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I do really like my real name Donna (which is one of the few pleasures I can enjoy) because it is a pretty name and is a connection to my true identity as a Catalan, all of which is the real me, and actually quite different from what is now called Catalonia.




...the witness... the true lives of catalan 'conversos' is so 'hidden' because it is STILL such a real life horror story...



The five eyes 'intelligence services’ obviously changed my name when I was an infant because they knew why they were trying to hide everything about my true identity which is a ‘converso’ heritage that is only ‘complex’ because of so many… centuries of the worst ‘persecution’.


My real life experience brings new meaning to the 'intelligence services' exerting improper 'influence' on... minors. 


It has been so horrible not being ‘allowed’ to be me because anyone can understand it is so wrong to try and deny someone their true cultural heritage.


The Crown of Aragon was targeted after Peter of Aragon was betrayed by the Pope in Sicily in 1282, which meant the Crown of Aragon then kept on being targeted until they fell in line with the Vatican in 1492 before Henry VIII betrayed Catherine of Aragon in 1536 too. Catalans themselves were always targeted and in … particular Catalan Sephardi everywhere.


It is really obvious the ‘intelligence services’ always intended to ‘grab’ Catalans because they knew they were trying to stop legal challenges to ’treaties’ etc like the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 (which the UK most benefited from and is the global system really) and was why Catalonia was divided again on 11 September 1714.


My own Catalan heritage, which has been a horror story through so many… generations, is unusual in a number of respects.



... the 'intelligence services' gun 'lobby' didn't want the two sisters re-united, because i was 'raised' separately from my little sister... 



The obvious reason the very serious… persecution has never ended is because whatever the latest passing ‘populist’ opportunists of the day happen to be only care about their own self interest.


I was one of the last people any politician wanted to appear in Parliament Square, Central London, because of course it is very clear, they did already know the horror story that had happened in the not at all ‘liberal’ Australia. 


I wasn’t just… talking about peace, because I had every reason to want to stop very real terror for the benefit of everyone while it was completely foreseeable that politicians would as they did, do everything they could to try and force me into exile again. They do deliberately repeatedly use torture to try and force exile to try and avoid legal accountability.


It was unconscionable that Murdoch & Co who the evidence proves obviously knew !! what happened in Australia, with the deaths of three family members already, brought every dog running to collect in the UK when they publicly on 19 July 2009, illegally demanded we be 'removed' without any caveats.


Nothing was a 'mistake'. 


I really am… ‘whiter’ than white but only because I have lived such violent racial, religious and sexual discrimination since I was a small child with all the men with guns and trophy footage, because I haven’t even been ‘allowed’ to have… my true identity.


The true lives of Catalan ‘conversos’ is so 'hidden' because it is STILL such a real life horror story.


It is a fact, torture and rape are weapons of war used against women.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!