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I did wryly smile at the Murdoch headline, because of course it is so surreal, if you know the truth.



... 26 may... it is true that stakeknife corbyn is the freddie scappaticci of the uk peace movement because he sows the seeds of and supports terrorism...



I 'could' return to give evidence because of course there is for example video-link.


It says it all when it is the... female peacenik who is exiled, because she is not the spy, so there is nothing to smile about over the horror of the terror which has caused so much pain and suffering to so many people.


I remember the little girl who was too frightened to go to school because of the guns because I was that little girl.


I could never understand how the ‘adults’ said all the boys who lived on the ‘farm’ across the road were supposedly ‘naughty’ yet the ‘farm’ basically had an armoury filled with guns they had free access to, so they could do whatever they liked to… little girls.


When I refused to go to school after what happened at the ‘farm’ because I was too frightened of the guns etc, Leila Rachel just left me sitting outside on the blue bench on the porch and drove away.


I didn’t mind because I was sitting there with Cindy my black and white cat who did always protect me.


Czechpoint Charlie from next door who looked very big from a child’s point of view came over later, towering over me, quietly asking me why I wouldn’t go to school. I just didn’t say anything, because I didn’t really want to talk to anyone because I didn’t know what to say because I was just too frightened about everything really. Anyway, he went on and on and on and said he would walk with me to school and wasn’t going away until I did, so in the end he did walk with me to school etc etc.


I later lived in London during the IRA bombings when politicians like Corbyn didn’t really care what happened to civilians, and they only made the Good Friday agreement when the City of London was bombed.


I have seen nothing but terror from men with guns and their trophy footage since I was a small child.


On 19 February 1999 that terror returned in Australia when my nephew was executed and the international gun ‘lobby’ could not ‘reverse’ the jury verdict in a trial it really was a miracle even went ahead.



... 19 years ago... 19 february 1999, 22 may 2000, 10 august 2000 & 13 december 2000...




The politicians, media and gun ‘lobby’ persisted in falsely claiming that the jury verdict was a ‘mistake’ and it was all an ‘accident’ which it very clearly was not.


Nobody looked into the hidden childhoods of myself or my brother, which brings new meaning to the ’intelligence services’ exerting improper ‘influence’ on minors.


My sister died during the ‘appeal’ process and when the shooters 'appeal' failed beyond ensuring the minimum sentence possible from a shooter who never even said sorry or showed any remorse, while putting my brother's family through the additional ordeal of 'appeal' my other nephew (they were twins) died.


xxx Gary, Jenni, Jamie xxx


So the family of my brother and myself lost three family members in that gun ‘lobby’ terror that deeply affected us all and destroyed so many lives in so many ways.


The loss of my sister was a loss all... over again because my sister and myself had been raised separately.


There are no words that could ever explain the grief and horror of all the terror.


It took until 2006 (by which time I was in Parliament Square, Central London because I was living in the UK) before the Australian government designated the area where my nephew was executed, a safe zone, excluding shooters, because of the jury verdict that it was no ‘accident’.


So I was the survivor who stood in Parliament Square, Central London for peace to try and stop the terror for the benefit of everyone.


There was a little boy who was once too afraid to go to school because of the dogs so I walked him to school and it turned out a lot of parents had complained about the dogs being let loose on the children, so it was sensibly sorted out.


On 7/7 that little boy was a young family member who was on the tube going to do work experience in the City of London.


Then there was the execution of Jean Charles De Menenzes.


I know for certain that Stakeknife Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement doesn’t care about defenceless civilians being 'collateral damage' on the mainland UK.


It is self evident Stakeknife Corbyn did everything he did for his own personal and financial gain, in the full knowledge he... intended to cause as much serious harm as possible.


I never had the same freedoms humans normally have so I have never had any choices about things like politics or religion, but I do know about terror.


So I stood 24/7 for seven plus long years in Parliament Square, Central London, for peace, to stop terror for the benefit of everyone and there was no terror in the UK on my seven plus years watch.


I did the best I could because there were no 11 million people like those who stood in Spain to try and stop terror, after the 2004 Madrid terror atrocity.


It is impossible to claim Stakeknife Corbyn ever stood up to stop terror in the UK.


Anyone who was a real peacenik in the UK knows Corbyn is no peacenik.


