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I don’t know why men with guns and trophy footage have been saying for centuries that they are trying to protect children and women, because they haven’t made children and women at all safe.





...i don't know why they call it a 'museum' because the exiles are still continuing...




The problem was they never asked the children and women what they wanted.


It is time to listen to and hear the children and women because it is possible to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance.


The Catalan Crown of Aragon ‘conversos’ have been persecuted forever which continues, whatever religion we are and wherever we try and live, we have been excluded and exiled.


16. 02.2018: A report on the downing of two Israeli jets and a helicopter by Syrian army on 10 February.


I was born on 10 February and innocently opened what I did not know was a Pandora’s box over twenty years ago.


It has been a very long 19 years of sorrow and torment.


I was just happy to find my little sister so the two sisters were no longer lost.


Then one day the guns returned and my nephew was murdered by a direct hit on 19 February 1999.


A jury convicted the shooter.


The international gun ‘lobby’ were not happy and called the verdict a ‘mistake’.


It is a miracle there was even a trial because he was a young man who wasn’t murdered in a school.


He was loved. He was someone’s son and brother and nephew and grandson.


During the ‘appeal’ process someone found out where my sister was living and my sister took a direct hit on 10 September 2000.


I have no words.


Our time together was such a brief moment in time before my little sister was gone and it was just loss all over again.


I remember our walking together in the sun and the shallows in the sea.


The two sisters.


Before all the tears.


I went and stood where she died and looked down and I… saw the truth, and I knew because of course I did know there were two worlds, where one was being hidden.


Then when the shooters jury verdict over the murder of my nephew could not be overturned my other nephew (they were twins) took a direct hit too.


Judith told me she heard.


There was something very wrong going on.


No-one looked at the childhoods of myself or my brother to see what was hidden, while we were never protected.


I was brought to my knees with overwhelming grief as was my brother and his family.


The War on Terror started many, many years ago.


9/11 only saw the United States… stay in Afghanistan and nothing has improved for civilians there.


The Iraq War has not improved anything for civilians there either.


I guess I was both a casualty and a survivor of the War on Terror before I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


I have only seen the terror of men with guns ever since I was a small child.






It took until 2006 (by which time because I was living in the UK, I was in Parliament Square, Central London) before the Australian government designated where my nephew was executed a safe zone that excluded shooters, because of course the jury verdict had been the execution was not an 'accident'. 


When the terror came to the UK (with 7/7 and the execution of Jean Charles De Menenzes) I was a woman who stood for peace to stop the terror in the UK for the benefit of everyone, which I did always do because I always fought the right battles in the courts, on the only real front line, at the belly of a global beast.


I didn’t know I could do what I did do.


It is possible for everyone to make a difference without weapons.


I always fought the real legal battles, not the surrender of ‘civil disobedience’ which is just being a doormat, because people need to know they have the real power to always lawfully resist, and that it is possible to do that without escalating to weapons. 


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus long years watch in Parliament Square, Central London.


It is about everyone trying to honestly take responsibility to do what we can to the best of our ability.


The terribly precious comfortable slipper brigade of Mr Alain Mabanckou who somehow missed the Iraq War, obviously haven't spent any time in the concentration camp in Parliament Square, Central London. This is because they are themselves collaborators in the oppression, having real female peaceniks and... exiles like myself unlawfully arrested like on 25 May 2010 because they too profess to 'disapprove' of our 'language' in the 101 colonial spin of blame the victim.




Look at the brave and beautiful young survivors in America saying they are going to be the last mass shooting of children there is going to be because they are going to change the law.


I believe they will.


The brave Emma Gonzalez aged 18 who survived the Florida mass shooting was right when she simply said "we call BS". 


It is time now for the children and women to be listened to and heard.


The children are the next generation of beautiful young people who are going to take a stand for the benefit of everyone.


The War on Terror should never have become a War between Syria and Israel who are the one and same to me because I am from around the Mediterranean.


How did they start a war between themselves over protests in Syria ?


I never understood the young men who were mercenaries not protesters who boasted of taking weapons from the same warlords in Westminster who were hurting the peaceniks they could all see, really standing for peace for everyone.


I am a Catalan ‘converso’ from around the Mediterranean so what really divides me and makes me any different from all my other brothers and sisters who are Palestinian and Syrian, Italian or Spanish ?


There is a Catalan exile ‘museum’ in Catalonia, yet there are still Catalan ‘converso’ exiles now because of everything.


I don’t know why my brothers and sisters are firing off direct hits at each other over the Golan Heights causing so much pain and sorrow, because the civilians have had enough and the soldiers want to go home to their families.


Don’t they know there are already too many exiles ?


Too much suffering and pain.


So much suffering and nothing but pain.


When I think of the concentration camp in Parliament Square, Central London with all it’s borders and barriers and endless state abuse and the different people I met there over too many long years, who are from places like Lebanon and Syria, Palestine, Israel and so on, I just can’t imagine a war with them in the Golan Heights.


President Assad knows Syria expelled Catalan Sephardi too, but in 2013 I did try and stop an all out invasion of Syria,


I wanted politicians to take more responsibility, because that is what they are supposed to do, but instead they argued over who is to blame ?


