27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!




The government have always tried to illegally censor me as long as I can remember through all sorts of means, including the internet.



... little meowgli (1975)... i 'could' give evidence by (for example) video-link...



One of the reasons Blair & Co have been illegally delaying paying out on... my lawsuits is... the internet.


I post a link above sent to me by Cloudwards.net on 23 February 2018 about the 'deep web' because it explains the difference from the ‘dark web’ in both a useful and refreshingly 'female friendly' format:



... 18.02.2018 "How to access the deep web and dark net" by Joel Tope, Cloudwards.net (registered in Dubai on 19.02.2014)...



Blair & Co certainly don't want me building anything on the internet under my own real name, which is Donna (aka Babs) 


The most effective way of campaigning was undoubtedly in Parliament Square, Central London, where to be frank, spinning algorithms, anyone can buy, are pretty meaningless, any which way you view it.



Mauricio Preuss @authorityhacker.com



... where have i heard similar spiel several times... before ? like on 10 February 2018 ...




& a... younger doppelganger Mauricio Prinzlau ? :






Cloudwards.net is registered to Mauricio Preuss:





I doubt the fact money is being poured in to promoting Netflix as being the emerging new platform for the internet to host news and so on, will change any ‘deep web’ alternative to the Google based MSM world of the internet, progressing in parallel. 


The old 'five eyes' world of Google is just such a corporate marketplace now, where the censorship is very obvious.


Google is nothing more than an MSM 'directory' these days, and that's about it.


The internet is still essentially very much in it’s infancy, so people are going to turn away from the Twitter and Facebook world as more serious and mature options become available.




The website Cloudwards.net said they had apparuntly noticed my grump about the Daily Mail (here) giving free advertising !! to people touting their willingness to be hitmen !! which was obviously like Murdoch et al illegally saying they wanted us 'removed' which led to my forced exile. (The Daily Mail were part of the undercover operation that had me illegally arrested on 25 May 2010, which they avoided going to court over)


In Westminster you saw, the news media 'cabal' who are not very creative or imaginative, let alone in any constructive way, is actually very small and just multiplied many times over.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!