Corbyn didn’t even tell the truth that the union leaders were exempt from the legislation (I did force the repeal of) used against we peaceniks that did not exist anywhere else in the country !! because he was always trying to hide he not only isn't a peacenik but he sows the seeds of and openly supports terrorism.


When I was pushed into the road by police it was a family member who first commented, when I asked what on earth they could have been thinking, that they were trying to suffragette me.


When I had won in court, in one case, there was a hit and run incident against a family member too.


There was nothing but witness intimidation that went on in Parliament Square, Central London.


I was violently punched in the head on 17 August 2007 during an undercover operation run by Stakeknife Corbyn’s Livingstone and Co because they all knew I had won... in court on 8 March 2007 at Southwark Crown Court etc etc before I won the ‘decisive victory’... in court on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court.


Blair had been forced to resign by then because of what he had to take responsibility for doing to me on 4 September 2006.


When it was witnessed I made a formal complaint to Charing Cross Police on 17 August 2007 over the violent attack by the unknown assailant Livingstone & Co disappeared, Livingstone and Co used 'private security' to harass me over… their ‘border’ dispute ( I had already won in court on 8 March 2007) to as we proved, unlawfully arrest myself and later Brian to try and cover everything up.


When I made the lawful citizen’s arrest of Livingstone on 9 April 2008 to try and stop the physical violence they were using against us, they tried to have me exiled which is how I got the High Court Order in April 2008 that is really a lawsuit.


When they could not exile me then, Livingstone lost the Mayoral election but Corbyn was still dishonest and dishonourable covering up who he really is which is no peacenik that’s for sure.


Stakeknife Corbyn is the terrorist who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement who has 'no recognised defence' in law to breaching the Good Friday agreement/High Court Order from April 2008, forcing me into exile.


He doesn't even believe in free speech for law abiding civilians, because all I was doing was practising free speech in the most serious circumstances possible, trying to save lives.


Everything after... 13 December 2007 was a groundhog day really, trying to cover up that 'decisive victory'.




13 December 2000 & 13 December 2007 :


The same...  family win against the... international gun 'lobby' in... Australia on 13 December 2000 and in the... UK on 13 December 2007 :



 ... they have spent years trying to 'reverse' this decisive victory in the uk too... 4 september 2006, 22 january 2007, 22 may 2007... 13 december 2007...



In the election in 2010 it was Stakeknife Corbyn who had the most to gain from a hung Parliament because… he needed a Tory government most of all, because Labour had also failed to ‘remove’ me, despite 4 September 200… 9.


In legal terms, both Labour and Tory bear legal responsibility for what happened in September 2009 and the subsequent cover up because Brown was Prime Minister and Johnson was Mayor of London in charge of the MET Police. 


Brown knew he was going to have to resign.




THE 'CHIASTIC STRUCTURE' : 4 SEPTEMBER 2009 - 13 JANUARY 2010 - 29 APRIL 2010 - 25 MAY 2010 - 26 MAY 2010 - 21 JUNE 2010 etc...


It's not like Stakeknife Corbyn didn't know exactly what was going on.


By 13 January 2010, Corbyn most needed a Tory government to run cover for… him !! because the Labour mayoralty and Labour party could no longer attack us in Parliament Square, Central London.



... corbyn in parliament square, central london, in for example... 200...6, trying to cover up... unlawful arrests of myself and others, he was in fact, directly involved in...



It is a matter of fact the put up job of Democracy Village started on 1 May 2010, under... the Labour administration when Corbyn was a Labour MP publicly supporting it.


(The legal problems with the involvement of the for example Russian government is they were invited into the UK to try and provide ‘plausible deniability’ for politicians in the UK, which in any legal sense simply does not exist.


While the fact is the put up job of 'Democracy Village' was started by Labour with the intention of producing a hung parliament, the timeline means neither Labour or Tory could... deny they invited the Russian government to try and give them... both 'plausible deniability'. 


My obvious underlying concern with the Russian government in the UK, is not to do with them 'interfering' in an election, but instead with politicians trying to use them as ‘plausible deniability’ in the… unlawful arrests etc of British nationals in the UK, who are peaceniks, which is very, very serious


It is impossible to deny Stakeknife Corbyn was supporting the unlawful arrests of myself and Brian at the State Opening on 25 May 2010 ... using undercover agents who everyone illegally refused to identify and who never appeared in any court etc etc


I continued despite my grief over Brian then dying, and all the accompanying abuse surrounding that.


