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I am Catalan in heart, body and soul, and I have fought the right battles for my own and the human family for a very long 19 years.




... donna...



When I think of the wild beauty of what was Catalonia I have to think of it’s freedom as in a process of transition within the European Union and around the Mediterranean.


I know I am a Catalan Sephardi although we have been all religions and none.


I have done what I needed to do for the benefit of everyone.


My sister and my family would ask no more of me and I know they want me to live for me and my life now too.


There is some pain and sorrow you work through and past but it is true that there is some pain that is so great it never leaves you, so you just have to find a way to work with it and carry on.


The loss of my little sister is that pain, but I know I can also take her with me wherever I go, and do what she will never be with me to do, yet we will somehow always share.


We can all make a difference that doesn’t mean ourselves being a doormat for anyone.


Berlusconi is crude but not as crude as Trump and does war but won’t start one like Blair, who lost all ‘plausible deniability’… himself over what he did to me.


Anyone only has to look at the court record on 22 February 2006 etc.


I have no idea how Berlusconi lost in court to Murdoch, so he clearly needs a better lawyer.


You would be unlikely to catch me holding the Pope’s hand but I would admire the beauty of the Sistine Chapel.


I can’t live in the UK because too much has happened and I really, really don’t do war.


On that we are all agreed.


The Donald can fiddle the books in Washington because Donna the peacenik who can always give the odd tip or two, because I never lived in any ivory tower, was on a front line for too long, so does plan to party down in Rome, but not quite like 1984.


Maybe governments will act more responsibly in the future and really live up to the spirit and true meaning of the Treaty of Rome etc because that really is the responsibility of… politicians… everywhere.


I hope there is a quiet renaissance of Catalan culture because it is very difficult to deal with the truth of all that.


I do love the Prado Art museum in Spain but what has happened to Catalans is always there.


The Golan Heights are where my people are too.


We are all around the Mediterranean.


I really do need to build a new life, to make my own personal journeys and enjoy the beauty of life.


There is no denying I have reasonable grounds for saying there are issues around my protection after what has really happened in Australia and the UK.


I don’t have any real problem with most people, but am instead sensibly wary of some, because I need to be able to say just like anyone else, leave me alone.


It is a given there will never be total agreement, because there never is, so the best that can be done is the lawsuits lawfully settled because on that legal point, there is no plausible deniability it was always… foreseeable it is causing me harm not lawfully settling lawsuits.


A lawful settlement is going to cost serious money.


I will need someone I can go to outside the UK in the European Union, if I have a problem, because the use of torture will not be used as just another excuse to not deal with anything properly, because that is what has… already happened.


It is in my own interests to see that lawfully settled in lawsuits, because that helps... remove some of my valid concerns around my protection, because it is the legal issues around torture etc that cause a vicious circle… for the victim.


Other than that, as someone said, I ‘could’ get into trouble from time to time, but it is unlikely.


I will have a black crystal Bentley Continental Cruiser that will be a trophy, I can toss a tent into the boot of, because I will not be anyone else’s trophy.


I am Donna, which is my true name that I do really like, because it is me.


You can call me Catalani.


The name Catalani which is the gentle music of the Mediterranean is really calling me home.


I prefer to be a quiet Catalan doing my own thing enjoying the beauty of life.


I have always lived by we are all a spiritual work in progress.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!