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There are… only death camps for true exiles from… within the European Union, because their own... 'Good Friday Agreement' !! 10 April 1998 is not worth the Blair letterhead it was written on, that everyone did know was being breached soon after when everyone starting attacking peaceniks on the UK… mainland.



... it is a... legal certainty my right to an independent... life trumps all the subsequent article 50 spin...



Mr Tusk who does know I am an exile, could not deny he has always known there is no due process for exiles from… within the European Union.


I 'could' give evidence to the ECJ and I would need... an entourage of lawyers, like everyone else, because my case is unprecedented in the length and extent of state abuse.


My 'situation' is not the fault of any single politician etc, but rather an entirely foreseeable collective failure.


It is a guaranteed I would be giving evidence against all the British (and Australian) politicians involved because they do know it is absolutely unlawful to force someone into exile to try and circumvent High Court... jury trials incl. over torture because they know there is no immunity or statute of limitations.


Everyone always knew there is no refoulement over torture etc, which is why they... repeatedly use torture to force people into exile.


There was no such thing as Article 50 until this Catalan with a horrible 'his... tory' appeared in Parliament Square, Central London and indeed won in court in the UK on 13 December 2007, just like our family did on 13 December 2000 in Australia, which led to two more family deaths.


It is not a ‘co-incidence’ among the ‘chiastic patterns’ the Lisbon Treaty was also signed on 13 December 2007.


It is a matter of fact the UK first tried to exile me on 10 April 2008.


I am the witness to the deaths of four family members and Brian. 


It is self evident this exiled peacenik did not by being forced into exile in the European Union want... another !! war of terror after the executions of family members in Australia and my torture etc in the UK etc.


There is a pattern of British and Australian ’intelligence agencies’ at the ‘highest echelons’ exerting improper ‘influence’ on we children as… minors in the knowledge they changed... infants identities to try and hide what has been going on.


It's worthwhile to point out that everyone has broken every 'cardinal' rule in any book since I was an infant which is an unusual situation for any human to find themselves in.


This… Catalan !! is not paying Malta for EU citizenship either, which could be donated if wished, to solve the… 'citizenship' dilemma to avoid blushes.


... the bullingdons... everyone did always know what was going on...






The politicians in the UK and 'five eyes' Murdoch did publicly on 19 July 2009 illegally call for us to be 'removed' without any caveats, so they were inviting every dog along to... collect, after they did know everything that had happened... in Australia !! 


Murdoch cannot deny he was targeting Meowgli.



I ‘could’ have tried to make problems in the EU but everyone knows I haven’t because I haven’t pointed the finger at anyone outside the UK in the EU, including because what really is a ‘death camp’ situation, would be the… same in… any country in the EU.


What I will say is I am not in Germany.


In all legal terms, I have already won unprecedented lawsuits.


It is obvious it is absolutely unlawful to exile civilians because they win in courts over unprecedented lawsuits because politicians et al have always known they have ’no recognised defence in law’ to even put before any High Court jury.


The governments did know I have a hereditary genetic illness that is only a problem when it is combined with three factors that do now all exist.


It is no irony or illusion but instead foreseeable that I am physically a … whiter than white ‘converso’ which it impossible to deny is related to both race and religious... persecution.


I have never been 'allowed' to even make any 'choice' about religion etc etc because I am from a long persecuted minority, which only became a minority through centuries of... relentless persecution.


I will collect “the mountains of gold” over unprecedented lawsuits because I am the… survivor who will be the… last exile from within the European Union… because everyone knows they are legally obliged to make a new... 'Good Friday Agreement' !!… with me.


I stood for peace to stop terror for the benefit of everyone.


Everyone can make a difference which does not mean being a doormat ourselves for anyone.


I am an independent woman who is no-one’s trophy.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!