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The White Rose Golan Heights "on top of the world looking down on creation" Peace Treaty (18.02.2018) 



I am an exile.


This is one of those one small step for womankind could be a massive leap for humanity 'blue sky' thinking sort of times.




... the witness... my real name is Donna (aka Babs)...




It is possible to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance.


My very important question which results from my having been an extremely unwilling ‘test’ case of all sorts my whole life is this ?


The Catalan Crown of Aragon ‘conversos’ were (for example) excluded from the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, which has had very serious far reaching consequences, so we really don’t want to revisit/unravel/add to all that but instead look at things differently.


It has always been legally possible to with a gentle pas de deux transfer a neutral Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the ECJ and European Union which while administratively simple would not only remedy the loss of ‘conversos’ but would have… major implications.


This is because it would essentially be a very exciting ’test case’ over whether a small neutral state that is not technically part of the European Union could join the European Union like countries are for example part of the Commonwealth, which is obviously not one large land mass. It would obviously be helping to re-unite the Mediterranean too, asking all sorts of questions.


Who would really go to any court to argue against the Golan Heights being returned to a Catalan Sephardi/Catholic ‘converso’ exile ?




I have already been 'abandoned' by two governments who illegally refused me legal representation because they always intended to force my exile:



... 'the museum'... i am a female peacenik who has been twice exiled, thus far in the here and now ... 




It starts the conversation over:


a) there is a European Union which while a good example of an administrative union has the anomalous fundamental flaw because politicians do not ‘officially’ recognise ‘converso’ exiles who come from within the European Union, while they do officially recognise refugees from outside the European Union.


(this can only be because of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, so while I do support the EU, the EU do not support me)


b) the Middle East do not have an administrative union and have been at war for many years.


It is impossible to overlook the Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe that slaughtered millions upon millions of innocent civilians and ask what on earth leaders in the Middle East think they are doing now.


The expulsions of Sephardi, after the War of the Sicilian Vespers in 1282 started a massive wave of expulsions in 1290, 1306, 1492 and so on.



... mauthausen...



It was the exclusion of Catalan Crown of Aragon ‘conversos’ from the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 that ultimately led to the division of Catalonia in 1714 in the War of Spanish Succession before Two World Wars.


In the Middle East, Palestinian people are the diaspora, no government really wants either.


A neutral Golan Heights under the ECJ shifts an ‘imbalance of power’ opening up new opportunities that help to re-unite a fractured Mediterranean of divide and rule.


The ideas is if you like, a test case for the theory can a country not geographically linked to the European Union yet part of the Mediterranean join the European Union ?


This is feasible when you consider the true nature of governance much of which is hidden because Spain of example lay claim to Jerusalem and Spain are part of the European Union.





I have never had the freedoms or opportunities any normal human has so I could never reach my full potential because I could never have any real public role in anything because anyone delving into the background of my childhood would know something was wrong.


So that has inevitably given me cause to pause for thought over how administrative systems… really 'function'.






After my second son was born I was quite ill for a long time, because several doctors somehow failed to connect it to being part of a hereditary genetic illness, despite a CT scan I had as a teenager having showed there was a problem.


Anyway, in the mid-1990’s I was unwell again and went to a different doctor who was female and she asked two key questions, so I was immediately treated properly and did get better.


This led to my lawfully getting legal records from Australia that opened the Pandora’s box that led to a real life horror movie leading to my exile thus far, from two countries.


There are a number of known, knowns about two sisters over what should have been a fairytale of two lost sisters being re-united that spun out into a nightmare.


What has happened to me is without any doubt because the Treaty of Utrecht 1713 is such an ingrained yet flawed part the global system.






So in that sense while there are people who are legally responsible for much, my primary concern remains searching for a larger peaceful solution that benefits everyone, because I know myself how much pain I have lived through.


I would not wish on anyone else what I have personally seen and lived.




EXHIBIT ONE & EXHIBIT TWO: (1975 & 2012)


Mr ‘Genie Israel’ Murdoch who was involved in politics in Australia in 1975 and his current British PM who was the British Home Secretary in 2010 - 2012 could not go on any witness stand before a High Court jury over two emails from 29 October 2011 and 17 January 2012.