A ‘clue’ could be the Treaty of Utrecht which is the global ‘system’ really.


It is sad that President Assad did not do more to save civilians or soldiers lives because he knows all about the Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe that saw millions upon millions of civilians slaughtered.


There has been too much war in the Middle East.


It is possible to have a Middle East Union too for the benefit of all the civilian populations.


I am a Catalan Sephardi with a heritage including the Golan Heights too, and I want to see a neutral multi-faith cultural state in the Golan Heights as a beacon of peace, under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance to bring peace for all races and religions.


I know my brothers and sisters want the same peace.


It is not a dream because everyone who has ever stood on any front line, knows it is possible and should be a reality.


Which of my brothers or sisters would go to a court to argue I am wrong ?


I haven’t seen any of them do it in so many years.


Sometimes it is very hard to feel or find any love, but it is there and is the only peace for all of humanity.


I am a Catalan Sephardi 'converso' from the Mediterranean so how am I any different from anyone else who is (for example) Italian, Spanish, Syrian or Palestinian ?


The White Rose Golan Heights, “on top of the world looking down on creation” Peace Treaty.


xxx Gary, Jenni, Jamie xxx






Syrian Arab Army Facebook page, 16 February 2018


"A long and overdue report regarding what happened on Feb 10, 2018 when the SyAAD engaged the Zionists; but we had to wait for a personal reason; and as always on this page, the blunt truth.


On 05:00 Feb 10, 2018 a formation of Zionist jets launched 16 Popeye Turbo ALCM (320km range) from Lebanese airspace toward Riyad Qayasa AFB (aka T4 AFB) which the SyAAD managed to detect and intercept the majority of. (we cannot disclose any more) after foiling their attack, SyAAD fired a single long range missile against the Zionist formation which after exploding the fragmented warhead hit a Zionist F-15 damaging it.


When the Zionist's raid was foiled, a second Zionist formation took off to reattempt an attack on the SyAAF base; at 0600 few minutes after taking off, a Syrian S-200VE missile scored a direct hit against an enemy F-16I over the occupied Golan Heights and we all saw the aftermath. (The jet was downed while fully armed contradicting the Zionists' media story that it was shot down after it "successfully" raided the Syrian airbase)


When their F-16I was shot down, the Zionist air force was put on full alert and attempted what is known as SEAD or "Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses" like they did back in 1982 in Southern Lebanon.


The first batch of long-range and anti-radiation missiles fired by the Zionists were completely shot down and non of it made it to its targets. They were hit with that surprise and for the first time in their history they Zionists attempted to overwhelm the Syrian Air Defenses by firing projectiles from outside of Syrian Airspace but most were without a specific target; and mainly to overwhelm the air defenses so that the projectiles and anti-radiation missiles might have a chance in hitting their attempted targets.


SyAAD also fired a short/medium range missile and destroyed an AH-64 Apache helicopter, while another one was damaged. The enemy claimed one of their choppers was out of services due to a mechanical error


After their miserable failure to hit anything significant, the enemy thinking that they had already overwhelmed the SyAAD, they sent an armed drone that entered the Syrian Airspace from the Lebanese airspace and was shot down over al-Zabadani


They only managed to hit a single air defenses guidance radar in the South, and a single launcher (we cannot specify but it was NOT an S-200 as they claimed)


An enemy F-15 formation attempted to target the Syrian Air Defenses from over Jordanian airspace, and again, an SyAAD S-200 scored a direct hit against another enemy F-15 near the Jordanian/Palestinian border line; parts of the missile and the F-15 were recovered in Jordan, but Zionist media and officials claimed that it belonged to the same F-16 that was downed in Occupied Golan Heights (So basically they are saying a jet that was hit with a 217kg warhead was still able to fly North where there are not airbases to land after being hit; this lie might work on civilians but not on us)


Syrian Air Defenses imposed what is known as A2/AD or Anti-Access/Area Denial that extended from Northern Damascus all the way over Southern Syria, Southern Lebanon, Northwestern Jordan and Northern Palestine; in which not a single enemy fighter was able to move freely and the enemy was going crazy trying to hit the Syrian Air Defenses batteries and failed. And you all saw SyAAD missiles and missile boosters over Lebanon and Jordan.


To give you an example of how the enemy lie regarding whether they hit their target or not; they claimed they hit all of their targets but wasn't it few weeks ago when the Zionists claimed they have destroyed the S-200 regiment that fired a missile at one of their F-16s in Lebanon and we told you back then their claims are baseless and there was minor material damage?! Well evidently, the same battery they claimed they destroyed shot down one of their jets just few weeks after.


Finally, the Syrian Air Defenses put down the enemies "long hand" and showed the enemy again that just because Syrian command chooses not to move in certain occasions, it does not mean SyAAD is not capable of reacting; never mistake patience with weakness, and choice with inability. And we`ve always said that on this page way back since 2013.


This is what happened to the best of our ability to share in terms of details. Those who follow us know very well that we never share anything we are not sure of, and we never sell dreams nor sugarcoat events. Another post is coming regarding the aftermath and our personal thoughts."




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!