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The British and Australian governments have obviously always known it is a legal impossibility for them to ever even try and claim their 'intelligence services' could 'recruit'... infants !! whose identities they changed, so I can 'confirm' I have never worked for any 'intelligence services'.  




... the witness... a catalan sephardi 'converso' peacenik... exiled...



It is the truth about the childhoods of both myself and my brother that has always been ‘hidden’ because the ‘intelligence services’ obviously did exert improper ‘influence’ on us as... minors, knowing there could not possibly have been any 'consent'. 


I would never wish what has happened to myself and my brother and our families, on anyone else.


There could never really be any words to describe the grief, and terror of so many years.


It is a very shocking and unusual true story because our same family (my brother and myself) had 'victories' in... courts, in horrific cases in both Australia on... 13 December 2000 and the British courts on... 13 December 2007.



... little meowgli... 


My nephew was executed on 19 February 1999, in Australia and when the shooter who sadly never even said sorry or showed any remorse, while being backed by the gun 'lobby' who could not 'reverse' the jury verdict on 22 May 2000, during the 'appeal' process, my sister died, and after the sentence of the shooter could not be reduced below the minimum, my other nephew (they were twins) then died.  


It was very distressing politicians, media and the international gun 'lobby' all falsely claimed publicly that the jury verdict, in a case it really was a miracle even went to court, was a 'mistake' and it was all an 'accident' which was very clearly untrue.


It wasn't until 2006 (by which time I was in Parliament Square, Central London because I am a peacenik who was living in the UK) that the Australian government were finally forced to 'designate' the area where my nephew was executed a 'safe zone' excluding shooters, because the jury verdict was his death was no 'accident'.


I was the survivor who stood 24/7 for seven plus very long years in Parliament Square, Central London, for peace to try and stop terrorfor the benefit of everyone when terror came to the UK.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus years watch in Parliament Square, Central London.


On 7/7, one of my sons had been one of many millions of people who had as a young student himself, travelled into London getting on the tube to go to work experience in the City of London. The bombings were followed on 21 July 2005 by the shooting of Jean Charles de Menenzes.


There were no 11 million people like in Spain who stood to stop terror after the Madrid terror atrocity in 2004, so I did the best I could do.


It took my own 48 unlawful arrests etc in the UK when there was... no due process at all, and during which Brian died, for the government to be forced to repeal their legislation (that did not exist anywhere else in the UK) that sought to...  exclude... peaceniks !! from Parliament Square in Central London.


Nothing the government in the UK did to me was any kind of 'mistake' or 'accident'.




13 DECEMBER 2000 - 13 DECEMBER 2007



... 19 february 1999, 22 may 2000, 10 august 2000, 13 december 2000...



The international gun 'lobby' were trying to 'reverse' our 'victories' in court cases in both... Australia and the... UK.


I was never supposed to win the case (below) because it unravels... everything else they did to me whichever way they try and spin it before and after (where it had to be admitted I am a... peacenik lawfully 'resisting') :




... 'resisting'... blair was forced to resign over this 'case' of mine, that is an unprecedented lawsuit including 4 september 2006, 22 january 2007, 22 may 2007... 13 december 2007...






We can all make a difference for the benefit of everyone, which really does not mean being a doormat ourselves for anyone.


The appalling persecution in the UK (during which I was unlawfully arrested etc 48 times incl. being tortured etc over... free speech !!) was unprecedented and made all the worse by everyone... already knew our very real suffering.



.... 4 september 2006... when the... men with guns and trophy footage lost all 'plausible deniability' trying to hide i was lawfully resisting in the most horrific trail of persecution...



There has never been anything but the most appalling witness intimidation and so on.


It says it all when it is a female peacenik forced into exile.


I had been raised separately from my little sister so her loss was a loss... all over again.



... my beautiful little 'converso' sister who i was raised separately from, who was raised as a catholic... 



It is impossible to deny that the British and Australian governments obviously clearly knew… exactly what they were trying to cover up when they forced me out of the UK into… exile in the European Union.


(I never had any interest in their Treaty of Utrecht 1713 which some Catalan exiles, which I am too, were 'excluded' from)


I was 'abandoned' by both the British and Australian governments who both illegally denied me legal representation, knowing there was no due process of any kind being done, so it was always foreseeable that I would be forced into exile etc etc.


In all the true circumstances, I am an exile who really can’t live in the UK (or Australia) because too much has happened, and there is no refoulement over torture etc, (over which there is no statute of limitations ) so I need to be able to build a new life for myself, outside the UK in the European Union, in a 'transition' to another citizenship, all of which any reasonable person would know is no easy thing to do.


It has been a very, very long 19 years.


My real name is Donna.


xxx Gary, Jenni, Jamie xxx


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!