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I could be ‘before my time’ only because others have not caught up, or that time is now or sometime in the near future.



... the white rose of the golan heights... it is possible to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance...



It is possible for anyone to see the potential for the Golan Heights being the bridge to a new system beyond the global system of the Treaty of Utrecht, that the UK most benefits from, that is the old system that exploits the Golan Heights ‘loop-hole’.


I am unlike Blair was, a real moderniser, and I walked the talk, which is of course a large part of why I was exiled and do find Westminster/UK so unattractive, because they are always looking back in time, instead of trying to make any genuine progress.


All the makeovers of monarchy and politics, which is their own thing, is not going to change the absence of all morality that currently stagnates in Westminster who are and have been so horrible to soooooo many civilian populations.


No-one really cares about their far from 'Commonwealth' which is just another relic.


There really is an exciting new ‘wild card’ in the mix.


The reason the Golan Heights is so important is because that is what can… unite the Middle East, … including under the ECJ & ECHR.


It is valid to want to find genuine ways to unite civilian populations in peace.


It is self evident it is pointless to have so many different legal systems or courts that are supposedly for people, yet are too far out of reach for… civilians to have easy access to, when so much… trade passes through the EU legal system.


It is the legal orders that matter most to civilians for obvious reasons.


The Golan Heights as a neutral multi-faith cultural state under the jurisdiction of the ECJ in the European Union is the most… exciting development… civilian populations could have, because it really is a simple case of a pas de deux having the potential to have… very far reaching constructive outcomes.


The butterfly effect and all that without stepping on anyone else’s toes.


The Golan Heights is the real ‘wild card’ with far reaching consequences, not the Palestinian and Israeli ‘peace agreement’ because those politicians already work together really.


When you think about, when you have a Catalan like myself from the Mediterranean, I am from the European Union but I am also scientifically/technically either ‘Palestinian’ -or- ‘Israeli’ too.


Catalans have always been persecuted down the centuries precisely because we have been united/'integrated'. 


No-one in the European Union or the Middle East wants any more war and we all know none of the governments will go to any court over the Golan Heights so it must come under a peace settlement.


It is self evident, the settlement over the Golan Heights can be an addition to, rather than in conflict with the Treaty of Utrecht.


It is possible to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance for the benefit of everyone.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!