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I (like any others) do not need to apologise for being a woman and peacenik who is a ’snowflake’ when it comes to the men with guns and the barbarity of their violent wars.




... the stateless catalan...



I know that what really takes real courage is to stand for peace for the benefit of everyone, to stop very real terror that causes too much hidden suffering to victims, their families and whole communities.


Likewise I have nothing to apologise over from being a human being ‘annexed’ without my consent by the ‘intelligence services’ for 55 years !! since I was an infant.


That problem is entirely the fault of real legal persons (‘entities’) and agencies that have created a situation of polar opposites, because of such a massive legal vacuum that is not my fault but is a legal impossibility to deny has caused me very serious harm over a prolonged time.




.... blah, blah blah...



One of the most serious issues is the UK using torture to force exile to avoid High Court… jury lawsuits etc, all of which is not a ‘co-incidence’ !!



... galileo must have been another cat...





This is why it happened:


FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT : I do not waive my right to sue… 'corporate' entities (states within states) like Murdoch who knew that I had won in British courts, while they always knew they have never had any recognized defence in law, to even put before a High Court jury.



... a 'corporation'... yeah right...



It is absolutely unlawful for a 'corporation' to use the apparatus of the state to force a civilian into exile, so the ‘corporation’ also avoids lawsuits too.


The European Union 'neighbourhood': 



... the revolving doors...


The United States: 


... the 'corporation' just wrote it's own... 'legislation' !!...



I do have valid legal grounds for a take-over of Genie-Israel.


In 51 years the men with guns have never been to any court over the Golan Heights.


I am quite certain I can quietly do a lot of good by... taking back... 'control' of some of so much that was taken from myself and others.


There is a lot of sadness over that.





No-one needs to be a lawyer to know and understand that everyone knew it is unlawful for adults from ’intelligence services’ to hide behind an entourage of lawyers, while their victim never had any lawyer since they were… an infant !!



... utterly useless, because true exiles from... within the european union are... stateless...



The starting point for most humans is they have a legal identity of some kind, while in any legal sense I was rendered stateless since I was born because I am the Cat no state will ever 'recognise' etc which has always meant I have never even had any of the normal… opportunities any other human experiences.


It's not that easy really any which way you look at it.


Nevertheless, my… true identity like anyone else’s does matter.



... a wild catalan was spotted...



It is absolutely unlawful to try and… hide someone’s identity from... them, for… the financial benefit of others.



... doubt much of it would pass any sniff test in a court...



The ‘influence’ of the ‘intelligence services’ was always absolutely unlawful because it’s true sole purpose was to… hide what they were doing behind a cloak of ‘anonymity’ outside all legal scrutiny, which was ‘entrapment’ of a minor and then some.


It's not right to do that to a child.



... the ever expanding 'neighbourhood' of europe...



The journey of a true exile consists of many mixed emotions etc, which in my own case because it is quite unusual is complicated by all sorts. 


I have been traumatised by what has happened which is normal really because I am a normal human being, just like anyone else.





The Australian government did admit in August 2011 there was no other person in my 'situation'.


The evidence is the UK were trying to force me into... exile in 2008 etc etc.





In legal terms, I do have an ‘acquired’ right of… ‘residence’ in the European Union (outside the UK) that won’t expire, while the UK and Australian governments do remain legally responsible for what they have done, which goes beyond slightly cruel.


The legal reality is Murdoch & Co are legally obliged to lawfully settle my unprecedented lawsuits, so that I can safely ‘withdraw’ from the UK (and Australia) because there is obviously no refoulement so no-one can force me to return.



...it's okay to be a 'snowflake'...



I can take them to court, but they cannot take me to court, because of what they really have done, which I want to move beyond and build a new life for myself.



... no going back...



It was unconscionable that Murdoch & Co publicly called on 19 July 2009 for me to be ‘removed’ without any caveats and incl. after everything that had happened in Australia !! which did result in every dog running to collect on the Cat, compounding the serious harm.



the 'latest' in paw-print 'technology'... no cats were hurt...



It is self evident I want to safely withdraw from the UK (and Australia) and live in the European Union after everything that has happened.


... new beginnings...



I do have and assert my right to life etc.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!