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I walked unarmed as a woman and peacenik towards and into the danger of Parliament Square, Central London because I had to do what I could to try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone.





This inevitably meant I am the pipsqueak Catalan who had to confront the multiplicity of lies from numerous ‘intelligence services’ that go back in time to 4 September 1282 and beyond.


The Catalan ‘converso’ story is about the terrible suffering wrought on real lives of women from ancient times to now.


When you ask yourself why didn’t the outcome of the so called ‘great powers’ Nuremberg do something to really stop the exodus ever happening again that explains why I am an… exile.


The... real question is how could someone from my heritage be... exiled within the European Union ?


I am an... echo through the ages, of so much, from literally multiple states of denial.


The War of the Sicilian Vespers very much played out in the dirty war in the Colosseum’s death camp in Parliament Square, Central London on 4 September 2006 and again on 4 September 2009, which could not change that I won the ‘decisive victory’ in court on 13 December 2007 regardless of whichever way anyone wants to spin anything.


There can never be any 'satisfaction' in victory in any war, which only brings too much pain, because you just have to do what you can do to try and save lives.


It is true that very sadly the subsequent ‘email’ which is a ‘confession’ of sorts, unravels slightly more than Watergate or the related Nuremberg.


The pipsqueak versus a media baron trying to explain away the (real) nuns etc in court would certainly be ‘compelling’ prime time viewing like no-one has ever seen, with rather significant blushes.


However I did not do what I did for anyone else's gratuitous 'entertainment' etc and there is no 'joy' for me, over what I could only know anyway over so many years.


I did what I did to try and… save real lives because I too, really do know unspeakable real suffering and pain in our times, which I would not wish on anyone else.


There are too many… cheap slogans from those who have never stood on any front line for peace anywhere.


The underlying important argument is less who did what (although that does matter as indeed does my own true identity) but why, because of course Catalan ‘conversos’ have always been persecuted through… the centuries… because the global system arose from dividing and ruling the Mediterranean.


The point is always how to best try and save defenceless civilian lives by stopping the most serious harm possible.


I had found myself as an innocent infant at the epicentre of growing up in the midst of a violent global struggle of all sorts between... others, that I took responsibility to publicly lawfully confront as an adult to try and save defenceless civilian lives.


The ‘intelligence services’ had by then already well and truly completely 'compromised' my true identity they changed as an infant to hide my true heritage, all of which has only ever caused me so much harm, which means my true identity that I do happen to love, does not make me… any safer, after everything that has happened.


It is what it is.


It is the real world I am a female exile, from a minority persecuted over centuries, who the ‘great powers’ claimed would never face an exodus ever again.


The two sisters were very similar in some significant ways in the Catalan Aragon, Sephardi, Cathar ‘converso’ heritage (that includes what is now called France, Spain, Italy, Syria and Persia etc) who have always been opposed by the Popes etc who have always sought to hijack our ‘image’ for their own personal financial gain.


It is a very sad and unholy trail of global deceit ultimately against defenceless women and children.


My personal view of having my cake and eating it would be enjoying everything about building my very own… personal rose and lavender garden on the exile trail, while also quietly being an 'angel investor' in the… public space of an eco city in the Golan Heights for the benefit of everyone. 



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!