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In the UK the warlords in Westminster were legally busted inviting the Russians along to try and provide ‘plausible deniability’ in recklessly forcing my exile from the UK in the European Union.




... the fundamental legal problem is intelligence services working with foreign intelligence services to try and find 'plausible deniability' in causing harm to their 'own' nationals...



The primary legal problems (among many) was that it was illegal to a) use the British intelligence agencies against a peacenik in the UK b) and then a… foreign intelligence agency too, all to try and provide ‘plausible deniability’ in the very serious issue of my forced… exile.


There are legal problems with a government working with a foreign intelligence agency to cause harm to their own ‘nationals’ who in my own case was illegally being denied legal representation, while the government was illegally failing to produce the most basic disclosures.


It was a very, very dirty war in Parliament Square, Central London (that continues) that had very, very serious consequences, involving real lawsuits.


In the real world most people know governments and big businesses work together everywhere anyway. It is however seriously illegal for a government to use foreign intel agencies to try and provide ‘plausible deniability’ to defenceless civilians, which obviously seriously compounds the harm being caused.


The public are not legally obliged to support any politician or big business.



... in the uk, everyone knows the politicians, media barons and intelligence services have managed to do that all by themselves...



What happened in the UK obviously does go on all the time, and was only legally busted in the UK because I am a genuine campaigner who publicly campaigned for so long to try and save defenceless civilian lives, so I wasn't like someone going on a march here and there or going to meetings etc.


In real and legal terms people can increasingly see, there is no actual difference between the likes of Murdoch, Johnson and Corbyn, who do work together.




... "three directors of russia's main intel services travelled to washington for meetings with top officials"...



The Russian government have… always been false opposition, who are no ‘interlocutors’ of any kind.


My own experience is unusual in many respects because it involves so much deliberate persecution of someone with a quite unusual ‘converso’ heritage anyway.


It says it all that it was a female peacenik exiled from the UK because I wasn’t a spy while the Russian spies were more than welcome, which had been the case previously in other Commonwealth countries.


It is a real horror story no-one should ever have to experience because you are dealing with so many levels of deceit, in what a senior police officer did accurately describe as dangerous ‘mob mentality’ many, many years ago. It became a growing legal nightmare because of course all sorts goes on with the ‘intelligence services’ moniker only really used to try and cover up everything.


I am a very ordinary person who was no ‘radical’ because it was only a year earlier in 2004, that millions upon millions of people had stopped the Spanish government being involved in the Iraq War too after the terror attack in Madrid.


The legal reality is I was 'abandoned' by not just one, but two governments (the British and Australian governments) because I was illegally denied legal representation to save the 'blushes' etc of politicians.


It is all just horrendous.


I proved the public could and should stand up for peace in the UK, to try and stop very real… terror, for the benefit of everyone (which never had anything to do with supporting or not supporting any… politicians who the public saw, never supported peaceniks anyway).


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!