EXHIBIT ONE : The 'Forbidden City' email (which was lawfully sent to me, is the tip of a very large iceberg, going around the world) proves that exhibit two which is an email from the Home Secretary is a lie, because of course the Home Secretary had every reason to want to get rid of me because of the... exhibit one email)



... the 'forbidden city'... the 'tip of a very large iceberg' that spans the world and lands... back on the door of the british pm...







...the email on 29 october 2011 means this is completely false...




The ‘media’ need to look a... little closer to home when complaining about Israeli politicians while conveniently ‘overlooking’ the Edicts of Expulsion in 1290 made against… Sephardi that have never been repealed, which is so obviously incompatible with the European Convention of Fundamental Rights.


Of course the two ‘exhibits’ do also conclusively prove that I am the real peacenik who has never been a spy when I had my shelter stolen in the middle of winter while… their state agents kept their shelter in a very, very dirty war.


The British and Australian governments would find it a legal impossibility to explain how a child with an unusual Catalan ‘converso’ heritage was raised by military ‘minders’ from the highest echelons of the ‘intelligence services’ with several other ‘minders’ from hell posing as ‘godparents’.



... the two who lived at 646 were not the same as the two who moved to 11 when we left, and the chinese dragon moved into number 9 next to them...



One of my godparents was the ‘personal assistant’ of Brigadier Sir Charles Spry who was Director General of ASIO for twenty years, that included the Petrov affair, and the other was a Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett.


The words exerting improper ‘influence’ on a minor do not even begin to explain what was going on in my childhood because it is obviously a legal impossibility for the ‘intelligence services’ to claim they could ‘recruit’ an infant !! who has really always been a ‘genie in a bottle’ etc.


It is very difficult for anyone with a ‘converso’ heritage (there are still ‘the lists’) because there is such a long history of so many centuries of the most appalling persecution through expulsions and the Holocaust of Two World Wars in Europe that saw millions upon millions of civilians from all walks of life murdered. 


There is nothing but horror behind me yet I have to deal with that horror because the truly heartbreaking history of centuries of persecution of ’conversos’ is why there is the anomalous situation of exiles from within the European Union not being ’officially’ recognised, while refugees from outside the EU are.


None of that is an easy reality on either a personal emotional or practical level because so much has happened.


The broad brush strokes of my personal journey thus far help anyone understand why I place such importance on peace and try to offer real solutions that may not always seem obvious to others.




The childhoods of myself and my brother which were always hidden by governments prove beyond any reasonable doubt, the ‘intelligence services’ exerted unprecedented improper ‘influence’ on minors.


I moved from New Zealand by extension… back to England again in 1996 (thanks to ’Professor’ Alexander Downer and the Kazakh Steppes saga, because it’s always been the case the government didn’t want me in Australia). Everyone knew I had not wanted to go back to England for what are all too obvious reasons



THE EXECUTIONS : GARY (1999) JENNI (2000) JAMIE (2001)


The execution of my 19 year old nephew (who was a twin) took place in Australia on 19 February 1999 when the 20 year old shooter who was a copper’s son used a high powered rifle to murder him, before serving one year in prison.


The young man sadly never showed any remorse, because he was backed by all the politicians, gun lobby and media who only ever repeated the false claim it was an ‘accident’ despite a… jury saying otherwise, because it was clearly no accident.


The shooters had expressly been told by locals to not shoot in the area they were shooting in and locals had and continued to repeatedly complain about shooters in that area, so it is impossible to claim… however anyone chooses to look at it, that anything other than a planned execution took place on 19 February 1999.






It wasn’t even credible that the shooter tried to rely on a defence that is ‘not recognised in law’ in court of having… failed to identify his target !! who was within close range while the shooter had a high powered weapon.


It could only have been a premeditated execution that those involved tried to make look otherwise.


When the shooter incredibly ‘appealed’ !! the jury conviction on 22 May 2000 on 10 August 2000, my little sister I had been raised separately from, then died on 10 September 2000, when someone confirmed the details of where… she was living, several months before she was supposed to be coming to live with me in the UK. 



... my little sister...




What is known is that no governments wanted the two sisters to be together anywhere, which is confirmed by the reality I have been twice exiled myself.





So I... lost my sister… all over again.


And my nephew was without any real doubt murdered.


