clothing' for... defenceless civilians on 16 January 2012...






A High Court civil jury would be shocked by the context and content !! of the 29 October 2011 email etc because the evidence leads to the most serious abuse of the public trust towards defenceless children, who the intelligence agencies so obviously sought to improperly influence as minors.


The ‘intelligence services’ disgraced themselves in Parliament Square, Central London because I really did stand up to Blair & Co which is what they should have been doing, instead of… watching and helping him !! torture and try to assassinate me !!


If you look at what I… quietly did in Parliament Square, Central London…


It becomes clear ‘intelligence services’ in Australia etc were bothered after I lawfully got legal records in the 1990’s because they could see… 'the possibility' my brother, myself and my sister could all unite in a formidable triumvirate, which seems the most plausible reason family members were murdered.


The ‘intelligence services’ could not have foreseen the real life horror movie in Australia would all in turn result in my ‘appearance’ in Parliament Square, Central London in the UK, where I really was the ‘vision’ no-one wanted to see.


I was ‘raised’ as an ‘Area 51’ infant because my mixed-race  ‘converso’ heritage traverses the arc of the Mediterranean around to Crimea so I am a Mediterranean and European/Asian Sephardi and Cathar.


My nephew Gary was 20 years old when he was executed by the gun lobby’s ‘pawn’ Osip in Australia on 19 February 1999 just after my 37th birthday, the 37th parallel and all that (which also co-incided with the US ‘returning’ Ocalan on 20 February 1999 to Turkey after he had worked for everyone in Syria. Alexander Downer was Minister for Foreign Affairs and Putin was head of the FSB at the time )


The deaths of family members in Australia had of course followed my being forced out of Australia because I was myself threatened while I was still a minor, because of course the truth was we ‘Area 51’ children were well and truly… betrayed by the ‘intelligence services’. 


There was obviously a seriously false presumption I turned up in Parliament Square ‘for revenge’ when in fact I am a woman and peacenik who walked unarmed towards and into danger in Parliament Square, Central London to stop terror for the benefit of everyone.


No-one could ever possibly know the grief I have really felt, and really feel over what has happened !! 


It is obviously straightforward the so called ‘four powers’ rely on an inherently flawed legal argument built entirely on hiding behind the Pope’s idea of ‘immunity’ for mostly males, which means there is not even any pretence of any equality for women.


It is not at all ‘hidden’ that politicians and transnational ‘corporations’ refuse to compete on a level playing field with defenceless civilians.






The fact this also includes and to a large degree relies on the Pope’s ‘immunity’ argument for himself is not something I am willing to or could possibly ever concede... myself.


It is not just my personal view it is false for the Vatican to claim it is making ‘reforms’ when the … starting point is the Pope himself !! still falsely claims immunity from torture !! which isn’t any kind of progress for… women since err... 1282.


The Pope is inviting the (for example) CIA to hide behind the Pope !! who is by claiming immunity for… himself actually being a... cheerleader for torture, which is obviously completely unacceptable in the European Union.


It is important when we are talking about ‘immunity’ that all the legal realities are fully discussed and explored so in real terms what I am doing is making an honest point about the Pope everyone does need to think about.




Blair has already lost any legal proceedings in the UK involving the use of torture, so in any legal sense the Pope by extension has too, because the legal reality is Jus Cogens does trump politicians et al. Therefore the email 29 October 2011 is my enforcement order over my lawsuits, to do the best I can, to protect everyone, because it is obviously in the saddest possible circumstances, evidence the ‘intelligence services’ were complicit in my torture etc. 


We do all have to somehow get along on the same planet.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!