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The inherent failure of administrative governance is obviously a lack of willingness to build capacity for the benefit of everyone in a global world that is hugely under-developed.






The opportunities for civilizational development so obviously offer an alternative financial stream transnationals can invest in that meet the ‘guidelines’ of ethical social responsibility.


This is what an old Cat finds so attractive about the important example of the Golan Heights, which is in so many ways a blank canvas that can be so much more to humanity.


It is in truth an opportunity for everyone to invest in the future for the benefit of everyone.


I remember the echoes of many years ago hearing the fighter jets flying over a kibbutz in Southern Israel, and the broken down tanks and armed posts, all for what, but to satisfy corporations who had never cared since the War of the Sicilian Vespers all the way through Two World Wars.


It’s no real surprise young people were leaving the kibbutz even so many years ago, so volunteers were recruited during the harvest seasons because who wants to always live under any kind of siege that did not end when people left what is called Europe, but instead created a new siege among people.


The woolly white mammoth in the room from the North who speaks of our evolving from apes is probably spin that is about as likely as the Mediterranean middle of the road evolving from cats.





I ask myself about what is my Catalan DNA but… Mediterranean, and then consider that ‘Europe’, the ‘Middle East’ and ’North Africa’ all consider me just a bit… too ‘Mediterranean’ because my DNA (which is pretty typical when you think about it really) doesn’t fit in with the way the ‘global system’ was built.


I don’t know why I remember my blond haired and blue eyed brother (who had actually had a black patch at the back) standing and talking about the passionfruit vine growing where my duck family was flourishing when we were children. I remember very clearly how much… joy it gave my brother to just pick a juicy passionfruit from the vine and eat it then and there. I personally loved the passion fruit flowers which I thought were so delicate and beautiful, while of course a drizzle of passionfruit on a pavlova is no-one can deny, a multiple luxury.


The natural passionfruit was all about the human joy of having your cake and eating it too, however you looked at it. 


My brother and myself were too very different peas in a pod but we both loved our peas in the pod in brown paper bags that were our sweet treats when we went to Prahran market which was to us, the luxury goods store of fresh fruit and vegetables, sold by people of so many different nationalities.


Prahran market was a ‘favourite’ place to go because it was a fascinating window into social entertainment of all kinds that wasn’t matched by the movies or theatre because it was real people in real life in real time. I was only sad so many years later when I discovered what had been hidden so near that was always too far, that was of course my family.


We had very strange lives as children because the adults always had those in their same line of ‘business’ to talk to about the work they did, but the lost children who were their work, never had anyone to talk to about the problems the adults caused in the children’s lives because our lives were as so many other adults did observe, a secret.


The godfather was certainly no guardian angel because he was just another keeper of the secret.


My brother who was older tried to talk about the harm the secrets caused the lost children in a safe and responsible way but to no avail because his trust was simply betrayed.


It was if truth be told, a terrible burden for the children because of course we were not adults who gave our consent to anything so it was the most uneven ‘playing field’ possible that is without any doubt completely abnormal.


My brother was certainly not like the woolly mammoths in the room from the North.


It was quite surreal that then my being a peacenik was considered the most ‘seditious’ thing possible in the UK.


When I proved the obvious in a court of law that everyone knows that was a lie, the hedge fund algorithms then did their whole rhubarb thing, because what is this beast called capitalism other than men with guns threatening women ?


When people who otherwise call themselves ‘white hats’ on the internet where I am as about ‘deep web’ (which is different from the illegal ‘dark net’ as it gets) because I really have lived the real deal as a… peacenik, do they mean they are the Klu-Klux clan trying to hijack me ?


While I lived and people saw me live the real deal in Parliament Square, Central London, there were indeed many multipliers spinning all sorts, at best sadly bigging up their egos, echoing media barons and suchlike.


It turned out that while the comfortable slipper brigade were portraying themselves as the big tough … guys (let us be honest most ‘news’ media are of the bloke variety) it was a woman with a 25w loudspeaker who was so much more effective, she was… exiled.


Ultimately, Parliament Square was all about Murdoch’s old boys club because of course he did the whole Corbyn and Blair ‘epiphany’ of  trading places himself, by changing from pretending he supported Whitlam in 1975 to the reverse to build his empire.





It is quite ‘extraordinary’ that Murdoch really did build his whole ‘empire’ by... exploiting the truth about an innocent thirteen year old girl and I was that pipsqueak thirteen year old girl in 1975.


It is one of those, it is what it is.


I guess the best that can be said, is it would inevitably be my personal view there should be a 'truce' because it is a self evident truth, I have obviously never sought to... harm anyone, while being put in a truly impossible situation. 


It won’t surprise anyone to know it was a woman doing a ‘criminology’ degree who taught me all about the ’state of denial’ that is so common among the chattering classes of ‘media’ who are inevitably such a rip-off.


I don’t personally understand the problem transnationals have with diversifying to invest in socially responsible portfolios, because there is not only just as much money to be made, but even more, from so many more constructive ideas that can be put into practise.


Some of the best conversations of my life were in Parliament Square because people from all around the world are the best information superhighway there is among ourselves because most people are decent. The one thing my experience in Parliament Square confirmed was, just because the algorithms are spinning anything, does not mean and is not the same thing as anyone believing them.


Even Galileo knows that.


The possible development of the Golan Heights in so many creative ways under the auspices of the ECJ could so easily be a test case for the development of genuine eco cities as satellites that can develop and build alternative capacity in global infrastructure within the constellation of human civilization.


The Golan Heights is a ‘pivotal’ point in so many ways because of the human connections around the Mediterranean.


It can either just become more of the same old or it can grow to stand as a beacon of peace for humanity, offering so many more opportunities for human populations everywhere.


It is actually an opportunity for so much unity across all sorts of differences between humans.





Satellite eco cities are an opportunity to test everything about our socially constructed world in a safe, constructive, methodological and evidence based manner alongside and in parallel and collaboration with established cities.


The fact there are many cities all around the world people find beautiful for numerous reasons does not mean we cannot and should not build capacity for the future too. 


Anyone can see a Golan Heights eco city can become a inspirational reality that does benefit everyone.


In any event I want to build my own garden of eden with a rose garden and lavenders everywhere in the here and now that doesn’t even have to be in the Golan Heights.


My own greatest joy early last summer, in an all too brief moment in time, was the most magnificent flowering yet of my climbing rose because the enchanting scent and the sheer beauty of the flowers really was to me, the perfection of nature, accompanied by… butterflies and so much more.


It is impossible to not live in awe of the natural beauty of life where there is... always so much to learn.






27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!