The shooter was on appeal, given the minimum sentence of 1 year on 13 December 2000, because no-one could overturn the jury ruling completely.


So what is called ‘law’ that is made by politicians all very much depends on where anyone murders someone with… a high powered gun.


My other nephew who was a twin died in 2001.


What really was being hidden was the childhoods of myself and my brother.



... the catalan crown of aragon conversos were excluded from the treaty of utrecht...



The truth is all I have seen since I was a small child is men with guns and trophy footage.


It really is impossible to describe in words the devastation.


It took until… 2006 (by which time because I was living in the UK I was in Parliament Square Central London) before for the Australian government, designated where my nephew was executed a safe zone that excluded shooters because of course the jury verdict was his execution was not an accident.


The electoral processes of the revolving doors of politicians etc. contribute to much it is foreseeable could be avoided that is then all too often further exploited.


In fact it had been a major achievement by his parents any trial had even taken place because of the influence of the gun lobby whom all politicians and media back.


The gun lobby in Australia were obviously very unhappy with the jury verdict.


The terror of the latest shooting in the United States only begs the question when people in the United States will stand up to try and stop the holocaust of their children, by trying to make safe spaces, because there have been… so many avoidable and preventable gun deaths over so many years during all the political administrations there.


It was foreseeable I would be exiled from the UK:



... 30 october 2011... the warlords provocateurs labelled me the 'satan jew' which conveniently 'overlooks' the edicts of expulsion 1290 and the treaty of utrecht 1713...







I remember I was told on 9/11 that Leila Rachel had rung, because she said it was the anniversary of my little sister’s death (which was actually a day earlier) but I had been out at a meeting in a school so we didn’t actually speak then.


In many ways the horror of 9/11 mirrored the devastation of the families of myself and my brother who had lost three family members in three years in horrific circumstances.


In the aftermath of the horror of 9/11, the United States only really… stayed in Afghanistan which they had never really left, while terror escalated and continued everywhere.


The Russian and American… governments have so much to do if they really do want to ’make a difference’ to peacefully improve civilian lives in the United States, Russia and Afghanistan, which also affects other people’s lives elsewhere.









I openly opposed the Iraq War like other unprecedented numbers of people from all walks of life always have, while politicians, media and ‘intelligence services’ obviously only managed to completely discredit themselves, without anyone else’s help.


The last time I visited Australia and heard the Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes ‘excuses’ about myself (he was the original Director of their overseas 'Intelligence Services') I was warned while the men… with guns did dangerously ’circle’ again which was all on Downer’s watch, to never go to Australia again.


It is not like I would even want to.


(It was in essence admitted there was a major cover-up of all sorts going on over the hidden childhoods of myself, and my brother)


There is just the difficulty of getting my true identity... back which is hardly a slight against anyone, because of course all wars are about robbing people of and destroying their whole identity.









On the morning of 7/7 I remember my eldest son who was at secondary college had like millions of other people, travelled into London, in his example, on work experience in the City of London.


This was followed by the shooting of Jean Charles de Menenzes on 21 July 2007 where most people understand it is simply not credible that the intelligence agencies were not involved in surveillance.


I then stood for peace 24/7 in Parliament Square, Central London, to stop terror for the benefit of everyone, just like millions upon millions of people had done in Spain a year earlier following the Madrid Terror atrocity.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my long and very difficult seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London.




When I lost my job after the original malicious prosecution against me on 22 February 2006 because I was blacklisted by politicians (and which was the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in 1943) I sold my home and my youngest son went to live with his father while I continued to campaign to desperately try and save defenceless civilian lives.


A major schism did take place when I campaigned in Parliament Square, Central London because the ‘intelligence services’ did know there was no way they would ever be able to recruit me or claim I had ever worked for them or even rely on ’neither confirm or deny’ because I can conclusively prove beyond all reasonable doubtI have never worked for them and they have certainly… never protected me.






On 17 August 2007 the British government tried to illegally ‘remove’ me during an undercover operation, during which I was violently punched in the head by an assailant police disappeared, all of which happened because I had ‘won’ in Southwark Crown Court on 8 March 2007.