A very 'dirty war' took place in Parliament Square, Central London that obviously did not end when I left)


I could ‘return’ to give evidence to a High Court jury against… Stake knife Corbyn, who doesn’t even have any recognised defence in law to put before a jury in a lawsuit I have won already really.




8 March 2007:


The... incomplete'... disclosure' with Corbyn & Co trying to illegally... 'reverse' a lawsuit... against Livingstone and... himself  (the... leadership of the UK Stop the War Coalition did all work together) over my... winning at Southwark Crown Court on 8 March 2007 into... another !! malicious prosecution against me:



... corbyn & co have always... hidden from ever having to explain to any high court... jury a series of incomplete emails over 8 march 2007 after i won in court, that were only belatedly disclosed in... september 2010 (when brian was in hospital !!) while corbyn & co... hid and i was illegally denied legal representation...



Corbyn who is an MP who has always had, unlike me, an entourage of lawyers, always knew exactly what he was maliciously doing, during which I was unlawfully arrested etc... 48 times.


The incontrovertible evidence is Corbyn -and- Livingstone were -both- working together in for example... 2006 and... 2007 long before Corbyn continued in.. 2010 etc, trying to hide their involvement in our unlawful arrests etc.





I would obviously in advance, need an entourage of lawyers like everyone else along with all the disclosures I have previously asked for and a very bigly house with lots of protection because all there has been in the UK is witness intimidation.




21 JUNE 2010 :


Brian stood up for me and said it all to Benn’s face in a packed courtroom on the court recording in the High Court in the UK on 21 June 2010 saying that they are hiding I am the one being relentlessly abused, while "essentially on my own representing an entire suffragette movement".


The undercover agents... directly involved in our unlawful arrests on 25 May 2010 etc were... no-where to be seen in the High Court, because it transpired the put up job of 'Democracy Village' were given the luxury of deciding... with politicians who could not explain that one, who would stand in what was portrayed as a separate (and still malicious prosecution) they invented on... 26 May 2010, to really use against Brian and myself because the put up job of the 'Democracy Village' was legally speaking a completely busted flush over our unlawful arrests on... 25 May 2010.


It was the old 'chestnut' of hearing malicious prosecutions in the... reverse order and so on, while using every opportunity for the... same people to continue to intimidate and attack us etc etc outside court etc etc, because the government had... already illegally adjourned legal proceedings without lawful excuse on 29 April 2010, over the illegal use of agent provocateurs. So everyone did know... exactly what was going on.


Anyone with any knowledge about our cases, would know Westminster have always used an identifiable 'chiastic structure'... over and over again, to try and cover everything up.




There never really was any difference between the 'extremes' of the likes of Tony Benn and Enoch Powell.
Corbyn (who has always had an entourage of lawyers too) is the... hidden abuser, who as a politician sows the seeds of and supports terrorism.


It is the... hidden abuse of  Stakeknife Corbyn which causes so many problems because he and Livingstone et al are really... hiding who they really are, to try and... stop any honest public debate.


It's self evident to anyone, it's obviously completely illegal for politicians to try and illegally refuse to lawfully settle... unprecedented lawsuits, including through exile.


We can all make a difference for the benefit of everyone, which does not mean being a doormat ourselves for anyone.


It’s Corbyn who is the 'champagne socialist' (whatever he might dishonestly claim that to be on any given day) who… hides who he really is, which is causing so much harm.


He did everything he did to try and avoid a... jury trial, because he knows nothing he did was a 'mistake' or an 'accident'.


In fact it was entirely foreseeable that everything he did contributed to my forced exile.


In all the true circumstances, I really can’t live in the UK because too much has happened, and there is no refoulement over torture etc (over which there is no statute of limitations) so I need to be able to build a new life for myself, outside the UK in the European Union, which is no easy thing to do.


This does not exclude it is possible I could own a bigly house in the UK too, with lots of protection a family member could live in, so I wasn’t 'technically' considered an exile/tax exile either, in a 'transition' to other... citizenship outside the UK, in the European Union.


In that legal sense, the UK would then always remain legally responsible for everything too ?


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!