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The Pyrénées which are neither modern day ’French or Spanish’ really, define so much of Mediterranean ‘his…tory’ with the repetitive ebb and flow of a chiastic pattern of predominantly male dominated politics, royalty and religion.




... san juan de toran, catalunya... how can anyone even say we are either french 'or' spanish ?...



The reason for this is easily identified as the failure of successive 'modes' of administrative governance who all rely on a continual process of divide and rule of the Mediterranean region and then the rest of the world.




... how can we be french 'or' spanish (which is quite limiting if you are catalan/catalan sephardi) when you think about it) if our family really lives on both sides of even these two borders ?...



(What is now called 'Catalonia' is an essentially false narrative, because it is related to solely how the Mediterranean region was divided up by... others)


It is self evident what is continually going wrong is the way money is accumulated and hoarded without really being distributed in any constructive way, because it is not being used to build... capacity in the... infrastructure, in what is a massive world really, that is in so many ways under-developed. 


It is not at all beyond humanity to build capacity in community infrastructure for everyone. 


The Pyramids in Egypt, if they were built with slave labour could only be a testament to the same vanity of 'kings' we still see, building their own mountains of human suffering instead.



... the battle of muret 12 september 1213, and the siege of château de montségur  1243-44 and le vernet concentration camp near pamiers 1939 - 1944 ...



The Papal 'theme' still pre-eminent today then at best patronises women, because women are completely excluded from any real acknowledgement of their true capacity and role in life too, along with their suffering that exclusion causes. The Vatican is all about men holding the 'highest office' with their own personal bank, while hiding behind the baby Jesus to give an utterly false impression that only men have courage or suffer the most.


Really ?



... montségur...



The 'official' version of 'his... tory' is really only at it's best a condescending narrative promoting males, putting themselves centre stage.


It remains a very real feature of so much religion and politics that the abuse of women is still very much ‘hidden’ by men, who wheel out the odd female collaborator to headline everything is just hunky-dory.






It is less that religion is a problem per se, but rather it’s interpretation is seriously lacking real world truth. 


There is a very long and painful history around the Mediterranean.


The reality women still cannot make the contribution it is possible for us to make, is only harming human progress. 


The Cathars and Catalan Sephardi in the Pyrénées shared many similarities among themselves in terms of tolerance and being pan Mediterranean, so they too, were both destroyed by the... Papacy in Rome and his various royal 'disciples' and Papal 'knights'.






The Cathars were treated the same as Sephardi by the Papacy, with only Peter of Aragon III showing some support because he married Constance of Sicily, Queen of Aragon who benefited from... raising taxes from Catalan Sephardi.






In World War Two most governments colluded with Hitler and all the politicians in (for example) France were responsible for the various stages of segregating Jews fleeing… persecution as ‘foreigners’ and so on in the Ariege region who were then interned in Le Vernet and ultimately sent to Dachau.




... people were fleeing persecution and so on from...  multiple governments...



These days Catalan Sephardi who you don’t really find in public life anywhere, are still too ‘Mediterranean’ for many Europeans and European Ashkenazi and Middle East/North African Arabs and Muslims who profess to argue over Jerusalem and Israel and so on.


Le Vernet, Ariege :



... everyone did know what was going on because the inquisitions, expulsions and purges had been going on for... centuries !!...



There is the real possibility for peace around the Mediterranean by uniting the Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the ECJ (rather than the UN).


There are so many centuries of failure in administrative governance that has led to so much human suffering :



... the ariège has certainly had centuries of a turbulent history of divide and rule, with civilians fleeing back and forth with a 'diaspora' far and wide including some quite 'surprising' places...



It is also identifies it is possible to manage for example an eco city via a share portfolio in collaboration with socially responsible companies and so on.



... segregation...



There are after all numerous 'states within states' all over the world in many countries, so the real question is over how to best build the 'blank canvas' of the Golan Heights, that could be done... while testing models/strategies elsewhere, because what is a certainty... eco cities are the future that will benefit everyone.


Israel is an example of a country with an image problem because it is not at all attractive to for example Catalan Sephardi women, because it is all about men with guns and so on in yet another country you don’t see or really hear Sephardi, let alone Sephardi… women in public life.


In the bigger picture that does really highlight it is a time to question the beast called ‘capitalism’ males have been practising since the vanity project of the pyramids in Egypt.


Anyone can see an eco city in the Golan Heights can only add so much to improve life in that region.





In some sense, the pyramids represent men who are hiding all the women, who are a far larger group lurking unseen, like the proverbial iceberg.


I grew up myself caught up… 'in between'… these seen and unseen worlds.


What is ’capitalism’ really but men ganging up with the violence of weapons and their entourages of lawyers… to stop women who are ‘hidden’ having for example High Court… juries in civil suits in courts of law ?





Women don't 'choose' to have 'victimhood' violently imposed on us by males.


It is very male language to talk about their endless ‘goalposts’/gaolposts because their worldview is women who do not bow down to them, can never be 'good enough' for any number of 'excuses' (the ever changing gaolposts').


All they are really doing is denying women, the… independence and… freedom we have honestly... won, because the males (for example) never even had any recognized defence in law to put before any… jury in any court.



... montsegur...



That is the only ‘capitalism’ I know, and I am no communist either.


So the 'puzzle' of 'capitalism' is no real mystery at all, because all it really means is the men with guns stop a woman having her day or two, taking them to court, because of course the men with guns weren't really protecting the children or women at all.



... le vernet...



I don't pretend to know all the 'reasons'... why males in ‘high office’ who really are a 'law unto themselves' must so despise women that they don’t want women to REALLY be independent and free, but would instead rather see women suffer any and every kind of abuse.


Why should the 'excuses' of men with guns matter ?


It was more than very odd that Brian was the only man... in a whole country, standing 24/7 for the children, until you saw and lived the 'hidden' very 'dirty war' that was really going on, where you weren't even 'allowed' to be a woman, because the government just listed you as a 'number' because it was called 'criminal' to disagree with them... in any way



... ask yourself why they... really made the border where they did... dividing families...



Everyone did see the possibility and promise of the freedom and peace we offered and did in Parliament Square, Central London. 


I know I am a woman who likes the gentle beauty of a world that doesn't have guns and I don't see anything abnormal or wrong with that worldview that in truth benefits everyone, yet that is why I was... exiled and in any real world sense... interned, by those who have only ever wanted to silence me, because I did prove we can all do peace for the benefit of everyone. 



... the family are still on different 'sides' of a socially constructed 'border'...



It's impossible to say I am 'before my time' really, because what is going on in the here and now that is being hidden has been going on... forever. 


One day the eco cities of the future will one way or another happen. 








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!