(On 8 March 2007 Judge Wadsworth had declared the ‘shit-hole’ of Parliament Square which is a concentration camp with all sorts of state barriers, including the gas chambers of five lanes of toxic one way traffic fumes in our direction, that never bothered Greenpeace, was my ‘home’.


The warlords in Westminster really didn’t like me at all.)


When I had made a formal written complaint at Charing Cross Police Station on 17 August 2007, the not at all anti-war Corbyn and Livingstone et al had myself and later then Brian unlawfully arrested to try and cover up… the formal complaint along with everything else.










On 13 December 2007, I won the ‘decisive victory’… in court over 4 September 2006 and anything and everything else, because I did conclusively prove a) the government were not only acting illegally in trying to use legislation that did not exist anywhere else in the country, but were b) also actually … specifically targeting me.


(The British and Australian governments obviously did know the dates of their malicious prosecutions against me… in the UK were dates directly related to what had happened in Australia, so they were being absolutely horrid)


I conclusively proved in court I was lawfully… resisting in the UK.


The Grab the Catalan:



... the terror... the 4 september 2006... the 'four high horses' club... who have never been protecting women and children...



The evidence is the Australian government were involved in the cover up because a formal complaint about what was going on, was made to them, as indeed was the case at other times.


It was also peculiar that the government targeted me outside Downing Street because as it was pointed out to the most senior police officers who invited me to an informal meeting at Charing Cross Police Station on 7th July 2006 I attended with Steve Jago, all… police had to do was for example list every street in the area of… politicians legislation and explain how… they could impose any conditions on a static demonstration.


They refused without explanation or lawful excuse to do that, before at a… later date producing what everyone did know were perjured witness statements from what was not even any kind of formal interview at the police station. We had an informal meeting on the top floor of Charing Cross Police Station in the room next to the Superintendents Office that he showed me around, which has a balcony.


It is a matter of fact that on 9 July 2006 they had myself and Steve Jago violently unlawfully arrested so they could specifically ‘formally’ ask questions about the legislation that myself and a lawyer pointed out I did not have to answer because they had unlawfully arrested me on a different trumped up charge of ‘obstruct pc’ they lost too.


I proved no-one needed the ‘permission’ of Mr Murdoch & Co, who all… financially benefited from the violent legislation.





The police all knew what was really going to happen was they were going to lose in their malicious prosecution against Brian too over their legislation.


In fact, there was no difference between what Brian and myself were doing together and it was a legal impossibility to claim after 23 May 2006 (when I was unlawfully arrested and released without charge) that Brian and I were not campaigning together.


Our base was in Parliament Square, Central London and myself and others campaigned at ‘outposts’ within the small area of the legislation the government were forced to repeal, so the government did know they could not treat me… differently. 





I was the reason their malicious prosecution against Brian over 23 May 2006 failed because the so called lawyers could never explain and openly refused to, while being recorded threatening myself and Brian, why they had not ever gone to the High Court with a civil jury lawsuit way back then.







It is self-evident all the harm was caused by that deliberate failure that was then only very seriously compounded during 48 further unlawful arrests of myself with government employees trying to make money and get promotions for themselves out of the very real suffering and serious harm they… intended to and did cause.


It is the most incredible abuse of all due process to conceive of ever happening because it involves soooo many politicians and so many people in so many departments.






On 3 September 2009 I stepped in and made a lawful citizen’s arrest of a man to stop him threatening and attacking Brian, because the man was visibly… escalating further and further out of control etc.


My genuine concern was the man was going to push Brian into the road because that had previously been done to myself and another campaign member, by police and under-covers including during undercover operations it had already previously been admitted on… three separate occasions… in court, in cases we had won, had involved Special Branch.


The man then raised further suspicions because he was screaming abuse at me that was personal, as though he knew me. An independent witness who was forced to go to the police station himself because the police refused to take a witness statement from him because they were trying to cover up what happened confirms the witness thought the man knew… me too.


The man did claim he was in the Australian army, while he was screaming all sorts of abuse about Muslim people but also personal abuse directed at me. When I tried to ask his colleague from a former Soviet Union state what was going on, that was when the CCTV shows the man coming up … behind me so I could not see him and violently attacking me from behind, so I go flying through the air hitting the concrete in what is ‘spectacular’ CCTV footage.


My original assessment the man was dangerous proved to be correct.


The assailant then tried to hide in Westminster Abbey who did try and cover up what happened too, that inevitably involved Brian and myself being unlawfully arrested by police to try and cover up everything.


There was no pretence by that stage that the entire MET Police were corrupt from the top down because after 13 December 2007 it was well known Charing Cross Police had to disbanded from the top down which in practice only meant they spread out and carried on with black ops.


It inevitably transpired during what we proved was another unlawful arrest that I complained about the government hiding my… true identity to hide the… false identities of all their own, who were causing very serious harm.


It was (for example) possible the man who claimed to be an Australian solider who attacked me (I didn’t think he sounded Australian but it was possible he was) could have been the person who shot my nephew, because what the man did absolutely know, was that he was protected by both governments.


On 26 March 2006, an Inspector Lyons had directly threatened me saying I was lucky I wasn’t being shot (for being a peacenik !! in Parliament Square !!)


On 4 September 2009, the government did torture and attempt to murder me to try and cover everything up, that includes their always illegally refusing to hand over the torture tapes to me.







There is the trademark chiastic pattern of the ‘four high horses’ etc :


4 SEPTEMBER 2006 - 31 JANUARY 2007 - 19 JULY 2007 - 17 AUGUST 2007 - 13 DECEMBER 2007 - 19 JULY 2009 - 4 SEPTEMBER 2009


The politicians and Murdoch HAD brazenly on 19 July 2009 illegally publicly called for me to be ‘removed’ without any caveats, bringing every dog (or rather, even more dogs) running to collect…


… because… I won in court on 19 July 2007 over 31 January 2007 that involved Blair and Murdoch and armed police, before I won in court on 13 December 2007 etc etc.


Whichever way they spun their numbers and violence I won… in court.


It was a very dirty war that went on in Parliament Square, that continues.



When I lawfully blew the whistle on government under-covers on… 13 January 2010, in the continuing chiastic pattern, the legal proceedings were adjourned without lawful excuse on 29 April 2010, so the ‘put up job’ of Democracy Village etc could ensue.


The UK then invited the Russian government into the UK to be part of the ‘Democracy Village’ put up job to try and give themselves ‘plausible deniability’ they just did not have.


There is obviously a very serious legal problem with the UK inviting a foreign government in to… attack their own peaceniks !! in the UK.


I was illegally denied legal representation (while the wars in Libya and Syria then happened too) which made it entirely… foreseeable I would be forced into exile, with all the continuing accompanying difficulties.






In 2012, it is true I did make a very bad 'error of judgment' when I bought a packet of maltesers which I guess I should have complained to the 'manufacturer' was somewhat overpriced at '40 euros extra'.


What can I say ?


I am human. 


It is what it is.


It is 'complicated'.


The triumvirate were only ever trying to stop civil lawsuits before a High Court… jury because they always knew they had no ‘recognized defence in law’ to anything. 





I was exiled because I am a woman and peacenik who stood up to the warboys to stop terror for the benefit of everyone.





There have only been faults on all… politicians ‘sides’ over the death of a male protester in the UK on 18 June 2011, and my forced exile which was entirely foreseeable, and the death of a female protester in the United States on 17 August 2017.






It would be immediately obvious to anyone why a Catalan ‘converso’ peacenik would want the Golan Heights to come under the jurisdiction of the ECJ & ECHR after centuries of persecution of Sephardi ‘conversos’ who are from the Mediterranean.


Moshe Dayan who was an Ashkenazi of Ukrainian origin was right when he commented people doing the whole Israeli flag raising spectacle in Jerusalem after 1967 was like the Vatican, because the royals lay claim to Jerusalem via the Spanish royals who are the same line who have endlessly expelled Catalan Sephardi.


Many Sephardi because they are from the Mediterranean would logically see Mt Hermon in the Golan Heights (Syria expelled Catalan Sephardi too) as most important to them.



... 'irony'...



To me Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights should represent the whole on top of the world looking down on creation thing… bringing everyone together in peace. 


I am a Catalan Sephardi with a heritage including the Golan Heights too (we were expelled from Syria too) and I want to see a NEUTRAL multi-faith cultural state in the Golan Heights as a beacon of peace, under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, to right a historical wrong and redress an imbalance to bring peace for all races and religions.









27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!